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How to Check Egg Freshness Before Buying or Cracking

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Knowing the viability of any egg when cracked is very easy and many are not cut in the trap of eating an unhealthy egg it is very easy to identify a very good egg when cracked, you can easily identify a viable egg from the color of the egg white and the yolk, even with the smell you can easily identify that which a good egg, as a matter of fact there are a lot of ways via which you can know whether an egg is edible or not when it is cracked.

The bone of contention is now identifying a good and viable egg when it is yet to be cracked, as easy as identifying good eggs while they are been cracked are, many people still fall victim of buying an egg that is not good at all, let say outdated eggs, which most time leads to the in ability to identify that which is good.

We will actually be basically looking into how you can identify an egg that is good and edible even without been cracked, we will touch about three techniques and give brief explanation about  how you can go about it, just stay calm and let’s journeying together. Am very sure after carefully going through this article you will have limited risk of falling victim of bad eggs, which most times is not as a result of the market seller but due to some several external and internal effects that  is not actually our discuss on this article, let’s quickly see that which our discuss on this article;

  1. The shaking test! This is one the ways you can test viable eggs, but I will like to tell you that you need to be very careful while because the seller might start looking at you as though something is being wrong, and when shaking, you’ve to be sure you pick that which you will shake randomly so as to know if the content is very viscous or gone watery. It is not advisable to take the watery ones because most time it is an indication that they have been around for a longer period, even if they are not truly spoilt
  2. The Candling Method. This is another test method you can use; it is the method that should normally be used for testing egg quality before putting eggs for sale in the market. It can however be used to determine the freshness of eggs too. To do this, just put on a flashlight and hold right next to the eggshell to light up the inside. Although, a sort of pinhole camera is normally used, the flashlight works fine for home use. When you flash the light, you can see the air space to determine if egg is fresh or not, with the candling technique, you could have any of the following; a fresh egg (little air space, slightly visible yolk), a slightly old egg (larger air space, slightly darker yolk), a nearly bad egg (really dark yolk, spotty), and a spoiled egg (mixed in yolk, lots of dark).
  3. The Float Test. This will actually require dipping the egg inside a bow, and am sure this part will be very hard to put into action in a market place or at any sales point, no seller will want to agree with this, as this may only be best for testing freshness and viability of any egg at home even before trying to crack or use them. To go about this all you need is a bowl filled with cold water and just places your eggs in the bowl, do well to carry a big bowl if your testing for large amount of eggs, then let the eggs be in the water for few seconds and carefully observe the response of the egg to this particular reaction. There are three possibilities.
  • If they sink to the bottom and lay flat on their sides, then you have bought very fresh eggs.
    • If they have been stored for a few weeks but still good to eat, they’ll stand on one end at the bottom of the bowl.
    • However If they float to the surface, they’re no longer fresh enough to eat. So, you may not want to risk cracking them open. The smell can be pungent and very repulsive if they have really changed smell and color, the smell may actually cause you to get irritated of eggs for more than days even some can go on months without wanting to eat egg prior to their encounter with the spoilt smell, smells is real chronic and disgusting.

Final thought on this piece what is worth eating at all is worth eating the good part of it, as good as eating egg may be , eating the spoilt or not viable maybe as more dangerous than eating the good ones, take time to observe what you consume, save your mouth save your health.

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