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Pastor Mildred Okonkwo on ‘Kingdom Culture’

If someone is doing something in your kingdom and you feel the Holy Spirit is stirring your heart to sow a seed for it, by all means release your money, it’s for the kingdom. We’re two kids killing each other. You judge her, “she no wear skirt, can the word be in her mouth? It can’t be in her mouth. See where her skirt level is sef, she did not cover her head”.

I mean, I went to a church once to minister and after ministering, they gave (laughs), the head of the women gathered themselves to give me gift and gave me hat and told me it’s not good to preach with my head uncovered. And I sat there thinking, “wow, so you all missed everything God came with because you were focused on whether I wore a hat or not”.

And to be honest, if I had known that that would distract them, I would have covered my head because I would do anything for the Kingdom.

But we are majoring on the minor things. There are more important things – expanding God’s Kingdom. That your office, your job is to expand God’s Kingdom. You can’t be in that office, 3 years, and people have not changed.

Yesterday we had KAIO Conference and initially, I was going to cancel that meeting. Infact I had called Pastor Amaka and Blessing and I had said I was going to cancel that meeting. But thank God I’m a woman under authority. Pastor K insisted that I should do that meeting. So I obeyed, I submitted and I did that meeting.

And I thank God that I did that meeting. Not because DCC women came because to be honest, we had over…we had a 160 women and I kept it that small because I wanted it that small. We had about a 160 women. Of that 160 women, if DCC women were there, about 30 of them or 35.

Outsiders filled the place and I think that, at some point, some of my ministers were getting upset. We will be doing things for women in church dah dah dah. See a prophet is not without honour except in his own home. So I’m not offended. I’m not even upset when we do things, you know.

But, God did something for me yesterday that changed everything and that has increased my resolve to expand His kingdom.
So yesterday, I was standing at the back. Erm, I had finished ministering and women were eating, you know. Of course, when we do our program, we throw down. So they were eating. Those that came yesterday, you know. How many of you are purging this morning?

(Laughs) So anyhow, one lady came to meet me at the back…and I was just standing and watching the women. Generally just being grateful, you know, that God, thank you for privilege and opportunity to be the one you sent to do this. I was just standing at the back and one woman came to meet me. And she said, “Good afternoon, ma”. And because name tags, we had name tags.

So I called her by her name. And I said, “oh, how are you?” She said, “I’m very fine, ma”. And she said, “Pastor M, you don’t know me. I’m not a member of your church but I want to say ‘Thank You'”. Erm, so of course, a lot of people came to say thank you yesterday, so I just smiled usual and said ‘thank you, thank you’, that kind. She said, “no”, and then she started tearing up…and she said, “a couple of months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, then I started joining 3pm with PM (Pastor Mildred) then I started joining 11pm”. And she said, “I came here today to tell you THANK YOU because I’m cancer free”
(Pastor Mildred Tearing Up)

I don’t know if anything else mattered at that moment. I just said…you know, there are days I wake up and I’m exhausted, I don’t want to do 3pm with PM. I have nothing to say. I am exhausted and I’m like, “God, I can’t” and He will just say, “Just show up”. Chisom bears me witness. There are days I am tired and I’m asking myself, “is it even…does it…is it even making a difference?” Some days I’m even in the car, I’ll just laugh and people will send me DMs that ‘you’ve brought joy into my life today’.
Let me tell you. That thing you think is small, God can use it. No matter what it is. Somebody will be in key right now, that she sat down for 3pm, please what am I saying? What am I saying there? Some days I’m even… yesterday, I had this whole message planned out…and I’m telling you…if you even focus on the King, He will use you to expand His kingdom. Yesterday, I had this whole message planned out and I was going to tell women, “abeg, don’t kill yourself. It’s not husband and children all the time. Have fun, enjoy, relax. Let God bless you too, you too have dreams”. I’d planned the message. Not only had I planned the message, Pastor Amaka and I had discussed it. I said, “abeg, we have prayed, we have worked for men, make we no go die. Let’s pray for ourselves too”.
Infact the prayer…I insisted that the prayer will be for the women because women don’t pray for themselves. Married women don’t pray for themselves. If it’s not husband, it’s children. If it’s not children, it’s my husband’s work, my husband, my husband, my husband, and women are dying.

Because as you’re praying for your husband, nobody is praying for you. So I said, “no, you people must pray for yourselves”. So I’d had this thing planned out that we will…I even told them, ‘play like children, do musical chairs, play!’ Anything wey dem scatter for house, when we reach there, we go repair am. We cannot come and kill ourselves and die. Let’s just…

Just before…Minister Ogor went up and she started praying. She prayed the first prayer and she said, “uhm, she said something about setting our hearts of fire and…”, at that point, something just broke and God said to me, “oh backsliding daughter, when will you return? For a woman shall be an encompasser around her man”. I said, “aha, God! This is unfair! This is not what we planned. We’ve been doing this 365 days a year.

