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The facts that the internet is a global village and the world is going digital are no longer disputed. The use of internet is growing sporadically every year; people from different nook and cranny of the earth now use Google for one thing or the other. Google is a resource base of information, both germane and trivial information are cohabited on the platform.

People outsource information on Google but do not know how the information found a place on the platform; are the information monetized and who receives the money?  Follow up and get oriented on how to make a living with Google.

Google is an online search engine where information is crawled from various sources to reach the end user; there are other search engines like Bing, but Google is the most prominent and reputable search engine. By the virtue of its reputation, it has several pools of opportunities it offers potential and astute individuals who are ready to pay the price.

The brand, Google, has several policies that regulate its operations. These policies were designed to create an enabling atmosphere for users. For you to make money with Google, you must meet these requirements;

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Your minimum withdrawal is $100.
  • You get paid the following month and not the month you earned.

You don’t make money on Google; you earn money because you really need to work for it. The amount of money you earn is a function of your creativity. Earning from Google is not as easy as people presume; your ability to create unique, quality and captivating contents earns you money. All Google requires from you is unique and quality contents on a platform where people converge and get engaged, this is what Google works with. Google has a way to detect these features; it is the source of your earning. There are three elements of making money with Google, they are:

  • Your platform: either a blog, website or channel
  • Ads account
  • Great content

With the aforementioned, you would become a business partner with Google, so endearing!

Google has ways it picks its partners; your platform and your content are what Google looks out for to grant you an ads account. The ads account validates your partnership; how steady and consistent you are regulate your earning. See how these elements earn you money from Google;

  • AdSense: This is what comes to people’s mind about making money from Google, it is quite true. AdSense is Google advertising program; it offers businesses and entrepreneurs advertising spaces and services on its search engine. It is an avenue to reach potential consumer of any product and services by the virtue of the humongous number of people using Google service on a daily basis. What is obscure to people is that Google itself does not have any advertising space online; Google is just an intermediary between the user of its platform and the user’s destination on the global village, the internet.

Google connects you to the sites where you get solutions to your problems online; for the advertising service to be effective, Google needs copious advertising space. This is where your service is needed; the market of advertising space is never saturated because Google’s investors are increasing on a daily basis. What Google needs from you is a platform that houses unique contents and get people engaged; once you are up to this task, you are qualified to apply for Google ads program and start making money in a passive way.

  • Blogger: Blogger is a platform that provides free online blogging platform for new bloggers with low financial strength to host their blog; this platform is owned by Google. The free blog gives you the opportunity to test run your creativity before going larger; this platform allows you gain more audience before expanding. This is where Google can locate you; you can as well earn huge as you use free blogger blog. The only thing you invest is your time, and invest it wisely.
  • Blogging: Blogging is the main business; this is what attracts Google and earn you money in return. Blogging is simply your activities on the media platform; it is nothing but investing your times and, at times, money for a long period. The return from blogging is always handsome at the long run. You can blog about anything, as long as it gives you joy and you have the passion for it, you are good to go. Create a unique blog content on your blog niche; it keeps your audience and allows Google use your blog for advert. This earns you money and the more audience you have, the more the money you earn.
  • YouTube: YouTube is another fast growing platform for social activities and also a source of earning. This platform houses video clips of any social activity or learning aids; all you need to get started here is to create a YouTube channel, it is free. Upload unique and sensational videos on your chosen niche; the quality of your videos keeps your viewers and subscribers. Apply for Google AdSense account and allow Google to place advert clips on your YouTube channel; with that, you make money.

Google is a good platform to earn money; all it wants from you is commitment and patience. Dish out quality contents to keep your audience; your audience work for you. As you fuel them with rich contents, they will never stop to keep your account moving higher on a daily basis.  


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