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One of my favourite food delicacy in Nigeria is Rice, i enjoyed it more when it is not the common white rice with stew, but when it is cooked in different flavor and recipe.

Today, i tried out a new rice delicacy and it was awesome, that is COCONUT RICE, am sure you will love to give this a try too.

Below are the ingredients i used to make this coconut rice, it was easy, fast and smooth.

Ingredients for Coconut Rice

Coconut Milk

Green Pepper

Red Pepper

Yellow Pepper


Meat (Beef)

Crayfish (blended)

Rice (5 cups)

Smoked Fish


To make it more practical and real, i have embed a video tutorial in this post to show you how exactly you can make your own Coconut Rice step by step, following the guideline in the video tutorial, watch the video below;

Here are the pictures I took while the cooking process was going on, am sure you will like it;

What do you think, have you cooked yours? Share your opinion and experience with us via the comment session below.

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