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Relocation of Faith Academy cost almost N4 Billion.
*I named it Faith Theatre, God named THE ARK

Everything matters in our lives including names.
Names are important to God.
When this project was declared it was called Faith Theatre.
“Stay where you are, my silence does not connote GO AHEAD!”
Spoke in tongues, spoke in grammar – Silence
In 2017, He said, “speak no more to Me on this matter.”

I did one thing don’t touch a dime of that fund, we can’t tell when He will speak.
We also set aside a certain percentage of our income.

Sharp Rebuke: I won’t have gone there with you, it would have been a monument.
Clear off Faith Academy Campus
It was a simple command!
It was 4 Billion
Because it is never late to be right.
This is a Tabernacle of rescue after the order of Noah, to preserve the generation of believers

I named Faith Theatre, He named THE ARK

Psalm 78: 68-69
We are in the era of High Palaces

We Used to be called Mushroom Churches and Specialised in Building Batchers and Renting Houses.
Now we are building cities.
Churches shall become cities like walls
Every God sent Apostle is ordained to be City Builders not Estate Developers


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