– Pastor E.A. Adeboye

God made laws to control everything, for example He made the law of gravity. What is the law of gravity? Simply put in the language of a market woman: whatever goes up must come down.

That is why you find in Ecclesiastes 11:3: if you load the cloud, sooner or later the rain will fall.

A miracle then is the suspension of one or more of these laws controlling the universe because God wants to step in, and wants to intervene in the affairs of men. He will just tell a particular law “stay aside, I want to work”.

The Almighty God says if I say I want to work who can hinder me.
– In the name that is above every other name, nothing will hinder your miracle tonight

You will remember very well the testimony of one of my daughters who came and said I was pregnant, I said “Congratulations” because she was married. She said that is not why I am here.

I am here so you can agree with me that the baby must be a girl. I said No! The little I know about science says when a woman conceives, everything the child is going to be: tall, black, thin, male or female is concluded within 72 hours.


You have been pregnant for three months so if it is going to be a boy, it will be a boy. If it is going to be a girl, it will be a girl. She said to me “I am not here to discuss science, I have come to you to pray in agreement with me, I want a girl.

You are the one who taught us that with God nothing shall be impossible”.
– I decree tonight, nothing will be impossible in your life.

I said no problem, so I agreed after all I am not the one who will do the miracle. The baby was born and it was a girl. Anybody could say “Well, maybe it was a girl all these while”. To show how great God can be, another daughter of mine, a medical doctor at LUTH, came and said Daddy I heard that testimony, I am 8 months pregnant, I have had four daughters for my husband. The relatives have said if I don’t get a boy this time, I am out of the house. We have done all the tests, it is a girl and I want a boy. I said you are a medical doctor, she said we are not talking medicine, we are talking miracles.
– Every medical report contrary to your well being is canceled now.
A month later she gave birth and it was a boy

– Pastor E.A. Adeboye on ‘MIRACLES’ at RCCG February 2022 Holy Ghost Service

Prayer 1 – Father whatever laws you have to suspend to give me my miracle, suspend it tonight.

I have said it before that the reason why my colleagues – academicians, find it hard to receive miracles is that they want to find out how it happened. When you lay hands on me, is the anointing coming out through the right hand and going in through the left? Which of the two hands is the cathode which is the anode? Whereas illiterates in my village will just believe and they get their miracle.

  • Tonight you will get your miracle.

Why do miracles happen?
Psalms 115:3
God does as He pleases, He can suspend any law because He is sovereign.

  1. Miracles happen because God wants to prove to the whole world He is the Most High. Psalms 91:1. He is not just the Most High, He is the Almighty.
  2. Miracles happen according to Daniel 4:25 because He wants to show that the Most High rules in the affairs of men. It doesn’t matter who you are, He is higher than you.
  3. Miracles happen because He wants to prove to everybody that He is the God of all flesh and there is nothing too hard for Him to do (Jeremiah 32:27).
  4. Miracles happen because God wants to be glorified.
    See how we began to rejoice when we began to hear those wonderful testimonies. Look at that one of a lady of Muslim background that the doctor said the brain of the son is already damaged and she sneaked in because the husband said don’t go near Christians, I didn’t know she was coming but God knows everything, the very day she came God spoke and said there is a woman here with a child whose brain is damaged, the brain is restored. Isn’t God great? That God might be glorified.

There is the story of that man who came, in trying to stop the son from coming for the Holy Ghost Service, the son will sneak out. So one day he decided to come to find out what they were doing there and just as he stepped in, God spoke and said there is a man coming for the first time, coming late because he was feeding his snake at home.

God asked me to tell him before you get home the snake will be dead. This man was keeping a snake as a pet, he looked round and saw the crowd, how did they know about me? I don’t know about him but God does. Before he got home, the snake was dead. He gave his life to Jesus Christ.


  • Any demonic influence that is still at home, by the time you get back they will be gone.

Prayer 2 – Father for the sake of your glory please give me all the miracles I need.

When do Miracles happen?
Miracles happen at God’s own appointed time. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, God has a time table for everything. However because He is sovereign he can fiddle with time. Daniel 2:20-22, the Bible says He changes times and seasons, He controls time because He Himself is the timeless one because He has no ending. He is the Alpha and Omega, so he reserves the right to slow down time. Joshua 10:10-12.

