How I became a Billionaire- Bishop David Oyedepo

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Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church Worldwide has said he became a billionaire by simply obeying God in what He said.
Oyedepo, who is the presiding bishop of the church, spoke at the first service at Faith Tabernacle on Sunday.
According to him, no one would ever without lining up with what God said made it happen, charging members to be committed Kingdom promoter from the place where they were.

“God is not a taskmaster. Sir, from 1 Naira position, you are taking strong position in obeying God. The tithe of 10 Naira is 1 Naira. What is your problem? He won’t give you 10 Naira and ask you to bring tithe of 2 Naira. No! When I say such, I say it as God leads me.
“My friend, instead of dropping N10 in a Service and you are going to be in 2 Services, divide it into two: put N5 in the first Service, put N5 in the second Service. God knows your level, don’t pose. But to now look…it is not fair on yourself. It is not on anybody else, it is on yourself,” he said i

Oyedepo added: “Do you know my tithes was part of what we counted in Kaduna when our income was N18,000? But He never failed once. He never failed once! I was giving testimony of N1000 a week. How many years ago?
“But when you just sit down and be watching, “emm, God will open the windows of heaven.” He won’t open nothing.

There is what you must do, what I must do to keep the heaven open. But this year, whatever door you have shut against yourself, because people shut the door against themselves, or you don’t know.
“Life and death are in the power of the tongue…you are just destroying the work of your hands by yourself without knowing. Nobody here will fall a victim.
“You know how many people can build a rural Church in this place, with N14 million or whatever. You know how many people can build it? You know how many people will never build it? If they have N14 billion, they won’t build one. If they have N140 billion, they won’t build one. Their heart is somewhere else. They are worshipping the coins.

“It took me time to become a ‘Thousandnaire.’ I didn’t know when I became a millionaire. I became a billionaire without knowing by simply obeying God. It’s all about you.”

Oyedepo said he is so blessed that the devil is so disturbed, saying “You know that! All the demons are so disturbed. How can a man be blessed like this? He is not collecting money around. He is not prophesying for money. How can his Ministry be so blessed?

Ask what the ministry is doing. Ask what we are doing. Nothing happens by chance, they all happen by choice.”

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