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Billionaires are not born, it’s a gradual process which requires personal effort. Though, it’s always predestined but comes to reality with individual effort and willingness. Many wake up daily with the dream of being a billionaire but only few actually break the jinx; why?, because it’s a rank for extraordinary people. People with great tensile strength and unshakable whims for success.

When you do unusual things, you get unusual results; this can be exemplified to the journey of being a billionaire, it requires stages and each stage has tasks to go down with. As you begin this journey, you need to always think right because, right thinking precedes right actions; right actions are tools to becoming a billionaire. This journey has three junctions; in each junction, you have several apartments you will have to visit to get yourself equipped for your ending point. What you do basically in each junction is to gather momentum for the next junction before you finally reach your destined point. It would be very cumbersome for you, if you go straight to your destined point; these junctions fortify you.

The first junction you will alight is opportunity creation junction. What you do in this junction is preparation; you prepare for the unseen. Success comes as a result of preparation meeting opportunities. Your preparation entails getting acquainted with success factors in your respective field; you read all readable in  this junction. You prepare in this junction so that you don’t repair in the next junction. You study all opportunities and make good out of them all.

You study how money is managed, how money can be manipulated. Not only that; you learn how to make money, through acquisitions of entrepreneurial skills of your choice or improvement of your field of study. Upon doing any of these, you put your skill to work and make money. You are making money here not billions; don’t be too overwhelmed at this junction, if you want to be a billionaire. The lion’s share of the money you make here is basically for savings. Remember, this junction is for opportunity creation. You ensure you settle your debts and bills in this junction and concentrate mainly on your savings. Make a long term plan from this junction, say 5 years financial opportunity creation and preparation plan. Let these plans be tractable. Ensure you revamp your skills and knowledge before going to the next junction; any mistake made in the next junction is a blemish and a sign of inadequate preparation from this junction. You learn and earn here but in the next junction you put your earnings to work there, you do not need to learn over there. When you have diligently learn and earn here, you move to the next junction.

The next junction is the investment junction. You are moving here as a new individual; someone with more financial intelligence and maturity. Now, you know the value of money and you are more tactical. In this investment junction, you are few miles away from the last junction. Here, you make your earnings work for you. You do not need to learn anymore; you invest in long term assets or business. You need an eagle eye to scale through this junction. You become more vigilant and understudy any venture you are about to invest in. As have said earlier, any mistake here is a blemish. Your actions here can either make or mar you, it all depends on how well you have spent your days in the previous junction.

You invest in long term businesses like real estate, high profiled businesses, buy and sell stocks. These are long term investments that can drive you to the next junction. However, do not be lured or outwitted by any business partner, study any business you are about to venture very well. At this junction, you are almost a billionaire; but mind your expenses, avoid exorbitant spending.

The last junction and your ending point is where you maintain your investments. Here, you are already a billionaire but what billionaires do is to monitor and over see their investments. You have learn, you have earned and lastly you have invested; there is nothing stopping you from being a billionaire. Monitor your investments and ensure their growth; modify some and improve some. You are in this stage where you make decisions, make progressive ones. Know when you dispatch any dwindling investment; do not manage, rather arrange laudable plans to keep your investments moving.

Lastly, to be a billionaire, you need to act like one; the caliber of people you move with must be the types that share the same vision as you do. Wine and dine with such people, they boost morale and share more experience about the game. You can be a billionaire at any age; what matters is your engagements in each junction.

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