Give us one day. 364 isn’t too much to sow into these men but give us…”. And He asked me a question, He said, “how can you get a job and now say you’re not doing it again because you’re angry with the person you’re reporting to? But you want to be paid?” He said ‘it doesn’t work like that’.

So I changed my message. At some point, I thought I was even being too harsh because I started shouting at the women – “you are angry, do God’s work. Pray for your husband, invest in him, advice…”. But I still struggled with it a bit. After the service, one woman came to meet me, a woman that had been married for 23 years. Infact at some point, I was telling them say, “see, don’t be FBI. If your husband is even cheating on you, don’t bother. Just focus on God, He will fight for you”. I told them there are Scriptures that deal with those kind of people.
Side chic? They are many. It’s the prayer book that I’ve not had time to release. Some it’s infertility, some it’s fibroid, some it’s death. There are different levels. Some, it’s you’re living but you’re dead. You are dead meat.

You know, I even told them, I said, “me, people don’t offend me o because I never pray about anybody. I focus on God”. He’s the one that even gossips to me and says, “come”. Like the way He did with Moses, say, “come, there are people gossiping about you, I’ve dealt with them”. That’s how God does. I’ll just see a vision, I will see what He has done for the person, I’ll just move on with my life.

So, I was telling them, “don’t bother yourself. Don’t do FBI”. One woman came to meet me after service and said, “after 23 years, investing in her marriage, when she met her husband, he had nothing. Today, they are rich”.

One thing that I don’t know where she came from, whether it’s a living thing or a non living thing, just came, 3 months ago, say her husband went to marry her. She called, the man said, “there is nothing you can do about it. We have gone too far”. Me I know it’s all these girls that use to do eh, special package.

I told her, I said, “let me tell you the truth, don’t let… because what Satan tries to do, he tries to distract you. Because this woman is a kingdom woman. She serves in her church and she totally changed her life, after running after…that’s what Satan tries to do. Focus on God. You’re doing as if this God, He doesn’t know what He’s doing.

Once you make up your mind to serve God, I’m telling you, 3pm with PM…as in the testimonies, something as simple as showing people that there are other versions of King James, more people are reading their Bible, more people are now willing to obey God, what’s that? Expanding God’s Kingdom.

I can sit back and complain that social media is bad, social media is bad. Let me tell you, nothing in this life is bad, it is in the person’s hand that it is that determines whether it is bad. Social media is not good. It’s not bad. It is you that is handling social media that determines whether it’s good or bad.

So let’s go there and flood it, let’s flood it with the right things. There’s something God will give you. You can’t be in your office and nobody has changed. And you see, the lowest form of evangelism is words.

People should look at your life and change. It shouldn’t be what you say. People should look at your life and want to be better. That’s Kingdom.

Let me run through a few more things that make you know what Kingdom is. So in this Kingdom, there are some things that are established. The element of any kingdom…there are some elements of any kingdom.

There’s authority, there’s law, there’s government, there’s citizenship and there’s culture. When you have these 5 things, or in my opinion, 6. I will add the 6th one. When you have these 6 things, then you know that it is a kingdom.

  • So number one, AUTHORITY.
    Jesus is our King. So when Jesus died, He came to give us a new Kingdom. Our King and He’s a sovereign King. What that means is that it is only what He says that is established. We are not moved by what anyone else says because our King has spoken. So that’s number one.
  • Number 2, there’s LAW.
    We have a constitution. It’s called ‘The Bible’. How do you know…and you see, this is also the problem with Nigeria. Most of us don’t even know we have a constitution, we just hear it. ‘oh, the 1999 constitution’.

Most of us don’t know what’s in that constitution. Most of us have never read it and we carry that same attitude into the Kingdom of God. We’ve never read our Bibles. That’s why I’m always shouting, ‘read your Bible for yourself’. And this Bible, I don’t know why everybody…Bible wey dey sweet like this?

Comedy, e dey there. Action, e dey there, Drama, e dey there. The nature and character of God… somebody cannot lie to you about how God is because you can go and see how it is in the Bible. So all these ‘don’t worry, God loves everybody…’. See, see, God also is a consuming fire. “Ehn aha, your sin is too bad”. God is a merciful father at the same time. There’s nothing you have done that is too bad for God to reach you.

