How to Celebrate Christmas as a Christian

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As a Child of God, there is a way to celebrate Christmas, it is a global phenomenal, but yet, it has significant, all over the world, even the unbelievers celebrate Christmas, in Dubai, Christmas is designed all over their shopping mall, but for you and me who have been called out of darkness into his marvelous light, there is a way to celebrate it, we cannot do it the way the world does their own.

Christmas is a festive period that is observed annually across the world on the 25th of December in the love and celebration of the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is so significant because that is the channel through which salvation came to the world, The Bible says, he shall deliver his people from their sins (Matthew 1:21).

Christmas season is characterized by profound Joy and happiness to the world, it is always a busy and eventful period, but while all that is going on, there are tendency that we can forget or lose touch with the significance of the season, we can forget the essentials while caught up in the activity, that is why we must know and understand how Christians should celebrate Christmas, so that the significance of the season and the birth of Jesus will be a reality in our life.

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How Can I celebrate Christmas as a Christian?

  1. Go to Church :
  2. Preach the Gospel :
  3. Pray for the brethren and sinners :
  4. Rejoice and thank God for your salvation :
  5. Celebrate and Rejoice with your Family :
  6. Make a Covenant to serve the Lord :
  7. Meet the Needs of others :
  8. Share the Love of Jesus :
  9. Worship the Lord :
  10. Renew your Walk with God :

Let’s Look at them one after the other;

  1. Go To Church : Jesus is the reason for the season, we are celebrating JESUS CHRIST in Christmas, the world “mas” came from “masses” so It means CHRIST FOR THE MASSES’ this is the reason why the Christmas season is observed by many, even those who doesn’t know what it means,   it is a season where the love of Jesus Christ must be magnify, and a good place to do that is in the church, don’t stay at home cooking all day just to celebrate and enjoy the party for the day, No! Go to the house of GOD First and worship God, I am glad when I see that come churches program their outreach event on Christmas day, this is what is right to do, and for those churches that just observe the celebration, it is also good, you have the privilege to hear the word of GOD on Christ, which will draw you closer to God.
  • Preach the Gospel : JESUS CHRIST is the one that was born, which we are celebrating at Christmas, this is the time to organize crusades, meetings and preach the Gospel of Christ, use every means possible to reach out to the lost for Jesus, he came to die for the sins of the world, and when you give your life to him, the responsibility that has been given to you is to go out and preach the gospel to every creature, one of the ways to prove your Love for God is to go and preach to others.

There are many people out there that needs Jesus, they need him to save their souls, deliver them from oppression of the devil, me and you that have received him have been given the mandate to go and preach the Gospel to those people and see to it that they are saved.

  • Pray for the Brethren and Sinners : The bible says in John 3:16, for God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe, shall not perish but have an everlasting life. This showed us the profound love of God, the selflessness of God, out of his love for the world; he gave, so during the Christmas, you must be selfless.

Don’t think about yourself only, think about you brethren, pray for them, minister to them, meet their needs, I am talking about your fellow Christian brothers and sisters, think about them, pray for them, extend your love and good will to them, also, go out and minister to sinners, preach to them, let them receive Jesus, pray for them to be establish in the faith.

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  • Rejoice and Thank God for your Salvation : This is the time to appreciate God for the amazing Grace that found you and saved you, think about your life, what you will have been without JESUS CHRIST. Remember where you were when he saved you, and see where you are now, just because of his mercies and Grace, don’ take it for granted, thank God that you are in the light, if not; the darkness of this world would have over shadow you, but the lord kept you. Give him praise and thanks, in Psalm 103; 2 says, who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases.
  • Celebrate and Rejoice with your Family : Yes, you can organize a mini party with your family, we are celebrating the arrival of the King of Glory, the lord of lords,  the prince of peace; let your family know more about Jesus, teach them to love Jesus, to accept him as their lord and savior, to walk in his ways, to love not the world and the things of the world. Also you can pray with them in the name of Jesus; if there are issues of concern or storm, you can pray and ask the lord to come into the family and calm the storm, command the storm to cease, Jesus is the prince of peace, he can bring peace into your home and every raging storm will cease, this is one f the significance of Christmas. Teach your children the stories of Jesus in the bible, especially how he was conceived and how he was born, his mission, and his saving power. After the prayer, you can gift everyone something nice for Christmas, this is part of the way you share the love of Jesus across your family.
  • Make a Covenant to serve the Lord : There are many Christian today, who are just Sunday-Sunday Christian, this is not the way to be productive in the kingdom, you need to be actively involved in the activities and events that are targeted at advancing the kingdom of God on the earth.

