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Technology is advancing our world on every side daily and when it comes to what I call smart banking in Nigeria, we should give it to GTBANK, they have done well to make banking so convenient and easy for their customers, ranging from online payment, mobile application for smooth running of transactions to leveraging USSD codes for money transfer or airtime recharge from your phone and the comfort of your house.

In this article, I will be showing you how to activate the GTBank USSD code for various transactions, it will interest you to know how many things you can actually do with the Gtbank USSD Codes, it starts first by activating the USSD code, which will help you to start using it for various transactions, buying airtime and sharing with your loved ones and family members. The amazing things about GTB code is that it can be activated in few minutes, follow me as I teach you details on how to get started with GTBANK mobile codes for smart banking.

How to Activate Gtbank USSD Codes on your Phone

  • With your Phone number, dial *737* in order to activate the USSD code on your phone number, it will bring some instructions, follow the instruction, create your 4 digit pin and you are good to go.
  • You will receive an SMS on your phone with your bank account number, that is, if you do not have an account with GTBANK already, so copy and save your account number.

How to reactivate your Gtbank Account Number using 737 USSD Codes

You might have left your bank account for a long time and it probably got suspended, you will need to reactivate it before you can access the services available with the bank, reactivating your gtbank account is not hard, you can do it in a short period of time and you are done,

This is how to get it done;

  • Dial *737*11# on your phone number that is registered with Gtbank
  • Enter your Gtbank BVN, you will be asked to enter the account officer code, if you don’t know it, you can press 1 to continue the reactivation process.
  • To complete the reactivation process, buy airtime of any amount for yourself or anyone, using the gtb 737 USSD code, if it went through successfully, that means your account as been reactivated. That is how to reactivate your Gtbank account using 737 USSD Code.

How to Activate Transfer Code on Gtbank;

To activate the Gtbank transfer code on your mobile phone, simply dial *737*2* amount* 10 digits account number #.

For example; *737*2*1000*1234567890#

How to get GTBANK Token Code;

To get your Gtbank Token code, follow the following procedures;

Using the phone number that is registered with Gtbank, dial *737*7# and follow the steps and instruction that comes up to get your token code, after this, input your 10 digit ban account number, and then enter your last 6 Digits of your Gtbank ATM Card. The system will automatically generate a token code for you, this OTP is valid for 1minute. That is how to get your Gtbank USSD transfer code for mobile money transactions.

How to Transfer using 737 USSD Code on Gtbank

To transfer money from your Gtbank to another Gtbank, simply dial *737*1*amount*account number#, press it and you will be requsted to enter your 4 digit PIN for the USSD code, enter it and the payment will be made successfully.

To transfer from Gtbank to other banks, follow the procedure below;

Dial *737*2*amount*Account number#, from your mobile number that is registered with Gtbank, then, you will be taken to a page displaying various bank names,  select the recipient bank name.

Enter the last four digits of your Gtbank Card, or it may ask you to enter your USSD 4 digit Pin to proceed and complete the transaction.

How to Buy Airtime on Gtbank using 737 USSD Codes

As far as am concern, the greatest benefit of the USSD code for me is buying airtime, it saves me the stress of going out and buying by the road side, so from the comfort of your house, you can load airtime for yourself or your loved ones. To buy airtime directly from your GTBANK account, this is what to do;

Recharging Airtime for yourself;

Dial *737*airtime amount# and you will be credited with the amount of airtime you load immediately.

Buying Airtime for others;

To buy airtime for others, Simply dial *737*amount*recipient number#, dial this code on your phone and your recipient will be credited with the airtime amount.

I hope you find this tutorial useful today? Kindly share with friends, if you have any further question, you can drop it below;

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