Young Pastor Adeboye and his Wife, Mummy FOLU Adeboye
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I don’t have the time to tell you stories tonight but there was someone who had his plans as to how he is going to do ministry and then the Almighty God sent a message to him like you are hearing.

By the time God finished with him, he said Lord anywhere, anytime, at any cost, thy Will be done.
Honor your father, do it beyond the call of duty and I am saying this because God Himself had almost chastised me for treating you, my children too lightly because by the grace of God, He has given me the spirit of contentment. By the time, we had no money to buy meat in this camp, my wife and I, we were satisfied.

There was a time when we didn’t have two naira to go to Lagos. In those days there was a toll gate, and you have to pay one naira going and, one naira coming, we were satisfied.

As a result of this deep satisfaction, the Lord made it clear to me and I shared it with some of you early this year, the Lord made it clear to me, I am robbing some of you of your blessings. You must honor your father.

When Isaac said to Esau, prepare a meal for me, it wasn’t because Isaac was hungry, he wasn’t! It was so that he could release something that money cannot buy. Honor your parents, honor your father.

The Bible said Elisha wasn’t just preparing the food for Elijah when it was time for him to eat, he won’t even allow him to wash his hand by himself, he would pour water on his hands.

We are talking about somebody who is going to exceed expectations.
John 17:1-8. Focus on your father, and if you think I am deliberately drawing attention to myself, it means you lack understanding.

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