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  • Pastor Becky Paul-Enenche at the Youth Conference tagged ‘ The Ignite Conference’ with the theme ‘The Days of Youth’.
    (Day one, Evening Session)- 2nd August,2021


  • DILIGENCE: Be a person that is diligent (Exodus 15:26, Proverbs 22:29). The pathway to honor, dignity and been at the top in whatever you do is DILIGENCE. Whatever you do, do it well. Don’t be a mediocre. A mediocre is not insult, Mediocrity means average. It’s a big word for average. What is average? Average is the middle point. The person didn’t fail, the person didn’t excel. He is just there! Alright?

  • Cut-Off mark for secondary school admission in yobe and Adamawa and Jigawa is 14 per cent . Cut-Off mark for secondary school admission in Lagos,Port Harcourt, Ogun State and Osun State and all those places is 60 per cent or 80 per cent or 60 per cent, that’s by common entrance examination and we are in the same Country. But I am telling you the fact, it doesn’t matter whether it is governmental factors, gender factors, tribal factors, whatever it is. If you excel, you cannot be limited. If you pass, nobody can fail you.

  • We are in the story mode: in the University, my father is a professor of physiology, he is a medical professor and when I started in University of Jos, he was lecturing in another University somewhere and I think he got posted and he came to University of Jos and then there was somebody who was there, a head of another department. I don’t know what were their issues, they had issues.
  • They were always like at loggerhead and I was going to write his exam soon. And I told myself because I know the man, so I advised myself, if you know what is good for you, know this subject back to back. So I took the text book , I remember there was this text book that how many of the lecturers then had written together, all over Nigerian universities. It had volume 1 and volume 2 . I took the text books, I read it from the first cover to the last cover and as I was reading, I was synopsising it into my revision note.

  • When I finished back to back . Virtually every topic that is a topic is in it. And I didn’t need to go and carry the text book that was very bulky, you know medical text books. Have you ever seen a medical text book before?
  • Somebody is waving his hand. Read it back to back and made my revision note.
  • That revision note I read it three times. Is that not four times of the topic. When I entered the exam hall.
  • Anything they asked me, I was just vomiting the information the one they didn’t ask me, I will say also by the way. I was volunteering information for the examiner. It floored many people that had entered before me. By the time I finished, the person that was on loggerhead with my father had to give me an award as the best graduating student in his subject.
  • Are you understanding what I am saying?
  • So it doesn’t matter who it is, you cannot be discriminated if you have been diligent in what you have been doing. Don’t do it half and half; don’t do it slackly. Start from the day 1 as you resume.
  • The first lecture you did, seat on it and read it to the end. Make your revisions note to the end of that thing today and put it aside. Tomorrow’s own you do the same, put it aside.
  • Then when it is getting towards exams, when you should have been reading the whole thing/bulky things, you have a little pamphlet, a little sheet of paper per topic, you are just going through, recramming it. You are an instrumentalist, if you don’t play it well, don’t play. Thank God for you, you are so good. Clap for yourselves. Don’t let somebody clap you off the stage.
  1. Be a person of financial integrity and financial prudence: financial diligent. Ensure that you manage your finances well. Maybe you are still a student, maybe you are working, maybe you are trading – out of every income you have, except for school fees which was given to you as school fees, that one goes to your school directly or they gave you money for house rent, the exact amount of the house rent is what they gave you. I will prefer, it was given for this purpose and it is used for the purpose. But this was given to you as upkeep or pocket money or personal expenditure or a gift, extra salary – don’t spend it in a hurry.
    I like to advise people to gather all your income to the end of one month. At the end of the month, the little envelope they gave you, the big one they gave you, all of it, you pack them and count them all together and then you determine the grand total plus your salary if you are earning a salary and then:
    a). You take your tithe out, your tithe is 10 per cent
    b). You take out a savings. It is also ten per cent.
    c). When you are just starting, take another 10 percent and divide it into: 2.5, 2.5, 2.5, 2.5 for four things:
    i). Freewill offering – 2.5 per cent
    ii). Giving to your parents – 2.5 per cent
    iii). Prophet Offering – 2.5 per cent
    iv). Giving to the less privileged – 2.5 per cent
    When this 30 per cent total is out of the way, you have 70 per cent left – that is a lot of money. But what happens to it is that it grows, it multiplies, it gets better. There is something called araldite hand, I break it from your life in the name of Jesus so that your life can move forward!

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