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  1. There is no one who will not be left by someone in the course of their journey in life. If people left Jesus, at some point some will leave you.
  2. What matters is that the rate of leaving does not exceed the rate of coming.
  3. Retrogression is when the rate of leaving exceeds the rate of coming.
  4. Progress is when the rate of coming exceeds the rate of leaving.
  5. Nothing reveals your conviction about what you are doing like when people leave you.
  6. It is maturity to expect God to be God, but you must also expect people to be people.
  7. Your commitment should always be to people, but your attachment should only be to God – Rev. Niyi Eboda
  8. Your destiny is not tied to the one that left, your destiny is tied to the one that stayed.
  9. Never expect anyone to hang around you forever because if they leave you may not survive it.
  10. You are only the disciple of a person in whose word you persist and continue.
  11. What makes a disciple is their fixation on the word of their master.
  12. As a leader, one of the principal tools of your leadership is your word.
  13. Those that stayed with Christ stayed because of His words, likewise those that left also left because of His words.
  14. If you do not learn how to talk, you can use your mouth to chase away things your heart is longing for.
  15. If anything involving two or more people will work, they must learn how to communicate effectively.
  16. If you do not learn how to talk to people, things will keep dying in your hands.
  17. People can be attracted by your beauty or make up and come to you, only to hear how you communicate and abandon you.
  18. Never be in a hurry to take up people that others have left and abandoned, without finding out why they were abandoned in the first place.
  19. If you can control your mouth, you can bridle your whole body.
  20. One sign that you lack emotional intelligence is that you cannot appreciate the impact your words will have on people when released.
  21. The fact that a word is in the dictionary does not mean it should be used in communication.
  22. Your wisdom is reflected by the choice of the words you use.
  23. People may come to you because of how you look, but they will not stay with you because of how you look. People stay with you because of how you make them feel in your presence.
  24. Realize that shouting is not talking.
  25. You need to vary the volume of your communication according to the context of your communication. That is why our voice comes with an inbuilt volume regulator.
  26. You also need to vary the tone of your communication according to the context of your communication.
  27. When speaking to an individual or a group of people, anyone whom the content of your communication does not pertain to, should not hear what you are saying.
  28. You must first weigh the depth of your investment in a person to determine how you speak to them.
  29. Once you are appointed into leadership, your first task is investment in your leadership circle before making demands on them.
  30. Invest in people before making demands on them.
  31. You can tell a great person by how they treat little people.
  32. Whenever you offend someone, you will have to overcompensate them for that relationship to be restored.
  33. How you speak depends largely on who you are speaking to.
  34. You must be ready to err on the side of caution if the one you are talking to is older than you, is your mate, or is married.
  35. You must understand the power of extant power blocks when communicating.
  36. Always weigh the impact of your words by asking the following questions.
    A. If I say this, what will the person think?
    B. If I say this, what will the person feel?
    C. If I say this, what will the person do?
    D. If I say this, who else is likely to hear it?
    John 6:68
    But Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.
    Excerpts from HOW TO BE A MAGNETIC LEADER.
    A Deji Olabode message preached at ENTHRONEMENT ASSEMBLY, LAGOS.


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