God made the sun stand still for Joshua. If He wants He can hasten time, He can ask time to move fast. John 2:1-11 tells us the story about the wedding in Cana of Galilee where they lacked wine and Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, came to Jesus Christ to say they have no wine and Jesus said my time for miracles has not yet come. That time came that day, ‘not yet’ became ‘now’.

  • In the name of the One who called me, your miracle time will come today.

If He likes He can reverse time, 2 Kings 20:1-11. Hezekiah was sick and God sent a prophet to go and tell him he is going to die, to put his house in order. Hezekiah said “Lord I am not ready to die”. God said Okay you have been a good boy, I will give you an extra 15 years, he said thank you but will you give me a sign so I will know. The man of God said what do you want us to do? Do you want us to hasten time or reverse it? He said hastening time is easy, reverse it.

  • Everything they say is already too late in your life shall be reversed tonight.

When does a miracle happen? When no one else can help. When it has become clear to you that vain is the help of man (Psalms 60:11). When doctors have said there is nothing more we can do. Then God will say they have come to their limit, let me show them who is the Almighty. The woman in Mark 5:35-44, the woman had been bleeding for twelve years. She had gone to all doctors and rather than getting better she got worse, no help from anyone and then her miracle came.

  • I have good news for somebody even if you are feeling helpless right now, you have just qualified for a miracle.

When does a miracle happen? Right on time. Psalms 46:1 says our God is the ever present help in trouble, He is always right on time. You know the story in 2 Kings 17:8-16, the widow of Zarephath said she had only one meal left and then we will die. Miracles happen like this so that by the time it happens nobody can share the glory of God. Everyone will know that they are not the one who did this, God will bypass everybody and do what He alone can do. Some of you know the testimony of one of my daughters who was barren for donkey years and one day relatives called the husband and said stop wasting your time, the witches have taken the womb of your wife, she will never have a child. She came and the word of God came, oh thank God for the word of God.

  • May God speak to you tonight.

The word of God came that there is someone who they said will never have a child, you are going to have twins. She said it must be me, she grabbed it and all of a sudden she became pregnant. She went to her doctors and her doctor said “I don’t believe you can get pregnant but it looks as if you have a child here”. She said no! My daddy didn’t say one, he said two. We are even sure if this one is a real child or not. She went back and they said they could see two. She went abroad for the child to be born because the husband was wealthy. So they put her to sleep and brought out the twins by Caesarian Operation, when she woke up she saw everybody looking at her as if she fell from the stars. She said what is wrong? Where are my children? They said don’t worry your children are okay.

The husband told the doctors, we don’t want any more children, these two will be enough just sew the womb or remove the womb. The doctor said I have been operating for years, this is the first time I have brought out a set of twins from a woman who has no womb. When she shared the testimony, I rejoiced that God used me. That was a big miracle about 20 years ago.

Then a couple of months ago, I got a phone call from her Daddy, I want to come and see you with my twins. I said okay, that will be good. I wanted to see how big the children had become. Then she came carrying two little babies, she said these are my new twins. No menstruation, no prophecy, nothing just God decided to be God.

  • I decree that even when you are not expecting more miracles, God will release them to you.
  • The Lord said there is a woman listening to me now, you just felt a kind of rumbling in your stomach, the Lord said I should tell you that your womb has been untied.

Miracles happen when God sees faith in action. Four times in the Bible God said it that the just shall live by faith. Faith is in the categories. The kind of faith that gets a miracle is the violent kind of faith. In Mark 2:1-12, there were these four boys who brought their friend to see Jesus, there was no room to pass so they climbed up and broke the roof and got their friend at the feet of Jesus, the Bible said Jesus saw their faith. Raw violent faith. I have told you the story of a woman who the doctor said there is nothing anyone can do for you, maybe you better go home and die in your own home. She said take me to Ebute Metta, they said Mama it is not a day of service, the Pastor will not be around. She said who told you I want to see the Pastor. Take me to the Church. They took her to the Church and she said take me to one of the pillars, if I can touch one of the pillars I will be healed. They helped her to the pillar and as soon as she touched the pillar she became whole. That is violent faith. There is someone here today who will just tap his leg on the floor and say as I tap my leg on this floor, I receive my miracle.

