How I feed my Dogs with Spiritual Sacrifice (Ebo) for 7years to save Money



-Pastor Kunle Soriyan
Evening Session, Day 2
Recharge Conference, Global Impact NG

  • We are coming into the rise of the Church. Let the blessings of digital world plug you more into your role in Church.
  • Your blessing is like a guided missile, it goes to where you should be.
  • Hustling is a curse of the law. Hustling is not a testimony, it means toiling
  • In this Kingdom we don’t pursue, we position ourselves for the blessings.
  • Calm down, align with the formation, be a Soldier.

Pastor Yemi, I have not told you this before. Do you know that for 7 years, the way I fed my dogs, I have 2 dogs, an Alsatian and a Dobermann, at that time, they were a budget for me to feed. One day, I was jogging in Gbagada and I saw the richest ritual ever, with chicken, 200 Naira notes, boiled egg, beef: hot, fresh. They just dumped it there like 4 am, I was jogging like 4:30 am or 5 am. I saw that ritual, I wanted to jog pass it, I said, “will I now pretend that this is not food for my dogs?” I took a polythene (bag), I packed the ritual, I took to my dogs and served them. They ate and finished it, I was waiting for them to go mad, but they were grateful.
I did I know? Because they were wagging their tails.
That day, I started calling people, my friends, “if you know any ritual anywhere, rich ritual, don’t call me for one ‘yeye’ palm oil, with meat, correct stuff, call me.” For several years, I was feeding those dogs with rituals, zero budget for feeding. I didn’t go mad.
Then my friend who saw me the second day I did that thing, when I told him, he said, “he believes I am finished, I don’t know what I am putting my hands in.” I said, “we will see.”
4 years after, he came to me to ask for a loan. I told him, “are you sure you want to take a loan from me, this is a ritual carrying individual ooo. You, that you are not carrying ritual, now you need a loan. Me, that I have been carrying ritual, you came for a loan.”
Because we don’t understand that Sango is a just a genius of his time who had the ability to access ethanol and bring out fire from his mouth. It was just an intelligence that transcends the limits of his own generation; because he could do that, people, of that time greet mystery with devotion and so once you are able to supply any form of mystery by any talent that you have, you are greeted with devotion. That is why they were worshipping cows in the wilderness. If I showed up in the wilderness with a camera and I showed the Israelites and showed them how they passed through the red sea, they will worship me because the only way to relate with mystery at that time was devotion.

The bigger question I ask people is, “tell me one person in the Bible who was attacked in the spirit?”
Every attack in the Bible was physically curated: Jesus, Moses, Apostle Paul
I ask, “whose destiny is more important than the destiny of Jesus?” all the attacks against Jesus were physical attacks.
Let’s declare: these things were discerned in the spirit. You can plan and strategize in the spirit but the execution is in the physical. We make a big mistake when we plan with the devil in the execution in the spirit and abandon the physical manipulations that will lead to purity. That is why Jesus be gentle as a dove but be wise as a serpent.
I think those are the types of beliefs are fetishism, drama: those things limit our faith and does not allow us to believe to the uttermost, to perform to the ultimate. As He is, so we are in this world and He delivers to the uttermost.

Pastor Yemi Davids: Mention two things you will love to leave with us?

