HOW TO BUILD AN EMAIL LIST: 7 Benefits of Building an Email List




As we’ve said over and over here, email marketing is a powerful way to promote your book. Statistics say that email marketing can give you over 4300% average return on investment (ROI). I’m not sure what that means, but in my experience, email marketing has helped me a lot.

Here are 7 reasons why email list building is important in your book marketing this year.

1. Email is Personal
Being personal in online conversations make your users feel more human and real. Not only the language of emails is personal, but the technology itself is personal. When you send an email, you land into a person’s private email inbox directly.

2. Users Prefer Emails
I kinda think that people still value email contact more than social media, zoom, and others.

3. Build Intimate Relationship with Readers
Emails are the best way to communicate one to one with your readers. It lets your readers get back to you, and can make them see that your writing is beyond trying to make money on amazon.

4. Perceived as a Propfessional
With emailing, your readers will start to see you more like a professional in the area of what you are writing and not just a quack trying to survive by earning some dollars.

5. You Own Your Email List
You can email and market to them anytime. Amazon does not share buyers emails with you. But with your email list, you own it and can market to it anytime.


God forbid, your account will not be terminated. But if a mistake happens and you have an email list, it’s easier to bounceback. You can beg your readers to bombard amazon, or tell them to buy your books elsewhere. That’s what happened with the color book guy that was terminated.

7. Easier to Diversify
If you have an email list, you can eventually create courses and sell to them at higher prices or recommend affiliate offers that has higher earning capacity.

There should be more benefits, but let me stop here. I will continue on the hows later.

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