You can say Daddy where did you get that tapping the floor from again? Can you remember the testimony of a woman who went to America to help the children look after their children and then she had a stroke. When she had a stroke, she told the children take me to Nigeria, take me to Redemption Camp. They said Mama, if someone has a stroke in Nigeria, they will want to come to America for better treatment. She said I am going to where God is, they said God is everywhere but she said I know but I am going to His headquarters. They brought her in a wheelchair and she said just let me touch the ground, she touched the ground and instantly the stroke disappeared. I believe God wants me to tell you these stories because you are going to walk out of here a different person.

Some of the older ones will remember the case of a bank manager who went mad in one of the Ijebu, I can’t remember which one and he was behaving so violently. Four hefty kinsmen shackled him hands and feet and they were taking him to Aro and somehow the Spirit of God in him said don’t take me to Aro bring me to Redemption Camp. They brought him to Redemption Camp and He was looking wild like an animal.

He said if my leg can touch that ground, I will be free. When they brought him, I said this man said that? They said yes! I said then loose him. They said we know what we had to go through to capture him, will you accept responsibility. I said I will. With that kind of faith, something must happen. They brought him down from the vehicle and as soon as his legs touched the ground he became normal.

What kind of faith will receive a miracle? Childlike faith. Remember during the Congress God hammered that one. Have the faith of a child. Matthew 18:3. The kind of faith that when you hear about it, you will want to laugh. I have told you the story before that we went to conduct a Bible Study in the house of one of my friends somewhere in Ikoyi. I decided to stay the night. It was dinner time and the wife was a mighty cook, particularly she knew how to cook chicken. We sat down eating, there was a man on my left, my host was sitting by my right and there were these four ladies, my hostess gave me one big fat lap of the chicken and I finished it because it was good and she saw that I finished it, she looked at me and said do you want another one, I said Yes! If you don’t mind. I have told you before that the opposite of fasting is feasting. When I want to fast, I fast. When I want to eat, I feast. Some of you believe I don’t eat, you try me. Invite me to your house and prepare good pounded yam and good okro soup. Get a good Ekiti woman to do the pounding of the pounded yam, right there in your dining room you will see the mountain become a valley.

She brought a second leg of a chicken and I was eating, one of the ladies signaled to the man sitting by my left and he coughed and said Daddy I want to ask you a question as soon as I turned to him, one of the women grabbed my plate and ran to the kitchen and the other three followed her. I heard some excitement in the kitchen, I didn’t know they were eating my leftovers. They had the faith that if they could just eat this leftover, they will have a miracle. There is nothing in my leftover that could cause a miracle but they had the faith of a child. When I visited again, the following year, there was one who was believing God for a husband, she was married within three months, there was one who was believing God for promotion, she got double promotion, there was one who was believing God for a child, she got it and there was one who I think was believing God for international appointment, she got it.

Prayer 3 – Father my faith may be small but at least I believe you are the Almighty, honour my faith today.

  • The Lord asked me to tell someone that He will clear the confusion.

Let us discuss physical miracles as a special case. In John 1:1-3, He created you so if He created you, it should be easy for the one who created you to repair anything that has gone wrong. The Bible talks about a man with a withered hand, the hand was good before and then it withered.

The one who created the hand stepped in and said stretch that hand and it became whole again. My friend who is a great preacher always says that anytime he sees someone that is sick, he always says that his Father the heavenly panel beater can beat that hand back to shape.

  • Whatever is faulty in your life shall be repaired tonight.

Because He made you, he has your spare parts in heaven. Every manufacturer has spare parts. Genesis 18:9-14. The Bible tells us that he visited Abraham and Sarah and both of them were already old according to Romans 4:19, the womb of Sarah was already dead even the body of Abraham was read also but the Almighty who created them spoke and said within a year you will carry a son. The Bible said Sarah laughed.

  • In the name that is above every other name no more sorrow for you.

In John 9:1-7, if He didn’t repair and He didn’t give a spare part, He can recreate. John 9:1-7 tells us of a man who was born blind. Like I used to say when I was a younger preacher, the man was in a hurry to get to the world. He forgot to collect eyes. So when Jesus saw him and the disciples were asking is it that he sinned or his parents sinned that is why he was born blind? He said no it is to give me an opportunity to show you how you were made. He took mud and put it where the eyes were supposed to be and asked the fellow to go and wash it off, he came back seeing.

God can create, He can repair, He can repair, He can give spare parts. I thank God for the testimonies of tonight. You heard the testimony of that sister who said that she had an operation for goiter and in the process the doctor didn’t tell her that they tampered with her vocal cord. For a whole year, she couldn’t speak. She came, the Almighty God touched her. You can see her now, nobody take without a vocal cord. God can recreate.

