I have told you the story before that we went to America to attend Kenneth Hagin’s camp meeting way back in 1979 and quite a few of us went from Nigeria. We didn’t go together but we met there.

When I saw what was going on, naked demonstration of the power of God.

Miracles of all kinds, we have been having miracles of all kinds at home but this one was special. I made up my mind that I must see this man before I go back, they said it is not possible. I said I am not going back to Nigeria without a touch of fresh air.

So I got an appointment, when my colleagues heard I had gotten the appointment, they jumped on the bandwagon. We went in to see the man of God and almost as usual they gave us 15 minutes. When we saw the man of God, he turned to us and said “what can I do for you?”.

I am the one who arranged the meeting but those who came with me started talking.

One said “Sir, I want to be distributing your tapes in Africa ”. Another said he wanted to be distributing his books, another fellow said he wanted to be distributing his magazines. He turned to me and said “young man, what do you want?” I said everything that makes you, You is what I want. He said what? I repeated myself.

So he called his secretary, this one is asking for books, give him books, this one is asking for magazines, give him magazines. This one is asking for tapes, give him tapes and so they left. He turned to me and said “young man “kneel down” and I saw his hands coming toward me and he laid those two hands on my head and that is all I remembered.

When I woke up, I was on the floor, he was kneeling beside me drained furiously. By the time I got up, I knew I got what I wanted.


– Somebody is going to get something that will keep your fire burning forever


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