How to get up to 5 Million from THESE Microfinance Banks


Organizations frequently fizzle in view of deficient funding to launch tasks, support the business or scale. Regardless of the essential job that MSMEs play in the economy, especially in agricultural countries like Nigeria, they are normally distraught with regards to obtaining assets from enormous business banks.

Microfinance banks (MFBs), then again, give simpler admittance to monetary administrations including the award of advances to a huge section of private companies and ventures who might somehow or another have next to zero admittance to these offices.

In this article, we investigate three MFBs where you can source up to 5,000,000 naira effectively to subsidize your business or individual need.

Ren Money
Renmoney is a fintech loaning organization working with a Microfinance Banking permit in Lagos. The organization is enthusiastic about utilizing innovation to extend monetary consideration. They offer individual and business credits from ₦6,000 to ₦6,000,000 to workers and business people; as well as exorbitant interest reserve funds and fixed stores.

With Renmoney, you can apply for a credit of ₦6,000 – ₦6,000,000 without security and reimburse in 3 – two years. Month to month financing costs range from 2.4% – 9.33% and the most extreme Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 35.76%. No different expenses are charged.

Elements and advantages of Ren Money Microfinance bank credit
Quick and helpful advances from ₦6,000 – ₦6,000,000
Adaptable reimbursements from 3 – two years
Cash in your financial balance in minutes
Lower rates and longer residency on your next advance
No administrative work
No guarantee or underwriter required
No secret charges – you generally see your advance terms before you submit

AB Microfinance Bank
AB Microfinance Bank offers entrepreneurs of Small and Medium Size Enterprises the potential chance to get to credit items in a fast, straightforward, and effective way. Imminent borrowers don’t have to have set aside any cash with AB Microfinance Bank prior to applying for an advance. Everything necessary is a current, suitable business.

Highlights and advantages of AB Microfinance Bank advance
Credits from NGN3,000,000 to NGN20,000,000 for your current business
Serious financing cost beginning from 3.0% month to month on lessening balance
Dispensing expense of 1.0% of the credit sum.


Development period from 6 to two years with equivalent regularly scheduled payments
Expansive scope of security things acknowledged
Endless supply of every single required archive, credit payment is ensured inside 3 working days
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LAPO Microfinance Bank
The LAPO Microfinance Bank “SME Loan” is a credit item planned explicitly to help Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SME) administrators in Nigeria.

Authorized by CBN in 2010, LAPO Microfinance bank has zeroed in on growing independent companies in Nigeria. With north of 1 million business visionaries enabled, LAPO microfinance bank has furnished business visionaries with solid microfinance administrations.

Regardless of the area your endeavor is working, LAPO MfB will uphold you with credit office up to N5,000,000 to grow the undertaking at sensible financing costs.

Highlights and advantages of LAPO Microfinance Bank SME credit
No insurance
Admittance to assets for business development
Adaptable reimbursement structure
Office sums up to N5,000,000
Span of a year
Preparing on essential monetary administration, business arranging and client relations
Master monetary guidance accessible when you want it.

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