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While many knows Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye, wife of Mount Zion Faith Ministries founder to be a woman of faith, not many knew she used to be a Muslim girl who came from a muslim family.

But in an interview with Yemisi Adeniran, Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye revealed that she was born into a muslim family, making her a muslim.

Speaking further, she revealed how journey into the christian faith.
According to Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye, her elder brother was the first to become a Christian in her family and his conversion greatly influenced the rest of her siblings
She said, I grew up to know Jesus though I came from a Muslim family. My elder brother got born again along the line and this influenced all of us.

I was actually in the primary school when I got introduced to Christ. All along, however, I admired people who were in the Lord, their love for God, their desire to serve Him, their books and the way God uses them to influence other people’s lives always intrigued me. So, I desired to be like them, though I never knew how and I never knew it’s going to be through drama.

She also revealed she has a desire to be a pastor in order to preach the gospel, this, she started doing as a member of her church choir.

She would later be a part of the drama group on campus after seeing the passion and dedication of members of the group.

The big question is, do you know we are all influencers in different capacities? Some people influenced young Gloria Bamiloye, their influences led her to Christ and to service.

How are you influencing the people around you, in some years to come, will you be remembered for how you motivated someone to serve the Lord? Or are you using your influence to repel people from the Lord?


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