How Side Chick causes Problem for Married Men


You might have sometimes thought of how a man could be the architect
of his misfortune. This here, is one of the most potent ways. Many
stories are making the rounds how many lawfully married men, bring
dangers and calamities to themselves because of one extra marital
affair or another.

It has not been unheard of how a man got his body and soul separate on
account of running an external affair with another lady. There have
been too many homes scattered in pieces as a result of the man of the
house going after women apart from his wife.

There are vast records of issues and problems arising from a man’s
infidelity to his wife. Instances abound that point to the fact that
keeping side chicks are danger signals and suicidal moves.

How do Side Chicks Bring Problems to a Man and His Home?

If an index is to be made about how many men has out themselves in jeopardy and
have ruined their lives by keeping side chicks, we would all be
amazed. This doesn’t just happen abruptly. There are many gradual
processes that come together to make this happen. Some of them have
been given below.

1. Side Chicks Distract Men From Their Family Responsibilities

It is virtually impossible for a man to give his full attention and
concentration to his family when he is keeping a side chick.
Obviously, side chicks require time and company too. Thus to impress
them, a man will want to give her more preference by spending much
time with her. Also, with a side chick around, the man’s focus will be
divided between catering for his family and pleasing his side chick.
Definitely there will be lapses and deficiencies as the two things
require equal amount of attention.


2. Side Chicks Cause Men To Spend More

When you keep a side chick, more avenues to spend money open up. There
will be need for upkeep, gifts, outings and other associated expenses.
It gets worse if the man is not buoyant enough as he will have to
squeeze out his family’s allotment to satisfy that of the side chick.
Also, if you get unlucky to be with a materialistic side chick who
might use schemes and even blackmail to extort money from you, then
you are doomed.

3. Side Chicks Cause Men To Despise Their Wives

Not long after a husband starts keeping a side chick than he will
start looking down on his wife as not being adequate or sophisticated
enough. Since most side chicks will come with all the flashy stuff,
the man will begin placing high demands and expectations on his wife.
Once she does not fit into the class of the side chick or does not
dress in similar way, the man will start to despise her.

4. Side Chicks Cause Distrust Among Couples

Since the husband is cheating and having affairs, it will come quite
easy to him to suspect his wife of doing same. He will become
suspicious of every move made by his wife. In like manner, once the
wife notices the shady movements of the husband, distrust and
accusations will arise. On the whole, all these will sum up to there
be a divide and a vacuum in the home which will subsequently break
down the home and sever all mutual feelings. It is quite disturbing
that moral values are fast vanishing among all spheres and classes in
the present society. Very surprising is the fact that even with the
barrage of possible dangers and hazards of having extramarital
affairs, husbands are still disrespecting themselves and their
households by engaging in this degrading act.

However, no matter how rampant this act is, it remains a detestable
and dirty practice. Though, even some women and wives happen to be
gradually accepting this as a norm and giving approval, it is a
heartbreaking thing to do to anyone. It is evident that this issue of
side chicks has brought real turbulence to many homes. Thus, it should
be discouraged and condemned in its entirety by all.


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