Read your Bible. It’s there. How do you know what you’re entitled to?
Abraham’s blessings are mine
(End of song)

What are they? What are they? You have to search. You see, and it’s because we do not treat the Kingdom like it’s a political or military regime. That’s why we don’t understand these things. That’s why we think crying will get you some things in this Kingdom, no!

You go to the law court with your Bible and you say, “according to sub section this and this, this is what you said and according to the case of Abraham, when Abraham versus this, this, this and Isaac versus this, this, this…”, He has no choice. He can’t go back on His word because a decree of a king cannot be reversed.

That’s why you’re crying. Imagine going to the law court and you’re crying, what do they say? They’ll just adjourn the case. When you have settled down, you come back. That’s why your prayer is being delayed. You’re crying, they are adjourning it.

When you can talk, come back. When you’re ready with your case and your facts, you come back. Then the King will listen to you and He will make His judgement and I guarantee you, He’s a righteous judge.
So there’s LAW. So the first thing is that we have a King. There’s authority in our kingdom. There’s Law in our Kingdom. There’s things we must do and things we can’t do.

  • Then, there’s GOVERNMENT.
    Interestingly, the church, the ekklesia, the called out ones, we are supposed to be the government of God on this side of the kingdom. We are supposed to be establishing His kingdom. What is obtainable in Heaven should be obtainable here on earth. There should be no sickness because we are here. Instead, we all ran into our houses and covered our noses. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

So that’s our job. We’re supposed to go into every kingdom. That’s why He said, “go into the nations”. You know, and that’s part of what we do in the Kingdom.

We are supposed to be involved in inter-national nations. We are supposed to relate with different nations. So if you are in education, You should be able to bring the Kingdom and His influence into the nation you are in. If you are in the nation of media, you should bring it there. That’s what we are. We are not supposed to just gather and worship.

That’s not really what He’s interested in. It’s not just singing.
And I don’t even know who told us worship is singing. It’s just an expression of. If your heart is not right, you are not obeying His commandments and you are singing, you are making noise.

  • Then in this Kingdom, there is CITIZENSHIP.
    You can’t just say you’re a citizen of this kingdom. There’s citizenship. It’s either you’re born into the Kingdom, you marry into the Kingdom or you do some exams or something to enter into the Kingdom, right? It’s the same way. You have to be born again because the born you were born before was into a natural kingdom. For you to enter into this Kingdom, you must be born by the Spirit to enter this Kingdom. So you can’t just say you’re a citizen, there’s a point you know you’re a citizen. They give you birth certificate. It’s called ‘The Holy Spirit’.

He becomes your governor.

  • Every kingdom has language. Every kingdom had their language. And that’s why when you go to a kingdom to establish influence, you bring your language.

All the people that were colonised by the French, they speak French now. We, we are next to Cotonou. Sebi it’s Cotonou? What do they speak there? They speak French. Why? Because the French people came to colonize them.

We speak English because the British people…and we are next door but we can’t understand each other. So every kingdom has a language. What’s the language of this Kingdom? – Tongues. So how do we know you are a citizen of this Kingdom?

Evidence of speaking in tongues. So I may not know you from anywhere, infact, I can go to a church in Russia and I won’t understand anything they are saying until They say ‘lets pray’ and I start hearing (speaking in tongues).

And I can connect with them at that point. The minute we stop praying in tongues, everybody goes back to their natural kingdom.

But that’s what unifies us. That’s why the Spirit of God, the Governor, came back, the first thing He did was to restore language – tongues of fire. They started praying in different languages. They started praying in tongues. He came back to restore language. So that’s why you can’t be afraid to pray in tongues in public. If someone is speaking yoruba, why can’t you speak tongues?

Can’t be ashamed. It’s our language. That’s why I said, when you understand Kingdom, you will be intoxicated. It’s our language.

  • Finally, every Kingdom has CULTURE. There’s a certain way of life. Immediately you see a Yoruba person, you will know. This person is from Yoruba kingdom. Immediately you see an Igbo person, you will know. This person is from Igbo Kingdom.

British, you know them. The way they dress, the way they talk, the way they act. You will know. There’s a culture in the Kingdom, there’s a way we behave.

So our job, as I round up, I’ll talk about Kingdom…I’ll break down Kingdom Culture in the second service. But I needed you to understand the culture of this Kingdom, that we are citizens of this Kingdom. Your job as a citizen of this Kingdom is to spread the influence of this Kingdom.

So it’s not enough that you come to church on Sunday, you have to take church out of church, into your field wherever you are. You go out there and do inter-national relations.

Were you blessed this morning?

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