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IPhone is one of the prestigious mobile devices in the world today, its possession shows class and prestige. It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive mobile phone in the world and a very luxurious asset; iPhone is fashioned with several fascinating features that beacon everyone. Talking of its magnificent camera, the memory space, the ultra slim appearance and several thrilling functions. It actually compliments its price. However, the functions do not stop there; you can actually make money from your iPhone.

Making money now seems easy now; you don’t need to do anything arduous to pay your bill, you can actually make money when deriving pleasure at your leisure. With an iPhone in your possession, this dream is very achievable. There are some applications, peculiar to iPhone only, that can help you with this dream. These apps are available on the iOS store, they are:

  • Newzbid

Newzbid allows you sell your content in the global market; some companies are ready to pay you cash for your content, it could be a photo, a video or any content you produce or store on your phone. All you need to do is to install the app on your device, upload the content on the app; if it’s appeasing  enough, it gets the eye of media companies. These companies buy the content and pay you cash in return.

  • TruPic

TruPic is another app that allows you make money by simply taking photos; all you need to do is to sign up to be a truper on your iPhone device, you make money through selling of photos as ordered by the buyer. Photos of things like: landscape, painting, lighting, signage, and more; are what you sell to earn money. You get notified whenever there is a need for a photo; upon your delivery, you get paid if the buyer is satisfied with your delivery.

  • Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog allows you make money through uploading the receipt you get from any store, café or restaurant and earn receipt hog reward which you can cash out via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. All you need to do is to upload the pics of the receipts gotten from any store or café or restaurant on the app and watch your rewards grow fat before you cash out.

  • RewardsPlus

RewardPlus is another app through which you can make money on an iPhone. This app houses trailers and videos of some apps and games. All you required to do is to watch the video, fill the survey related to the video and complete simple task; through all these you earn credits which you redeem for free gift cards. However, it takes a while for your credits to earn you gift cards; you just need to be on deck ways to earn from this app.

  • Rabadaba

Rabadaba is another app that allows you earn money through your activities on the app. It is a social app where you are required to upload your contents and vote. You are required to post, share, vote and identify inappropriate contents. As you do all these you earn credits; the credits can be transferred to your PayPal account as soon as they are much enough. It is just a easy and cheap way to earn money.

  • AppMoney

AppMoney is another app that pays you for watching videos and completing survey. This app is supported by several partners that provides gift cards like Amazon. This provides opportunities to make more money with little efforts. You even have the chance to earn coins as you invite friends who complete an offer. The app also offers giveaways and sweepstakes. Ensure you complete the allotted tasks and watch the coins compile.

  • Movie Money

This app is a movie storage app, where you get paid for watching videos. You earn $5 for watching 20 videos with a range in length from 10 to 45 seconds. You earn get paid through PayPal or Amazon gift card. It’s a form of earning from pleasure.

  • Loot

Loot allows you earn money through creating and sharing contents for your favorite brand. All you need to do is to take pictures of any of the brand’s products and share on Facebook or other social networks. This is all you need to do to earn money or gift card.

These are indeed cheap ways to make money through iPhone. With all these money making opportunities, iPhone is a very useful device as it offers extra cash without much ado.

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