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You see, we cannot only access God from a book. Beyond the Book, he lives in Me. And he provides an infrastructure with which I can receive a feedback whether my walk with him is accurate or not. And that’s through the facility of your CONSCIENCE.
Just incase God is not pleased with your actions, one of the things he will do is to register his displeasure in your CONSCIENCE.

Your Conscience happens to be like a Meter, that gives you the possibility of knowing how God feels about your actions and decisions and the things you want to do.

He is LIVING. And if you’ve walked with him for a longtime, you’d have seen him express his Joy or displeasure in your vessel sometimes.

And those of you that know the ways of Spiritual Warfare, you may have come to experiencally discern what the Scriptures meant when it says that ” THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH ” Now, If you don’t know that Experiencially, don’t claim you know that Scripture. Because it’s only on the Experiencial plain, that you can understand and take fully inventory of the meaning of what that Scripture holds.

The Scriptures were written on an experiencial Perspective. The reason why it’s like that is because, when God begins to deal with you, that’s when you begin to understand some SCRIPTURES.
This is a very Powerful Message that’ll leave you satisfied to know how God feels about your life.
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