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Get as many aloe vera in large,extract the gel inside with just small water,allowed the juice to thick.

Use 10ml to 5 litre water early morning for just 3 hours after 3 hours wash drinker and give ordinary clean water for 5 consecutive days ,it serve as booster for broilers make them grow big and gain more weight .

When you give aloe vera to Broiler it make them to eat more feed and convert the feed.

TIME TO USE AS BOOSTER FOR BROILERS__start from 3 to 4 week above repeat in 10 days time.

Note__don’t use aloe vera with Dutrion tablet water.

Note__don’t use aloe vera for layers when laying eggs.

When you use aloe vera for layers it will stops them from laying

If you are doing synthetic and you have to give aloe vera for broilers allow them to drink honey for 1 day and clean and ordinary water for 2 days in others to neutralize their system.

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