My Generation is a generation that wants fire but not ready to gather woods. Fire will not rest on nothing. Before Elijah called down fire, he set the woods in order.

Hear me and hear me well, the only thing a parent owns a child is his or her school fees. Every other thing the child becomes in school is his or her responsibility. Some chose to succeed while others chose to fail. The parents will not come to the school to attend lectures for the child, they will not come to study for the child. If the child desires gold, he or she will go through the furnace!

The only thing Grace acquired for us is salvation. Right standing with God. Every other thing in God pertaining to walking with and working for God is pressed into. Even before salvation came, men had walked dangerously with God, These are men that know how to press into God. The power of God is not new, the new covenant did not come to establish power, it came to accomplish Grace that pertains unto salvation. The same way power was accessed in the old is still the order in the new!

I know we admire the Grace that is upon Daddy G. O (Pastor Adeboye), but listen, you hear him preach so calmly, it is not his nature. From records, he was never a calm man. I heard he even tried bossing before. Consecration kept him like that. Sacrifice has made him so. I heard he does 40 days twice or thrice a year. Are you surprised he has become a father of many nations?

My Generation wants so much from God but are unwilling to give up themselves. “E NO GO WORK”

What about Bishop David Oyedepo? ………… A mighty man in the spirit. Yea, consecration made him so. He has lose himself so he can host God. Salvation is free, Anointing is not please. Even the son of God pressed into his also.

Apostle Suleman is a household name today, a trailblazer in the kingdom. His stature is not inherited. His father is a chubby man. Consecration is what has eliminated fats from his gene. There is a price to pay my friend. Confession can never take the place of consecration.

My friend, let’s get serious and busy with God. If our face must glister like that of Moses, a 40 days journey to the mountain of intimacy is inevitable.

Pastor Chris heals the sick without breaking a sweat, if only you know the amount of sweat he has lost in the place of consecration. The Apostles left tables in other to focus on prayer and the word even after their mighty experience in the upper room…
WE ARE JOKING… Go and lose yourself.

You can’t carry yourself and carry God. One has to be sacrificed..

Its time to press!!

– Power Idemudia.

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