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How to easily get Google Adsense approval for your Blog/website

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Google Adsense is presently one of the major ways content publishers around the world make money off their content, more than 85% of online content creator right now makes money with Adsense through their platform and content, either written or video content. This is a good way to make money online, and trust me with good efforts, you can make a fortune with AdSense,  I have been publishing for many years now, so I know what am talking about.

Getting started with Adsense is not difficult at all, you just need to get the information that will guide you on the step to take and the way to go, click here to read more about adsense and how you can make money through it.

Today, in this write-up, I will teach you how to get Adsense approval easily without stress, many people find it difficult for adsense to approve their site and there are many reasons responsible for this, but did you know that I have gotten approval for a site that is 8days old before, it was so young, with just few traffic daily, and few content, yet it was approved. I will teach and show you exactly what I did to get that result, I want you to know that Adsense approval is not hard, you just need to ensure you are not trying to play smart on Google, ensure you have good quality and original content before you think of making any revenue from your site.

To get a Quick Approval from Google Adsense, follow the steps below;

  1. Get a Top Level Domain name: Ensure you get a top level domain name, like .com, .org, .net and co, those kind of domain name enhances your approval from Google adsense, and makes your site appear relevant. Even if you are using Blogger or wordpress, you can still add a custom domain to your website.
  2. Update your Website Pages: Ensure you add About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us and other necessary pages, because adsense does not play with these pages, The Contact page should contain how people can easily reach you, About us: This should be the description of what your site is all about; while privacy policy should contain how you interact with users information on your site. You can search google for guideline on how to write a good privacy policy page. Without having these three pages well stated on your site, approval of adsense is not guaranteed.
  3. Write Original Value Adding Content: This is very important, Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money online, but there are procedures to follow; adsense is a content based advertisement program, if you don’t write original content, you cannot get approval from Google for your site. It doesn’t have to be much, just ensure it is value adding and original, you can write between 8 to 10 content before you apply for Adsense approval, this will increase your chances of been approved faster by Adsense.  The unfortunate thing for most new bloggers is, they copy and paste other writer’s work and they want adsense to approve them like that, Adsense takes copyright infringement seriously, so don’t violate that condition. If you see a content of interest to you online, read it and rewrite it, don’t ever copy an author’s work verbatim. I know there are people who probably wrote original content and still did not get approved, the reason is copyright images were used, don’t copy images from Google search for your blog, websites like flickr.com, pixabay.com, piexels.com are free platforms to get free images you can use without any violation.
  4. Lastly, Use a Simple and User friendly Theme: There are some blog theme that are too complicated, that maybe the reason why adsense will not approve your site, when the navigation process is not easy. I recommend a simple and responsive design theme that can adjust to all devices, with this procedures duly followed, you can be sure of getting Adsense approval.

You don’t have to get thousands of visitors before adsense approval your site, just get a decent volume of traffic, work on your backlink and low competitive keywords to help your new blog with traffic, thereafter, apply for Adsense, wishing you best of luck.

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