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My ordination was one of the most dramatic ordination and I don’t know if there are two people that was ordained like that. Very dramatic.

To me, I think it is one of the best form of ordination. . I was in what they called ‘the School Of Ministry’ organized by CGM. Bishop David Oyedepo came to preach.

God’s servant Bishop David Oyedepo preached, said a few things and the late Archbishop Idahosa came and was giving testimonies of his crusades, people were crying.

I was crying loud, sobbing, I fell, they would hold me, I would fall back, they would carry me again. I was weeping and he said ‘bring him here’ and they brought me. Archbishop’s bottle of oil was very big.

He carried it and poured everything and he said, ‘this young man here, let him grow and you will see… you have not seen anything, let him grow…’ He said, ‘I ordain you for exploit’. That was my ordination. He said ‘I ordain you into the Apostolic’.

I didn’t like the word ‘Apostle’, I preferred prophet because all along I was prophesying. But when he mentioned the word ‘Apostle’, I knew that was my calling. That is why you hear the name Apostle Suleman, not prophet Suleman.

That day, people were touching the oil on my body. I had not started ministering then, I didn’t have a church, I was only doing itinerant evangelism and that has given me speed today in my life.

I believe God with you that after this ordination, whatever has not been working will start working!

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