One of the funny stories I love to remember was that of a boy born with only one testicle and they took him to a herbalist and the herbalist in an attempt to help, destroyed the only one. Yet the boy grew up and went ahead and got married and the result of course was that there was no child. We held a programme at Roll Park in the 80’s and just as we were preaching, we heard someone shouting, they brought him forward and from no testicles, now he had two.

  • Everything good that you have lost shall be restored to you tonight.

When he came to see me some months later at Ebute Metta, he said Sir I am the boy who had no testicles but now I have two. He came with his pregnant wife. He said do you want me to show you? I said no I can see.

  • Before next month, the world will see the sign of your miracles.

Prayer 4 – Father whatever you have to do to my body, either repair, replace or recreate, just do it now.

  • The Lord says there is someone listening to me ‘because you love me and I love those who love me’ I will show you my love in a special way.

Let’s go on to Material Miracles, Genesis 17:1 tells us that God is the All Sufficient One. Bible Scholars tell us it means God the Mother’s breast. The God who is more than enough. A woman may have four children at the same time and the milk will keep flowing until the children say we don’t want anymore for now. That’s God. Whenever God wants to perform a material miracle He pours it out of Himself. John 6:35. When Jesus fed 5000 men with 5 loaves of bread and two fishes in John 6:5-11, it was the bread coming out of Him. The bread just kept flowing.

If you don’t understand what happened in John 2:1-11 in the wedding in Cana of Galilee when water suddenly became wine. Wine comes from water anyway but Jesus Christ is the original vine. Vine produces grapes and grapes produce wine. That wine came through the vine which is the Lord Jesus Christ. When you wonder how water could come out of the rock in Exodus 17:1-7 when the Lord told Moses to go strike the rock and water will come out. The Bible tells us that Rock was Christ (1 Corinthians 10:4). It wasn’t just an ordinary rock. When Moses struck that rock, he was coming in contact with Christ.

Psalms 24:1, Haggai 2:8,

God can send help through anybody, through any means because He owns the owner of the one who is going to help you.

  • I decree today that the one that God will use to help you financially even in their sleep tonight, God will speak to them.

When we were building the first Auditorium, one morning the carpenters came to me Daddy we need #204, I said Okay, when I have the money I will send for you. He said #204. I said yes! I don’t have it, when I have it I will send for you. He left me angry and grumbling saying I am the one who will complain later that the work is slow. I didn’t even have 200 pence so I turned to my Daddy in Heaven. You are the owner of the work.

  • That project you are having problems with finances God will send help to you.

In those days, every night was vigil for me, I prayed all night and I fell asleep on my table. When I woke up there was a man sitting by my door, eating. This one is a serious one, he is blocking my way so I won’t be able to escape. I said Sir , what is going on? He said I just collected my rent and God asked me to go and give it to you. I said Yes lord, I will go and do so as soon as I finish my food but God said go now.

When I came and I saw you sleeping, I said well I can finish my food before He wakes up. He gave me the rent he collected #1200. So I sent for my carpenter and I swaggered when I was talking to him “how much did you say you wanted again”.

  • That God who is more than sufficient will surprise you today.

Prayer 5 – Father give me a breakthrough by your own method.

  • The Lord asked me to tell you “I will step in”. The fellow concerned will understand.

Let’s talk about Spiritual miracles. In Psalms 24:7-10, the Bible tells us our God is the Lord of Hosts to whom all gates must open. In Acts 12:5-11, when the Lord of Hosts visited Peter in Prison the doors opened on their own accord. In Acts 16:25-34, when Paul and Silas were singing praises and our God came to visit. The doors that wouldn’t open willingly were forced open by an earthquake.

  • Every door that has refused to open for you shall be forced open tonight.

When the Lord of Hosts appears, demons must disappear. Philippians 2:13-14, John 14:14.

  • The Lord asked me to tell you ‘make me your hiding place and I will guarantee your safety’.

Something happened in our Church in Ebute Metta many years ago, we were having a gathering, we were very small then. Suddenly the Lord said there is someone in the Congregation that no matter how well fed, he will never have satisfaction until He has gone to eat from the dustbin, God said the fellow should come and see us in the office and the Lord will take care of the situation. If I didn’t know who was speaking to me, how can you announce that but I made the announcement.

