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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG Special October Holy Ghost Service. Tagged ‘Exceeding Expectations’
When I became General Overseer, our Church was big, headquarters plus thirty-nine branches.

I took six of my best friends, we went to illorin and we prayed for thirty-six hours nonstop. When I say nonstop, we break for five minutes to go to the toilet and then start again, no sleep no food. You can’t be praying that kind of prayer and be eating.

After the thirty-six hours of prayers, God spoke, He told us several things, some of the things we’re seeing now, I was happy. I released them and they all came back to their stations.

Thank you, Lord, we prayed for thirty-six hours, we are prayer warriors now.
I came across the story of a man who prayed for thirty-days and thirty nights, nonstop. Never slept for thirty days and nights, day in, day out. I have never been able to catch up with him.
He exceeded all my expectations of praying.
You can exceed in prayers and if you can exceed in prayers, if you can just cry unto God and say, Lord, I am not going to let you go, it will get to a stage when He will say alright, get what you want.

One of these days I will show you a spot on this Camp ground. I have been crying to God, Lord empower me. I was minding my business as a lecturer in the University when you said I should leave everything and follow you, I’ve done that now, I can’t do this work without power.

I remember that night, something between 2:00 am and 3:00 am when I became desperate and I said to God, it is either you empower me or you take me home.

That night He answered and the whole ground shook and they felt the shaking as far as Ijebu Ode when pictures began to drop from the walls.

You can exceed expectations in prayers.
You can go far beyond your colleagues in prayer. You pray that kind of prayer, you will exceed in power and every other thing if only you can pray.






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