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Losing weight has been the everyday cry of many people especially ladies, nobody wants to get fat, especially when it is becoming excessive. A lot of fat people always want to sleep and wake up being slim the next day, if you even ask some what is your most desired thing; their reply will be that I become slim. Why do some many people hate being fat, as matter of fact being overweight incurs a lot of disadvantages such as inability to breathe well, walking becoming an effort, heart disease is common, back pain prevalent, and clothing doesn’t fit and all sort.

Having talking about why people don’t like being fat, will be sharing just three things on this article that can make you lose your weight healthily, we have several ways in which people can lose weight as a matter of fact many people indulge in several things just to lose weight either good or bad, wanting you to know how desperate people are about getting to lose weight. Many indulge in wrong exercise, wrong dieting and suffer themselves with hunger and still end up being fat.

As stated earlier there are numerous ways to reducing weight but will be talking about just three that are absolutely healthy ways

  1. MIND WHAT YOU EAT. I wish I can say this again and again that you watch and mind what you eat. This is the problem many people have about their state of being fat. As for many anything just go, they can eat anything, anywhere, anyhow, anytime and still want to lose weight. You can’t desire to lose weight and not be disciplined with what you eat, or take into your mouth.  If your desire is really to lose weight then you need to be strategic with how you deal with your feedings. One of the appropriate thing a medical practitioner will advise is you eat your 3 square meal completely with nothing in between, mark the word in betweenit may sound somehow but it real and effective, eat the three meal very well, deem it fit to prepare your meal yourself and eat some good, not just junks. We have people that eat too much of processed foods than natural and well prepared meal. And if at all you what something in between the 3 meals or you feel hungry it is better to take just water or fruit, instead of taking junks like chewing gum, roasted cooked, anything bottled or canned, in between your meals. I am not saying all that are bad but if you desire to lose weight you need to be disciplined about what you eat. Tend to eat more of high-fiber diet, avoid food with excess oil and fatty foods, drink plenty of water and take fruits very well. Watch your mouth first, stay careful with what you eat.
  2. DO EXERCISE REGULARLY. This is also one of the ways out; I tell you if you really desire to lose weight exercise should be part of what you do regularly. And I have noticed that doing exercise is not the issue here, because a lot knows about this and do it regularly but most still find it difficult to get their weight down even after series of exercise. Let me tell you when it comes to doing exercise it should be like a duty but a hobby or habit, so this calls for choosing the right exercise, that can be suitable, comfortable and makes you longs to do it regularly. It really needs to be comfortable for you to be consistent about it, so exercise is what you choose based on you not because others do it. As a matter of fact the usual exercise we know such as weight lifting, push-ups, sit ups, crunches are not to cool for weight losing. Exercises like cycling, skipping, joking, brisk walking, swimming and even dancing are suitable for weight losing and not suitable for all people. You may possibly need to combine two or just one out of all, which will best suit you
  3. SEEING YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR. The fact that you decide to see your medical doctor doesn’t mean you’re sick. It is very important to see them for guidance about losing weight, because for some people though few people watching what to eat and exercise won’t be enough. They will have to go through some medical consultation, some might even lead to doing surgery or getting some prescribes drugs. Talk to your doctor; don’t make decision yourself on drugs to use.


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