The Bible says, Joshua said; as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord ( Joshua 24:15). There will always be a time where you need to make that decision, that you will serve God, it is a deliberate decision, it is what you do to show your love for the Lord, a Christianity that is designed to receive from God without giving anything is not a productive Christianity, you are meant to worship, serve, honor the lord your God, not just pray and ask him; you also need to know and learn from him the things he wants you to do. One of the things God expect you do to can be found in John 15: 16, you are meant to bear fruits unto eternal life, this is part of your assignment of serving the Lord, be an active member of your church, the kind that participate positively towards the advancement of the kingdom in the church, either in service or in prayer.

One of the easiest way to get your family to love the Lord and serve him, is by doing so yourself, if you do it, you will see them emulating you, this is how it works.

  • Meet the Needs of Others : There are many needy people around you, it can be In the church, in your neighborhood, in your workplace, reach out to them during Christmas deliberately and bless them, Christmas is a time when God gave the world his son, his only son; if you love Jesus, you will do what he does, you will emulate him, give to the needy in Christmas, it is a sign of the season of showing the love of Jesus to others. You can win more souls for Jesus if you will walk more in love and show people true love.
  • Share the Love of Jesus: This can be done in many simple ways, you definitely don’t want to be quiet about Jesus and all he is doing for you. Christmas is the time to use every means to share the love of Jesus to the world, this is why I always tell people, don’t say “merry xmas” there is nothing like xmas, it is “Merry Christmas”, It is unbelievers who doesn’t like Jesus that uses xmas, but as a child of God, don’t hide the Christ in christmas, Christ is essentially the reason behind Christmas.
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There is another system I adopt, many times I have to share food and other useful things during Christmas to people, including unbelievers, what I do is to tell them; “Jesus loves you” before I give them the food or gift item, this alone as attribute the good gesture you did to the love of Jesus.

  • Worship the Lord: One of the ways to maximize Christmas and not be distracted by the many events of the day is to spend time to worship the Lord.

Tell him how good he has been to you, tell him how grateful you are to know him, spend quality time in worship, singing and dancing appreciating Jesus for his awesomeness towards you and for keeping you alive. There are many Christmas songs that can help you achieve this, just to keep an atmosphere of JESUS around you, play good deep spirit filled worship songs.

  1. Renew your walk with God:  Let every Christmas bring you closer to Jesus CHRIST, let It renew and reactivate your covenant walk with God, your commitment to God. This may come with spending more time praying to God, seeking his face, seeking more knowledge of God by reading Christian books, pending quality and consistent time in bible study. We have been called into a relationship with God, and the knowledge of God is what empowers believers for exploits. Jesus said; the work that I do, ye shall do and even greater works than this shall ye do also ( John 14:12 ). We have been called to greater works, but you must renew your walk with God, especially if you sense that your love and passion for God is going down.

As a Christian, there are many things contending for your attention, yet you must not take your eyes away from the Lord, the easiest way to encounter God is to behold him from his word. It is actually not a good thing for you as a Christian, to exist and you don’t know the story, the prophecy and event that took place, before, during and after the birth of Jesus Christ. It shows you don’t have passion for the Lord, this Christmas is a good time to pick your bible and study.

God bless you, merry Christmas and Happy new year.

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