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How much does Apple makes annually

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Talking of the most prestigious mobile device brand, Apple is a cynosure of all eyes. Apple is one of the world most valuable brands, with lots of luxurious products like iPhone, iPad, Macs, Apple TV, iPods, Apple watch etc. These products are very elegant that everyone craves for them all; they show class and prestige. Though, they are very expensive but the pleasure derived from any of these products actually compliments its cost. These products are not for everyone but the top class personality.

Founded on April 1st, 1976; Apple has been leading the technology industry with fascinating products and services every year. Apple as a brand presently worth over $624 billion; its worth increases annually. The nagging question on everyone’s lips is “how much does Apple make annually”.

At the end of each production year, it is imperative the sales and net profit of any brand becomes known to the world. This has several benefits; parts of which are: to increase the reputation of the brand and also to maximize the opportunities of the brand, such as attracting investors. Aside from these benefits, it determines the value of the products and also shows how marketable the products were. To this effect; the brand CEO, Tim Cook, asserted, “we’re thrilled to report that our holiday quarter results generated Apple’s highest quarterly revenue ever, and broke multiple records along the way. We sold more iPhones than ever before and set all-time revenue records for iPhone, Services, Mac and Apple watch”

Apple’s major source of revenue comes from the sales of its luxurious products like: iPhone, iPad, Macs, Apple watches, Apple TV, and services like Apple music, Apple pay, the iOS and Mac app stores. The lion’s share of Apple’s income comes from the sales of the mobile devices and watches. Last year, 2016; Apple generated a sum of $215.64 billion as revenue. Within the first quarter of this year, 2017, Apple has generated a sum of $78.351 billion from the sales of its product and services.

Within the first quarter of this year, Apple sold 78.29 million iPhones; this alone generated a sum of $54.378 billion. With the release of iPhone 7 and 7 plus, the sales of the mobile devices grew tremendously. These devices really got the eyes of the populace, owing to its unique features and luxurious design. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, emphasized this in his speech, he said “the highest portion of the new product mix than we’ve ever seen with plus models in the past”

Apple sold 13.081 million iPads in the first quarter of 2017, generating total revenue of $5.533 billion. The iPad is a prestigious device that gives user a wider and more enchanting user interphase when using. Also, Apple sold 5.374 million Macs during the first quarter of the year 2017. This sale generated $7.244 billion.

The apple wrist watch is the best-selling smart watch in the world and has set an all-time revenue record within the first quarter of the year 2017; it is the most loved smart watch. It has fetched Apple a whooping sum of $4.02 billion within the first quarter of the year. The watch and other products, like iPods, Apple TV, Beats-branded and other accessories.

Aside from the sales of products, Apple also generates revenue from services like: Apple music, Apple pay, iOS and Mac app stores. These services have generated $7.172 billion within the first quarter of the year 2017.

From the current sales revenue generated within the first quarter of the year, $78.351 billion, we can adduce that Apple would earn an average income of $300 billion at the end of the year 2017. These financial record and estimation have kept Apple above board in the world of technology.       

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