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-Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

If you have noticed me very well, by now you will know that the people who irritate me the most are photographers. Why? They want to take pictures. Who cares about me? I don’t want to be seen. I only want Christ to be seen.

That’s all I am interested in.
Well I know that there are other people when the photographer is looking in their direction, they will pose. I am not interested, I don’t want to. God knows!

You are my children, I am telling you the truth. I want to hide, I want only Christ to be seen. The thing you are going to discover is this if you project Him and Him alone, He will project you.
Years ago, we dedicated the Christian Centre, we used to call it Ecumenical Centre in Abuja and all manners of Bishops and Archbishops were there that day. And there were dressed in their very beautiful robes and I want you to know, I love those robes before I became born again.
And I went in my normal way, when it was time to file out, nobody struggled to touch the Archbishops, even the Bishops were trying to touch me. Those soldiers among them, they had a tough time getting me into my car.
I don’t want to be seen, I don’t want to be known, I only want Christ and Him alone to be known, and you better take note of that.
That’s why when I look at some of your presentations on television, I wonder.

Do you know where you are going?
Because I see some of these singers, they want to show up. Sing and raise the dead, man.
Focus on your father, Elijah said to Elisha, if you see me when I am being taken away from you, you will get what you asked for.

In the middle of the night, around 3 am, between 2 and 4 am, I met some of you. What do you think I was doing? Strolling? I was praying and I was happy that some of them were praying too.

But some of them were phoning, some of them were talking. I even saw about 4 of them, I think 3 boys and 1 girl and they were chatting, they were joking.

If I wasn’t deeply involved in the prayer, I would have said, go to sleep, if you can’t do something useful with your night, go to bed.

But I was interceding for the youth convention, I don’t want some people who don’t know where they are going to interrupt….

On one occasion, I had to quarrel with some people doing some recording for me. They brought their camera, showed me all the something and at times they will zoom in and they will zoom out, one moment my head is small, the next moment my head is big. What is going on?

We are not in a club house.
This is the house of God.
Messages coming out are messages that will take you to heaven.


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