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Praying to God at all time is one of the responsibility of every child of God, you are meant to stand before God in prayer at all time, this is one of the things you have been called to do, when you gave your life to Jesus Christ, it is a call to a lifestyle of consistent prayer.

The Bible says, Men ought always to pray and not faint (Luke 18:1); Jesus is our model and throughout his lifetime, we saw how he pray fervently, consistently and repeatedly. To establish the counsel of God for your life and destiny, you must be giving to prayer. There are so many benefits that comes when we pray, ranging from rescue from the hand of the wicked, victory over the forces of the enemy, victory over evil arrow and opposition, the discovery and deployment of hidden potentials and treasures, the activation of the blessings of God, the restoration of health and vitality, the confirmation of the word of God, the empowerment of the holy spirit among other reasons are several benefits that comes when we give ourselves consistently to prayer.

Today, I want to dwell more on the power of praying in the midnight, there is so much a power release when we give ourselves to praying in the midnight, there is a transformational power that flows when we pray in the midnight; it is a very sensitive season and spiritual giants don’t joke with the midnight.

If you want to be victorious in the day, you must be awake in the night, when others are sleeping, you must be awake to engage the night season, and this is how to get the best out of it.

I have published some guideline in the past on this Blog on midnight prayer points that can help you engage spiritual warfare and breakthrough prayers in the midnight, but today, I want to give you some guidelines on how to go about it.

There is a way to pray in the midnight in order to get answers, it is a very sensitive time and you must engage it effectively so as to get the most of it.

How do you start a Midnight Prayer?

