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-25th June 2021

1. How old is Apostle Joshua Selman of ENI?
2. How old was Pastor David Oyedepo Junior when he preached his first message at Shiloh?
3. How old is Nathaniel Bassey?
4. How old was Bishop David Abioye when he was consecrated Bishop?
5. In Which Church did Benson Idahosa become born again?
6. How old was Joseph Ayo Babalola at the outbreak of the Oke Ooye Revival?
7. What year did Benson Andrew Idahosa become born again?
8. What secondary school did William Kumuyi attend?
9. At what age did Enoch Adeboye become General Overseer of the RCCG?
10. How many Churches altogether (both in Nigeria and across the world) did Living Faith Church plant all through 2019 and 2020?
11. Which is the first interdenominational gospel blog in Nigeria?
12. Which area in Warri is Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s International Gospel Center located?
13. What is the full meaning of Pastor Jerry Eze’s NSPPD?
14. In Nigeria, the 75,000 capacity auditorium ‘The Great Tabernacle’ is being built by which church and is located in which Camp, Town and State?
15. The National Temple of The Apostolic Church was dedicated in 2011 after 27 years of construction.
a. Who first prophesied about the building?
b. What year was the prophecy made?
b. Who laid the foundation in 1984?
16. In which Church was Daniel Olukoya before he started MFM and in what role was he serving?
17. Which was the first church in Nigeria to begin operations in a full fledged/licensed university?
18. Which Church established the Alheri Camp in Nigeria?
19. Throne room Ministries in Kafanchan was founded by?
20. Who is the Pastor of the Church in Nigeria that operates from Noah’s Ark?

Submissions end at 11.59pm, 25th June 2021 (Nigerian Time)

The first person to send ALL the correct and most accurate will get a CASH PRIZE OF 20,000 Naira (or equivalent if not in Nigeria).”

1. 37 years old
2. 30 years old
3. 42 years old
4. 32 years.
5. Assemblies of God Church
6. Babalola was 26 years old
7. 1960 (January)
8. Mayflower secondary school
9. Daddy Adeboye was 38
10. 16,786
11. Church Gist
12. Ajamimogha
13. New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations
14. Apostolic Faith Mission, Faith City, Igbesa.
15.a Isaiah Ghele Sakpo
b. (August) 1957
c. Isaiah Ghele Sakpo
16. Christ Apostolic Church/Music Director/Sunday school teacher
17. Seventh day Adventist Church (Babcock University)
18. Living Faith Foundation
19. Dr Emmanuel Nuhu Kure
20. Pastor Ntia Ime Ntia

We asked for answers to be sent to this link:

A total of 222 responses were sent on the Church Gist Telegram Channel but no one got ALL the answers correctly.

This means no one will get a CASH PRIZE of 20, 000 NAIRA or equivalent.

However we will reward the two of the fastest responders with the HIGHEST NUMBER OF ACCURATE ANSWERS (87.5 Percent and 85 Percent) with a CASH PRIZE of 13,000 Naira and 12,000 Naira respectively (or equivalent if not in Nigeria).

Though they did not get all the answers, instructions were obeyed by providing the Answers required on the Telegram platform. This is to appreciate them.

Their names are:
1. Oluwafunmilayo Ayodele (87.5 Percent; consolation prize of N13, 000 Naira or USD equivalent)

2. Oyare Gideon (85 Percent; consolation prize of N12, 000 Naira or USD equivalent)

The Winners should kindly contact us on the Telegram platform where the questions were answered.

Congratulations to the Consolation Prize Winners.

Moreover, we will like to bring to the attention of our highly esteemed audience that some people wrote disparaging comments, others criticized the quiz just to discourage people from responding, while they went ahead and sent their answers to the Telegram channel.
Remember, this quiz is entirely voluntary and the questions aren’t compulsory. You can choose to either participate or decline.


PLEASE NOTE: The race of life is not a group race. Church Gist Fastest Fingers is for individuals and not for groups.

God bless.


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