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Writing is a sacred gift bestowed upon some individuals; everyone has one or more talents, these talents are what some people optimized to make a living. Writing is one of such, the pen work has turned many to millionaires in this generation. But, everything has channels and routes to explore to actually break even using the talents; they are platforms where the talents are traded or exchanged in accordance to their value.

As a talented writer, your primary goal should be, impacting lives with your skill. Making money should be secondary; money would come when your piece are classified as “master piece”, when your writing skill has made you noble; then, you starting making money. You make money through selling of your books. You can sell directly or indirectly using the online platform to make your sale. Using online platform means, you have gone global and you have more opportunities to feather your nest through writing.

There are platforms online where talented writers sell their books to the populace; Amazon is still the best known platform for selling books online. There are arrays of books on this platform; interested buyers make purchase considering the current position of the book on the amazon ranking page. Getting to the apogee of the rank is always the aim of every successful writer on this platform. The book clinching on the number one position on the amazon ranking page is regarded as the best selling book in the world and the author is regarded as the best author; by the virtue of this position, the author is qualified for any award and accolade in respect to literature.

The number of copies sold is always the criteria used to rank a book on the amazon page; the number of audience the book has reached by the virtue of the content and astuteness of the author is what makes the book stay ahead of its pack. To hit the number one position on Amazon, you must sell at least 4000 copies in 24hours; this is no small feat at all. However, there are strategies you can actually implement to reach this number; it is very achievable. These strategies are what you should implement and try to work on, on a daily basis. They are:

  • Have a personal platform

Having a personal platform like a blog where you actually showcase your work is very essential; though, the sales would be made on Amazon but this platform is like your advertising site, where you update people about your work. This is where you build a cordial relationship and trust; the more interesting your write ups are, the more audience you have and the higher your tendency of making good sales on amazon. On this platform, you don’t share your books directly, you only give your audience glimpses about the book. The glimpses you give you, encourage or motivate them to buy the book on amazon. The glimpses may not be from your book, but can just be some words of encouragement that centers on your book or the theme of your book. What matters here is your creativity, how you are able to captivate people’s mind through your writing dexterity helps you gain more fame and acceptance across the world, thus, increasing your chances of making huge sales within 24 hours after the launching of your book.

  • Update your ideas

Also, updating your idea is very crucial; you need to be fanatical on devising new ways to lure your audience to buying your book. Put this idea into your book as well, change your style of writing; make your book distinct from other books and highlight these unique features to get the eye of your potential buyers. This is to ensure people buy your book, not persuasively or coercively but through personal conviction, satisfaction and trust they have in you and your work. Uniqueness is key, and this should be the target of your brand. An average author can double his productivity capacity overnight; if he begins, right now, to do all the things he should do and stop doing all the things he knows he should not do. Every second should have a unique impact on your brand; do not do the same thing and expect different results, get different results by doing something new. No one ever attain eminent success by simply doing what is required of him, you need to do more to get more. Get your feet wet now and be strategic.

  • Have a target audience,

 As an author, you are expected to have readers, no matter how fascinating your book is, if you don’t have a target audience, you won’t make sales as expected. What appeases some set of people may apparently displeases others. The genre of book the teenagers find very thrilling is obviously different from that of people in their 30s and above. You target audience is a great factor you must consider before writing any book. You write what commensurate their level of understanding to make your book readable; your book must be peculiar to their level of reasoning, culture and experience. For example; if you are writing a book on love and romance, you should swerve your book to the teenagers and youths, under 30 precisely. Such book would sell in their community, where they converge and have fun. However, if the genre of your book is about business morals and ethics; your target audience are business-minded people, your advert and publicity should center on platforms where such people converge. Your audience define your purpose, your purpose is your motivation; your motivation makes you do more and from this, you can actually make more sale and hit the top spot on Amazon.

  • Emulating successful books and authors.

This is very important; you need to follow trends. You don’t write what is obsolete and expect to be relevant, it’s not possible. Emulating successful books and authors is not a form of plagiarism rather a smarter way of getting things done right; give the populace what they are familiar with but in a new fashion and composition to make yours distinct. For example, if the genre of a best selling book is love, you can as well delve to this genre and dish out an outstanding work; with proper strategic publicity, your book will displace the initial book from the top position. It’s all about getting things right with the right perception.

  • Be confident and proud of your book.

If you don’t value your work, nobody would do that for you. If you are not proud of your book, it would be very difficult for you to convince others to buy. The beaming expressions seen on your advertising platform beacon potential buyers. Pride and confidence come from your personal conviction about your book; these are as a result of the plan and vision you have harbored on the cause of writing. Before writing, envision and conceptualize your book, such that it has an obvious theme. Have a clear vision before commencing your writing; it will save your time and resources. Parts of what you should include in your book to make well defined and marketable are:

  • Title: The title of your book must be a summary of your book, it should be centered on the theme of your book, designed in an enamored context to beacon potential buyers. Your title shouldn’t be jaded rather it should be justified as every reader reads your book.
  • Cover; The cover of your book should be vibrant and not lackluster. It should be appeasing enough to get reader’s and potential buyer’s attraction.
  • Description: the description of your book should the concise and coherent such that it awakens the curiosity and interest your potential buyers to actually buy your book.
  • Add nice quotes: One of the things that are easily memorized is quotations from top personalities; It adds value to your book when embedded in it. It should emphasize the theme of your book.

All these add to your book will make it have more sale, thus, shooting your book to the top spot.

  • Make online publicity and video clips.

You can increase the popularity of your book and increase the sales, by dispatching best chapters to other sites, not just any site but sites where your target audience converge. Part of your marketing strategies should be reaching a lot of people, displaying some portions of your book to gain attention and interest buyers across several platforms is a way to actualize it. Include your cover page and a link to Amazon, where interested buyers can make their purchase. Another means of having huge sales on a daily basis is to make a short video clip about your book and post online. In the video, you describe your book, include the current recorded sale and probably comments from other buyers to attest the proficient of your book. YouTube is a good platform for this.

  • Have a buyer friendly price tag

Lastly, another means to encourage your buyers is the price of your book; always tag a buyer friendly price to your book. Consider the economic situation and the financial strength of your target audience before placing your price on your book.

You can as well implement a land rush technique or bulk order to the sale of your book, it encourages buyers to buy more through reduced price at higher purchase. All these are what increase your sale.

You will notice all the aforementioned strategies will not accrue your cost of production, they are actually things you can do yourself. Instead of spending on adverts, you can invest your time and get things done as required. Getting to number one position on amazon is not a hard nut to crack and you don’t need to pull strings to achieve this.

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