How to get contracts from government and big companies

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For every firm, there is always an objective, but the ultimate objective is to make profit. This is achievable by getting a well paid contract from either government or top notched companies. Prior to this, a company planning to get contract has to be a registered company. Registration of the company gives it big chances of gaining contract, the company must be registered under Cooperate Affairs Commission, CAC. By doing this, it builds the reputation of the company and it’s competence in its area of specialization, thus, making its possibilities of getting contracts higher.

For a company to gain any contract, it has to follow these steps and processes:

  • Keep records: Record keeping is very crucial for a company hoping to get contracts from government and other companies, it depletes how experienced the company is, the level of the company’s competence and its level of workability. Every records of the company’s activities have to be kept for presentation during contract bargain. A well detailed record can win a contract for a company. Records to be kept are; number of contracts the company has won executed; duration of execution; number of labour employed; awards won by the company and other relevant records and documents have to be kept.
  • Know the worth of the contract: Knowing the worth of the contract is key, it makes you ready and prepare well to win the contract. Also, before applying for the contract, you have to know what you stand to gain. It’s not all contracts that really worth applying for, some are not profitable as expected. Also, you have to be sure you have the resources to execute the contract.
  • Prepare a convincing proposal: Your proposal must be comprehensive and convincing, it must be cost effective and tractable. You have to prepare a proposal that answers any questions to be thrown to you, make it explicit enough and strategic to keep you ahead the pack.
  • Appearance: Your appearance is key, it has to look serious and not shabby. Composure is very crucial and vital when going for a contract, you need to dress cooperately, it speaks a lot about you and your firm. Remember, the way you are dressed is the way you would be addressed.

With all these put into action, you are likely to get contracts from government and big companies.

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