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MTN is one of the network service providers in Nigeria and of course, they also can be considered a major ISP, larger percentage of Nigerians use MTN Line for their business, personal day to day calls and activities among other things. If you are a user of MTN, you will agree with me that there is always a reason to contact for one thing or the other, it is a natural thing that happens periodically, for instance, was a day their network went off recently for about 10hours, it was a difficult time for many business owners and subscribers who rely on MTN network to carry out their Business endeavors, though MTN later restored the network and apologize for the seemingly unusual shutdown in Service.

Today, I will be sharing the fastest and easiest way to connect MTN ONLINE for any service disruption you may have or any complaints you have, the good thing is MTN Customer Care Line is available 24/7, so if need be, you can even call them at midnight.


The first easiest way to contact MTN is through a phone call, it will take some few mins before their representative will answer you, as their system will first pick the call and give you some directions on what to do;

Dial 180 from your MTN line, and if you are calling from another network service, dial 08031000180, but if you are outside Nigeria, simply dial +2348031000180.

Please note that if you call without using an MTN line, you will be charged, which means your airtime will be debited.


If you don’t want to call them or go to their office, you can simply connect with them via their facebook page, which you can find here – MTN FACEBOOK PAGE, drop a message and their representative will respond to you, the good thing is, thank God for social media, you can also reach a representative from MTN via Twitter, which I think as been used by many Nigerians, as twitter tends to provide a faster solution and swift response to your questions, just to go @MTNNG or @MTN180 and send a DM or drop a message on the wall with a tag to the handle, you will get a feedback.


If you have something that you consider a little bit serious and needs a serious attention also, I recommend you go to the office, as there are some things you cannot do online, except you get to the office, like sim swap, or if you want to do a welcome back, or your Sim got stolen and you want to block it, or you want to upgrade your MTN sim to 4G, all these things requires you to go to their office directly.

See the location of the entire MTN service center in Nigeria here, MTN OFFICES IN NIGERIA.

Feedback Form

Another way to contact MTN customer care is via their feedback form. MTN is the best when it comes to things like this, just open the form, fill and submit.

Email Contact

Emails have existed for a long time now and still remains arguably the best way to contact people and get responses. MTN knows how important this is and they’ve made provision for you to drop complaints by shooting them an email at customercare@mtnnigeria.net.

Lastly, if you are a traditional kind of person and you still believe in the good old way of sending letters via the post office, mail one to the address below:

The Customer Care Manager,
MTN Nigeria Communications Limited
4 Aromire Street
Off Kingsway Road
Ikoyi, Lagos

MTN is here to serve you!

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