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As a Child of God, one of the desires of God for our lives, is that we should live victoriously above sickness and diseases, the ability to exist in a state of divine health is God’s original plan for us, the bible says; “I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers” (3 John1:2 ).

This is the word of God concerning our lives, but why do any people still fall sick? Why are people still afflicted and oppressed, why are people still stagnated in life?  There are many reasons to this ordeal, I will share some of them in this article, but our focus will be based on how to live above sickness and diseases, how to be victorious over sickness and diseases.

Some of the reasons why people are oppressed is ignorance, this is a state whereby they are not aware of God’s desire for them, they don’t know what the promise if God is for their health and wellness, the ignorance of this hinders the reality of it. If the promise of God must come to fulfillment in your life, you must be aware of that promise, that is why the bible says; my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, what you don’t know enslaves you and hinder you from rising, ignorance is a major hindrance and knowledge is the cure, when you are knowledgeable, you overcome limitation, ignorance and hindrances in Life.

Another reason why people are oppressed in their health is a nonchalant attitude towards their health and wellness, if you want to be well in your body, you must be taking care of the body, don’t over use it, don’t go hungry for weeks, don’t eat junks, a situation where you don’t eat well, you are making your health highly vulnerable, you need good food to secure good health, this is how it works. Every promise of scriptures is for our profiting, but the end result is not completely dependent on God, me and you have a role to play, we have an assignment to do, in other for it to become a reality in our life, faith is a shared responsibility.

If God promise you greatness, you have a role to play to bring that promise into reality, it doesn’t just happen on its own, you have a role to make it happen.

How Can I live above Sickness and Diseases?

  1. Make a Covenant to serve God: Every provision of scriptures is tied to a condition, if you read your bible well, you will figure out the condition, in the case of divine health, God said in his word, if they shall obey and serve me, they shall spend their days in prosperity and their years in pleasure ( Job 36:11 ). This is the word of God, it cannot fail, it cannot fail to the ground, God says, if you will obey and serve him, you shall spend your days in prosperity and years in pleasure not in sickness. Also in Exodus 23:25-26; the Bible says; ye shall serve the lord thy God, he shall bless your bread and water, he shall take sickness far away from thee, there shall nothing cast their young, nor be barren, in thy lad; the number of thy days, I will fulfill. So, serving Jesus entitles you to longlife, it makes you live in divine health, this is so important, your contribution to the advancement of the kingdom of God, immunes you against sickness and diseases, that is why the time you spent serving the Lord and the interest of his kingdom is not a wasted effort.
  2. Live by the Word of God: To live above sickness and diseases, you must live by the word of God, the bible says, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceed from the mouth of God (Matt 4:4), so your life needs as much of God’s word as you need food, it is a pity today that many people spend quality time to eat but they don’t spend quality time to study the word of God, and your dominion and victory is at the mercy of the quality of the word of God that dwells in you. Joshua 1:8 made it clear that this book of the law shall not depart from thy mouth, but you shall meditate to observe and do all that is written therein, and by that, you shall make your way prosperous and have good success, let the word of God abide in you always, let the word of God be in your mouth at all time, don’t say what the world is saying, rather, declare the word of God, this is how to be victorious, the bible says, when others say there is a casting down, for you, it shall be a lifting up, let this word be in your mouth, the word of God becomes activated when we take it off the scriptures and start declaring it over our situation, this is how we activate the blessing that is in the word, find scriptures that talks about divine health and declare them always, so as to establish your victory.
  3. Say the Right Thing: This brings us back to point number 2, where we talk about declaring the word, it doesn’t matter what you have been told by the doctor, let the word of God fill your mind and mouth, this is how to activate the victory working power in the scriptures; what you declare about yourself is more powerful than what the enemy says about you, you are the prophet of your life and you have the final verdict, not the adversity. Declare the right thing, the bible says, you shall not die but live to declare the works of God ( Psalm 118:17 ), even when they say the obvious about your health, do not declare it, the word of God is quick, powerful and creative, it can recreate your life, it can fix any damages and give you a new life, this is how powerful the word of God is, let that word fill your heart, declare what the word says, and let your thinking align with the word, because God confirms both what we ask or think. Say to yourself, I can never be sick, even while you are on the sick bed, say to yourself; am not sick, am healed, am healthy and well, and the angels of God will confirm the words you speak, this is how it works.
  4. Eat Right: While we have faith and live by the word of God, another very important aspect we must not ignore, is eating right, food and nutrition are part of the requisite that makes for healthy living, no matter how struggling or difficult things maybe, you still need to invest well into your health, because everything else that you are doing is striving on the strength of sound health, without health you cannot do anything, it is good health that positions you for victorious living. You must ensure you are eating well and eating right, this is so paramount. The bible says, God satisfy your mouth with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagles (Psalm 103:5). So there is a connection between what enters your mouth and your strength/wellness capacity.
  5. Give Thanks Always: This is very paramount, if you want to live in divine health, you must be excited always, don’t be down, don’t be depressed no matter what the situation maybe, it is the strength of your excitement that determines the strength of the divine presence that you carry, and divine presence is what renews your spirit man, soul and body. The only way to stay excited, carrying divine presence is by thanksgiving, think of what the lord has done and give him praise, give him thanks, if only you will think well, there is something to be grateful for, if you don’t have anything worth thanking God for, thank God for the gift of life, that you are still alive is worth thanking God for, because the bible says, to him that is joined to the living, there is hope, you are alive and there is hope for a brighter tomorrow, it is only those that are long dead that doesn’t have hope for the future. Anything we thank God for, always multiply, if you are sick and you give God thanks for the gift of life, he will give you divine healing, health and wholeness, so it doesn’t matter what the case maybe, let us always rejoice and give God thanks always.

I pray that the lord will grant you divine health, wholeness, victory over sickness and disease and long life in Jesus name, be blessed.

Written by Pastor Matthew.

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