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Gaining admission to the higher institution is one of the most delightful gifts every student demands from God. It is so cogent that a student is ready to do all in his or her disposal to make this realizable. The euphoria of gaining admission, a times, is a deterrent to making the student achieve a good grade at the end.

They are mostly carried away by school social activities at the expense of their academic pursuit.

Gaining admission is indeed a great achievement, but making a first class is a greater achievement. Everyone has the potential to make a first class honour, the difference between a first class student and a pass is their individual attitude towards their primary assignment in the institution.

Every student develops that mindset of graduating with a first class at the point of resumption. It is part of our nature but the ability to maintain this mindset is what most students lack.

Making a first class seems easy for some students, who have been able to maintain their mindset with upright attitude towards their primary assignment in the institution, but cumbersome for some students who have some ulterior motives in school.

I will be unveiling to you some key points to make you a first class student, irrespective of your course. if you put all to practice, you would surely ace all the exams and test in your course of study.

Here we go;

  1. Understanding your objective in school

This is what most students lack. The excitement and merriment of the admission often deter a student from making a first class grade. The first year is a year to build a solid foundation after which it is sustained till the final year. The CGPA of a student in his or her first year determines the final grade of such student. A prudent student understands his or her objective in school, it is from it he or she develop a feasible mindset.

When a student knows his or her purpose within the four walls of the school, then the journey of making a first class begins. The objective is the force that drives the spirit of making a first class. The objective should be well defined and written in ink. It would serve as a reminder when you tend to forget your aim, it would serve as a medicine when you tend to get sick of study. The latter may look ridiculous but it does happen.

Your objective in the higher institution is a function of your curiosity for making a first class.

  1. Setting goals.

The goals are the call to action. The goals are the prerequisites to making a first class. Setting goals should start from the first day you step into the school premises. Goals should not be mistaken with objectives. The latter is the ultimate target and the reason for you to be in school. Goals are steps to achieving the objective.

It is not possible to have a goal without an objective, the goals work for the objective. Examples of goals to put up include attending all lectures, getting to the lecture room before the lecturer arrives, reading before and after lecture, staying up at night to read, doing your assignment alone, etc.

All these are example of goals you should put up if truly you want to reach your objective, a first class grade. All your goals should also be written down. Writing them down make them plans, plans make the objective tractable.

  1. Preparation

Preparation is the implementation of your plans, your plans are the goals you penned down. Preparation is key, it must be as early as possible and not in the eleventh hour. A first class student should not commence preparation for exam or test after being announced. A first class student should always see every day as an examination period, always ready.

This is done as early as possible. Your success in examinations or tests would be determined by your ability to prepare. He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail.

For effective preparation, you have to assess yourself. Assessing yourself is asking yourself if truly you know your target, check mating your goals to look out for deficit. Knowing your personal peculiarities in relation to achieving your objective.

Knowing what is required of you to do to achieve your goal and using your time diligently.

Understand yourself and plan according to your ability considering your time and conditions that surround you. Know exactly what you should be doing at a particular time with respect to your personal limitations..

Great achievement requires great preparation.


Commitment is the steadfastness of the goals, it is the total submission to the laid down goals. A student that aspires a first class grade must be committed to his or her laid down plans to achieve the goals. Your commitment motivates you, it make you perform better and brings out the best in you. Your commitment makes all herculean school activities easy for you, it shows you the beauty behind your goals.


Consistency is very important for success to be achieved, a student must be consistent for him or her to have a first class grade. Consistency is the practice that perfects your goal and make your objective achievable.

Your goals would be realistic when you are consistent with your preparation. A reading timetable has to be designed to enhance consistency, you have to be consistent withbyour lectures for you to achieve a first class.

All your academics activities must be consistent to achieve an excellent grade. Also, consistency instills discipline in your attitude because you do what is right at the right time. You should jettison all campus frivolities and be stringent with your studies, keeping your objective at the back of your mind.

  1. Endurance

As we all know, nothing good comes easy. You have to do extraordinary task to get extraordinary result. Being a first class student is an apogee of a student success, every student craves for this height but not all get there but only few. The few that can endure the pains it comes with, the torments that surround it.

Preparation is a pain that has to be endured, its not always easy to see your peers having fun while you are in a tight corner getting ready for exams but the fact is if you prepare today, you wouldn’t have anything to repair in future.

Commitment and Consistency are means of self denial, you deny yourself of so many social activities within the campus because your are committed to having a first class degree and consistent with your laid down goals to achieve your goal, a first class honour. The fact is it is always painful because atimes your mind hankers for what you have denied yourself.

Endurance is a bitter pill that has to be swallowed to shield against the hindrance to your objective.


My brother and sister, prayer is the key to all success. For you to be successful, after your endless preparation, you need a divine intervention. You need to seek blessings from the Almighty and pray to him to crown your efforts. But students often make a huge mistake, they tend to pray more than they prepare.

This habit has to be stopped. You should read as if you have no God and also pray as if you have not read anything, with this God will surely make you triumph and graduate with a first class. Prayer is like a shock absorber, it makes you meet the favour of your lecturer.

Prayer shouldn’t be neglected but rather embraced but should not outweighs your personal preparation to achieving your objective.

Conclusively, Making a first class is great achievement and it is achievable by all and sundry provided you are ready to make up the task to make it realistic.

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