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-Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA 7 Days of Glory. Empowerment Day of Gratitude

We were in Ilorin church, struggling in that place and we were doing well, the first church with Air Conditioners you know, we were the boss.

I had this habit of praying on one of the mattresses I used in school, I was used to praying on it so I didn’t give it out. A very small mattress, I just prayed on the floor every day, suddenly my eyes opened – boom and the Lord said right now go to Kwara hotel, to do what?

He said I want you to move there, I said Lord we are 500 where we are, Kwara Hotel can take 350 only, you will not take me back,

He (God) said when I tell you something, do it. My wife was surprised I was going out on a Friday so she jumped into the car with me.

I had played drums there, great meetings had taken place there, Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, that was the hall where Bishop Oyedepo was ordained (by Pastor Adeboye) I played drums there many times, We praised God from morning till night. as we went there, I didn’t know God had spoken to the State Governor, a Muslim to expand the location. I was born and bred in Ilorin, and I can tell you that place was like a pet location, they don’t allow Christians to touch it, they just spent 500 million on the building, no Church was allowed there to do services.

When I told someone he said do you know what you are saying, a Church in Kwara hotel?

As we were going out, I accidentally bumped into the Chairman of the Kwara Hotel board, he said how are you Omo Chief (Chief’s Son), he was my father’s Protege, when I informed him of our plans, he said Let them have It, If they’re ready to pay, I’m an exposed person, I couldn’t believe my ears, that’s how we secured Kwara Hotels, the first and only Church to do that.

In 3 weeks, we were over 2,000 in membership.

Different Churches, Pastors said how will you be doing service in the hotel, I said Oga stay there, Pastor Wale’s role was to break Halls, as our population increased on Sundays, he will Break open another hall within the premises, and we will pay for the usage of such hall.

Just one encounter! That was how COZA became what it is today, that’s how it started. I declare this morning, the Lord whom you seek will appear suddenly.

Guys trust me, we are plenty standing here, I have Fathers backing me, all you need to do is to believe and you will see manifestations.

I need to share this testimony, this building wasn’t built for this place when we started to build this place we designed it in Germany and wanted to have a three-floor car park, several things, suddenly they shut the place we wanted to put it.

So we had to put it here. You know what, we started this building without the permit, we were that radical. When development Authority officers came, they said we have to redesign this building, that it doesn’t even have a Cross, imagine Muslims telling us the design of a church building, that it should have a Cross.

When they made that statement, the kind of headache I had instantly could fry an egg. I went to the bathroom, I called a prophet, remember what Bishop said yesterday about the power of the prophet, he said the Lord will help you.

As I was coming out of the bathroom, one of the people inside met me, remember they were all Muslims and he said look, just tell them when you get in that Waters encroached into the Land and that’s a natural occurrence, there’s nothing you can do about it.

As I heard that I went in confidently and told them what exactly are we discussing, you know what, water encroached on this land and there is nothing we can do about it.

They had no choice but to grant us the necessary permit for this place. I declare you are moving into strange levels of favor.


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