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The popular myth that both humans and animals are the same is so true but the edge humans have is their ability to think and reason on their own. This is quite obvious but the fact is humans are more intelligent and brilliant than animals.

Some animals are treated as pets, they are domesticated and expose to more soothing lifestyle compare to there innate lifestyle.

Part of the animals domesticated as pets are dogs.

Dogs are human friendly animals that tend to understand and acclimate with humans within a short period.

Dogs are domesticated for many purposes, some of which are: security reasons, as household pets. All these reasons require training, training to modify their animalistic behavior to suit the new surrounding its going to live.

Training Dogs is a profitable profession for those in the line, because people have penchant for keeping dogs, either for security or pet reasons, it has to be trained to blend in the environment. It is a huge source of income for some professionals. As have said earlier, training animal, especially dogs, is very profitable because dogs are the most domesticated animals. Training dogs is a delightful practice, you need to be very articulate and compassionate. Training dogs makes you a better person, financially, intellectually and physiologically. You are forced to learn so many things like: science, animal husbandry and human emotion. You have to be cautious, know different behavioral patterns and You have to know different personalities, in humans and dogs, it is compulsory you know how to juxtapose the relationship. As a dog trainer, you offer traditional obedience training, police dog work, agility training, arson detection work; to mention a few.

Training dog could be very financial rewarding, if treated as a business and not an hobby. To make money as a dog trainer is not very easy because it takes a lot of time and experience. It requires strategies to sprout up income. Knowledge is key, you need adequate knowledge about the dog life, though it sounds ridiculous but for earning sake, it really Worth doing. You make money when you have convincing knowledge about your business. There are mediocre dog trainers everywhere, all they do is to merely waste your time and money. Knowledge is the first thing you need to make money as a dog trainer. You may need to study animal behavior or canine behavior.

As a dog trainer, you can as well offer dog walking service; dog working is so popular in urban areas with large number of occupants, you can offer this service to as many clients as possible depending on your ability. Dogs are wonderful companions that love activities, but often time, the dog keepers are always up to their eyebrows, leaving the dog dull and atimes becomes aggressive. This is not good enough for the dog’s nature, this is where your service as a dog trainer becomes relevant and profitable. You can charge per hour or day or week, depending on your whim. All you need to do is to take the dogs out for walk while the owner are at work, you make the day for the dogs, engage them in series of activities like jogging and relating with other dogs. Part of your duty is to look at the dogs closely for any illness or infection.

As a dog trainer, you can make more money from operating a dog day care. It sounds ridiculous but it is not. Many dog keepers are often too busy to attend to the dogs welfare, providing this service is a huge opportunity for you to make more money.

What a dog day care offers basically is to manage and ensure the dogs upkeep for the time allotted for the service. A dog daycare service offers facilities that enables the dog mental well-being, provide enough playtime and an avenue for dogs to relate with others.

The degree of fulfillment humans have when they meet new people of the same calibre is same as when dogs meet and unite at a point for a short period. At the daycare center, dogs run, play with each other and toys; have enough nap time under the supervision of dog trainer. All these are not free, they attract charges and to an enlightened dog keeper, this service is as important as the air.

Apart form your outlet, you need to attend exhibitions and conferences; this will aid you outreach your buyers, increase the fame of your craft and increase your patronage. Exhibitions, showing how proficient your ability to influence dogs is and also how knowledgeable you are on this craft. Conferences are where you rob minds with top animal trainers; opportunities could fizzle up from the conference, that would likely change your financial status for good. All these strategies would sell you out to your clients.

You need a cordial relationship with some stakeholders in the value chain of the animal production. It is called marketing network in marketing term. You need to build real business network through interpersonal relationships with some stakeholders in the value chain like: the pet shops, where pet foods and other pet accessories are sold, also the vet doctors, they are your resources, which you need to tap into and optimize diligently.

Seminars are good source to make money these days, there are some people out there willing to know and practise your craft and willing to pay to learn. The only way to help such people is to organize a seminar to teach them the basics needed to be a good dog trainer within a short period. You make your money through impacting knowledge, you have not only feathered your nest financially but you have also added more fame and prestige to your business. It is a form of advertisement for you.

Conclusively, there are business opportunities everywhere, though seem obscure but they are just real. You can make a lot of money from training dogs, even those training humans, a more flexible creature, still make cool money. Training  a more complicated but more domesticated animal, a dog, will fetch more money. If you are interested in learning how to train dogs, use the following links to get your feet wet on it:

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