  1. Give Thanks : No matter how serious your life challenges and issues can be, you must come before God with thanksgiving, if you must encounter God in the place of prayer, you don’t serve God on your term, you serve him on his own terms, the bible says, enter his gate with thanksgiving and his court with praise(Psalm 100:4). So you must come before God with thanksgiving and praise, if you don’t see any reason to thank God, thank God for the gift of life, you can pray because you are alive that is enough a reason to give God the glory. God will only answer you on new things when you appreciate him on the previous things; that is how it works. If you want the presence of God to come down and tabernacle with you at the place of prayer, then give God the glory and praise, remember the story of paul and silas in the prison, as they praise and pray, the place where they were was shaking, because the presence of God came down, that is how It works.
  2. Confess and Repent of your Sins: A major hindrance to answer prayer is sin, don’t hide away as though you are clean, ask God for forgiveness of your sins, even the things you call little can stand against you and your answer before God. So as not to waste time in the midnight staying awake to pray for nothing, ask God for forgiveness of sin. God is faithful, he will forgive you but ensure you promise him that you will not go back to the sinful act again.
  3. Make demand on the Blood of Jesus for your Cleansing: This is very powerful, there is such a thing as cleansing, it happens by the blood of JESUS, it is not enough that you are forgiven, you must also experience the cleansing power of God, that is what will take away the sin and the record of it and consequences away, and that is what the blood of Jesus does, it cleanses us from every sin, unrighteousness, so that we can access the throne of God.
  4. Declare the word of God: When you are praying in the midnight, it is a spiritually sensitive time, you cannot afford to be careless, declare the word of God, make sure you have the word of God in your mouth, this is so paramount. You can bind and lose by the word of God, the bible says, unto thee, I give the key that opens the kingdom of Heaven, whatever you bind is bind, whatever you lose is lose. So when you go and pray in the midnight, declare what the word of God say over your situation, let the word of God have expression in your life, by putting it in your mouth, that is how to activate the power of the spoken word. For instance; The bible says, No weapon fashion against me shall prosper and every tongues that rise up against me in judgment, I shall condemn(Isaiah 54:17), so you take such a scripture an war it into prayer, so that it can be enforced and confirmed, because God will only confirm what you say.
  5. Contend and Attack the enemy: If you feel or sense the oppression of the enemy around your life and destiny, midnight is actually the best time to deal with it and put it to an end. It is the best time to stop such operation, because most times the attack of the enemy also comes in the midnight, so when you choose to stay awake, you spoil their work on the spot, staying awake in the midnight to pray is catching the enemy red-handed. It is a powerful tool for victory. It puts you in command of your enemy, you must not look away from spiritual warfare when you are praying in the midnight, and midnight is one of the best times to engage in spiritual warfare. I personally recommend Psalm 3, Psalm 70 and 35, you can use them against the enemy when you are praying in the midnight, just read them and use them to pray and let God intervene.
  6. Command Your Breakthrough by Faith:  After you have attack the enemy, the next thing to do is to command your breakthrough by faith, I told you, God only confirms what you declare, if you cannot say it, God cannot do it, you have to say it for God to confirm it. If there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer, you are the one to say it, and God is the one to confirm it. The Bible says; declare thou that thou mayest be justify (Isaiah 43:26). God is committed to fulfilling his word, but your responsibility is to take up the word of God in your mouth and declare it for your desired change of story, you cannot afford to have a closed mouth; a close mouth is a closed destiny.
  7.  Exercise Your Authority as a Believer : Don’t pray from a defeated standpoint, it can be dangerous and very dangerous, make sure you stand in prayer with the confidence that you belong to God and Satan is under your feet, because in the place of prayer, your understanding matters a lot and also determines the result you can get. You are meant to exercise dominion over the devil, in order for the dominion to be activated. That is why the bible says they that know their God shall be strong and do exploits (Daniel 11:32). However, you cannot exercise this authority if you don’t belong to Jesus yet, you must ensure you are a child of God before you can do so.
  8. Let Your Spirit be sensitive to God’s leading: When you are praying in the midnight, ensure you listen to the leading of the spirit, the prompting of the Holy Spirit and the voice of God. Prayer is not a monologue, Prayer is a dialogue; when you speak to God, you must exercise patience for God to speak back to you, this is very important. Many times, people pray about the wrong things, pray the wrong prayers simply because they do not pay sufficient attention to God in the place of prayer, you must ensure you pay quality attention to God, he may ask you to pray over your family and rebuke the work of the devil, don’t say, I can’t see any work of the devil around them, just pray the prayer and you will put a covering on them by your prayer.
  9. Pray According to the word of God: This is very important, don’t approach God based on the level of your challenges or problem, approach God by his word, God is not moved by your cry or your emotions, but he is moved by his word, locate his word and then, you will secure his attention and intervention in your situation. The word is Quick and Powerful, when you find it, your situation is bound to change, it is challenging when I see people preparing for prayer and fasting, but they don’t carry their bible, they do everything else but they ignore the word of God, your prayer is not effective until you add the element of the word of God to it. That is what makes it effectual, fervent and powerful. For instance; if you are looking for the fruit of the womb, you need to pick scriptures like; be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28). You take that word and begin to declare it to yourself, to God and to your situation; everything on earth obeys the word of God.
  10. Believe God by Thanking him: I want you to understand that your approach in prayer matters a lot, it determines if you will receive answers to your prayers or not, you cannot receive anything from God except by faith, if you do not believe, you cannot receive, you have to believe before you can receive, the bible says, blessed is she that believe, for there shall be a performance. As long as you doubt God, you cannot see the hand of God, but if you exercise your faith in prayer, then you are qualify to see the hand of God over your desires. And God promise to answer us when we pray; the bible says; and this is the confidence that we have in him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us; (1 John 5:14). From that scripture, we can see that God promise to hear us when we ask according to his will, how do we ask according to his will? By asking according to his word, this is the only way it is done. And as a way to prove that you believe God as heard you, start thanking him, don’t ever end your prayers on request note, it is dangerous, end all your prayers on thanksgiving, this is how to see the hand of God. Thanking God for the things you have asked from him will hasten them to happen in your life.
  11. Make demand for Direction: Whenever you pray in the midnight, make sure you ask God for direction, because midnight prayers enhances your ability to hear God’s voice, it enhances your spirit man, make you to be more sensitive, it can come in form of dream or even vision, but it enhances your spiritual signals. If you are confuse on making decisions or you are at a cross road, midnight prayer can reveal the mind of God to you over various situations of Life. It does not only reveal direction, it can also break the barriers and limitations of the enemy on your way, it can destroy the gate of the prison that as hindered your advancement.
  12. Bring your Prayers to a Close: Finally, when you have prayed and felt the note of victory over your request and concern, begin to bless the name of the Lord, thank God for answers to prayers. Thank God for divine intervention, always ensure you end your prayer on a thanksgiving note, this is so paramount, it engenders divine presence and hasten divine manifestation in your life. One Midnight prayer is as powerful as 3days fasting and prayer, God steps in and answer you faster when you stay awake in the midnight to pray, he comes through for you.

I believe this guide as help you, I pray that God will visit you even as you pray tonight in Jesus name, every issue of concern shall turn to testimony for you in Jesus name.

Note: you cannot bribe God with your prayers, you must first belong to God in order for you to encounter God at the prayer hour, if you have not given your lie to Jesus, it is a good time to do so now.

Say after me; Father, have come before you today, am a sinner, I need help, I cannot save myself, I confess my sin and forsake the, today I accept Jesus as my lord and savior, forward ever and backward never, I will serve you till the end, JESUS come into my life and save me today, Amen.

If you say this little prayer, I believe God as answered you and you are now born again, may God bless you, find a bible teaching church and be planted there so that you can grow in the Lord.

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