Pastor Kunle

  1. Community: As the Church is going digital, there is no stopping it.
    Please don’t be deceived by the ease of that access. That is the benefit of technology, the weight of a miracle. Plug into that community. Don’t get carried away with the ease of online presentation where you are now unguarded in God’s presence: because it is online, nobody is seeing you anyway and then you can just be anyhow.
    Your attitude in God’s presence. Draw near to listen than to offer the sacrifice of fools. Foolishness is not an insult, it is the state of existence, it is that you are behaving in a way that is consistent with the definition of a word. As you cannot call a carpenter a surgeon, we can’t call a wise person a foolish person or call a foolish person a wise person. There is unguardedness you can show in foolishness that gets the approval of your own person but fails the test of society, how much more of spirituality
    Don’t get comfortable in the camaraderie of digital world: flow into community. The Church is designed to move in a communal structure. Don’t forsake the assembling of the saints. We are coming into the rise of the Church. Let the blessings of digital world plug you more into your role, the blessings of digital expression plug you more. We are here as one of the found coins, we are not lost. Don’t behave as if they are still looking for you, you have been found. Because you have been found, you join the 99 to look for the lost coin.
    You are on a mission. Hustle is a curse of the law, it is not a testimony. Hustle is toiling. It is to have goodness and mercy ahead of you, to be pursued. The design in God’s Kingdom is for goodness and mercy to follow you all the days of your life. Goodness and mercy gravitates towards you. In the Kingdom, we don’t pursue, we position. For He has determined your appointed time and the boundaries of your habitation.
    He said, like a bird that wanders away from his nest, so is he that wanders away from his place.
    When you can’t be found where you should be: your blessing is a guided missile. It will go to where you should be, it will not meet you down. So calm down, align with the formation, be a Soldier. No Soldier in active service entangles himself with the affairs of everyday life.
    If you are a Soldier, look at countries that are responsible. You can’t see their soldiers buying their own uniforms. You can’t see a Police Officer in America going to buy his own shoe, going to sew his own uniform. It is not possible. The Policeman in a responsible country, under a responsible government is fully supplied: Dinner Uniform, Breakfast Uniform, Battle Uniform, Underwear, everything is fully supplied.
    If you lose your life in the US Army, it doesn’t matter whatever happens to you: 400,000 dollars for starters because you lost your life. These are benefits from a responsible country.
    It is the duty of the government to supply the barracks which is housing; to supply the uniform, cloth, shoes, perfume…
    When you don’t have those things and you are praying for them, please don’t stress. Maybe you are not a soldier because God is not responsible, He is faithful. Faithfulness is superior to responsibility. Responsibility is a human curation, faithfulness can occur even in your unfaithfulness.
    When you are God’s soldier, you shouldn’t lack what to wear, what to eat, where to stay, uniform, cloth, perfume: you shouldn’t lack those things, they should be additions. They are the uniforms of your soldiering, they are the provisions of your government to keep you and when you don’t have them, it is either your government is irresponsible or you are irresponsible.
    We know that God transcends the limit of irresponsibility, He is a faithful God. The gap is not with Him, it is with you.
    Make the alignment: function as a Soldier. Be communal, know your role in the local Church, be part of the soldiering, not on the pew. There is service from the pew to the people. There is emotion from the people to the pew. You must decide where you are, you can’t be on the queue.
    Be communal
    Locate yourself in a local assembly, now more than ever.
    Play a part in the penetration, propagation of the Agenda of this end-time.
    Don’t hope that you are aligned, know that you are aligned.
    Don’t hope that you are correct, know that you are correct: evident in your participation in the local assembly.
  2. Align with the integrity of the Word:
    Listen: you can struggle with prayer, you can struggle with anything. When people say, “I am struggling with my prayer life”: I know what they mean.
    What they mean is that they are not sleeping in the Word, they are not spending time in the Word. When you tell me that you have problems with your prayer life, how do you mean?
    Weakness is an illusion!
    You are not weak, you are running a script, you are pulling yourself into that weakness. Weakness is a possibility but there are things within the human condition we can master. One of them is the discipline to put yourself in God’s presence.
    God cannot do all things ooo: God cannot help you cough, He cannot help you go to the toilet. God cannot help you brush your teeth. God cannot help you do so many things because they are delegated experiences in the human condition. You must do them because God has permitted your faculty to recognise it and surrender and yield to it.
    Inhabit in the Word, miss anything but if you find your journey on the integrity of the Word, you will pray intelligently. Some people pray foolishly, when I see some prayer points, I know their problem, they don’t read the Word.
    Let me say this humbly because people come to me, “sir, can you touch me?” I went to a Church in Ilorin many years ago, when I finished speaking, people came, “can I have your handkerchief?”
    I was livid. I was looking at them like this, I said, “don’t copy methods, copy principles. Ask me what is working for me.”
    I will tell humbly: the habitual commitment to the Word of God.
    3 chapters a day, 5 (chapters) on Sunday. I finish it every year.
    6 chapters a day, 10 (chapters) on Sunday. I finish it every 6 months.
    12 chapters a day, 20 chapters on Sunday: you will finish it every 3 months.
    You: take a challenge to finish the Bible this year. Just once and let’s compare notes. When you say what you know, you know you studied it and you are saying it. There is a realm that you will say what you don’t know…it is God.
    You come to a place where you are speaking and your audience celebrates you: you are still coming.
    When your friends celebrate you: you are getting there.
    When your family members begin to take note: you have gotten to a place
    You see, there is a realm that transcends the limits of familiarity. Those things don’t come, even your adversaries begin to descend where their humility is arraigned and their curiosity emerges to pursue your source. That is why the Bible says when a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord, even his enemies are at peace with him.
    Get into the Word, spend time in God’s Word.

One key: if you read the Bible, don’t wait to feel that you have read.
Bible study is not a test of recall, it is a deposit from an association of the Spirit. You don’t need to feel you remembered anything: leave it there. In the day of conflict, in the day of contradiction, in the days of war, it will rise out of you: it can rise as anger, it can rise as a confession…but it will rise out of you.

  1. Cultivate God’s presence. Spend time to meditate, to think. Believe that God wants to speak to you. Get plain paper.
    When you are in God’s presence, exercise faith. Position to hear than you speak.
    Cultivate God’s presence; live and dine in the Word and then be alert essentially to your environment, being conscious at that level, escaping drama and sticking to the limits of the definition of the world.


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