When the fellow concerned came, thank God, God didn’t say he should come outside. A very wealthy man, well educated. He will eat and throw it away into the dustbin and later go back to eat it and then he will be satisfied. Then someone called the Lord of Hosts and you heard the testimony tonight of an old woman coming out of a woman by force.

  • Everything that is hiding in your system, every plant God has not planted there shall be uprooted tonight.
    Matthew 18:18-20

Prayer 6 – Father we are in one accord tonight and we come against any demonic influence holding any of the children of God captive. We command in the name of Jesus to lose your victims.

There are what are called Special Miracles. When we talk about special miracles, we are talking about two categories of them.

  • The Lord said there is someone here, this year I will add a handful of sweeteners in your life.

When God says a handful, He is talking about His own hand. This year is going to be very glorious for somebody.

There is a kind of miracle that happens without you doing anything about it. You don’t make any contribution, God just decides on His own to give you a miracle. How can that be? I will give you just one example. John 11:39-44, Lazarus was dead so he had no faith. Dead people don’t have faith. When Jesus shouted “Lazarus come forth”. Lazarus had nothing to do about his body coming together.

Lazarus didn’t pray but God did it all. You can get a miracle without even knowing that it is coming your way. A miracle you have not even asked for, someone you need to get it to know how much you needed it, get it tonight in Jesus name.

I have told you the story of when I went to a bookshop in America and I was buying books and tapes, so the basket was piled up. So an American came in and said what are you going to do with all these books? It’s none of his business oh. I just smiled, he stretched forth his hand and I shook his hand and he began to yell because as our hands touched he got a miracle. His back has been supported by braces for years, suddenly the brace broke loose and he was made whole. He didn’t know who I was, and wasn’t expecting to get healed. He just saw someone who bought many books and decided to greet.

You could get special miracles through overflowing anointing of someone else. Acts 19:11-12.

  • The Lord asked me to tell someone you will get good news from abroad.

From the body of Paul, they will take handkerchiefs, aprons to those who are sick or demon possessed and they will get healed. Many times the fellow who was afflicted had no idea that a miracle was coming their way.

When you hear the testimony of those who have used handkerchiefs we prayed over to perform miracles, that is the kind of miracles we are talking about. Very soon your handkerchief will be raising the dead.

I want to add the miracle of Simple, silly, obedience so the picture will be complete. 2 Kings 4:1-7. How can you ask me to pour my little bottle of oil into empty vessels and you are saying it will be filled. I came to you Man of God to cry to your God so the creditors will forget my debt. She obeyed and the oil kept flowing. There was a time, God asked me to wear seven agbadas, I wore them and He asked me to lay seven of them on the altar and all those who came for that Holy Ghost Service should touch any of the agbadas, and their yoke will be broken. It was very silly wearing seven agbadas at the same time, everybody knows I don’t even like wearing one but I had to wear seven because God said so.

There was a man who said my problems are many, if touching is going to solve my problems, holding will solve the many and he held and the power of God grabbed him and began to shake him. By 5 am they came to call me in my office. There was a man who was about to die. Why? He grabbed the cloth instead of touching. I had to beg the Almighty God to leave him. It was silly, I can’t read it in the Bible wearing seven Agbada. But I obeyed and everyone who touched, got a miracle. The man who held discovered that God is not someone you joke with.

  • The Lord asked me to tell someone loud and clear that Pharaoh will fail.
  • The Lord asked me to tell someone, it will begin to reign again.

Prayer 7 – Father I leave all to you, in your sovereign majesty help me.

The greatest miracle of all is the miracle of salvation. Because in Genesis 3:19 God said at the best, man is dust or Matthew 15:21-28, at the best he is a dog. The greatest of miracles is salvation, it changes a dog to a son.

Salvation changes you from an ordinary person to become not just a child of God but an heir of God. Romans 8:15-17. Everything God has, you can lay a claim to it just like Jesus Christ. Salvation grants you permission to enter into the bedroom of God. Hebrews 10:19.
I was telling my children of an experience I had in Kenya when all of a sudden I found myself in the throne room of God. I will tell you the story one of these days. You have access when you become born again and you have access.

Prayer 8 –
For those born again: Father don’t let me ever lose my salvation.
For those who are not born again: Father save my soul. Make me your child.


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