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If you are talented and have a well groomed writing dexterity, you have ample opportunities to earn yourself steady income to meet up your financial obligations. The world is very explicit and information, they say, is a key to success. People are greatly in need of information and orientation; if you have a broad scope on how to improve and make impact on people’s life, you can simply put this into writing and let people gain from you. By doing this, you are not only making life easy for people but you are also strengthening your financial life for good.

 There are platforms online where you can make money through writing; writing is now a goldmine if you are really determined and focused about it. You can work at your convenience and watch you income compile; it is a no-hassle business.

However, if you are hoping to make millions within a few period of commencement and few inputs; then, you are off the track. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The income should not entice you; rather, let the perfection of your skill be your aim. Once you provide a laudable service, your income would surely be an impressive one.

So, if you are about to optimize any of these opportunities; let your personal development entice you instead of the money.

One of the platforms you can make money with your talent, writing, is Hubpages. This platform is a very endearing platform that allows you convert your talent into a money making venture, a well-groomed talent though.

Hubpages is a digital platform that houses any form of written information; as said earlier, information is key. Millions of people are online outsourcing information peculiar to their domestic and economic activities. Hubpages is one of such platform where different information is outsourced; this makes the platform a virtuous platform for people willing to supply the information, not just any information but relevant information.

Using hubpages as a source of supplementary or sole income is very easy but just like the third law of motion which states that: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”; the better your service, the more money you make.

Hubpages accepts copious articles on different topics; in as much as it is well detailed, it is tradable. On this platform, any article is referred to as a “hub”, this could be on any topic. One important feature of a hub is uniqueness.

The uniqueness of your hub is the only success factor on this platform. One of the aims of every online platform is having high search engine ranking; the most prominent search engine in the world today is Google.

Google is the organic source of traffic to any site, including Hubpages; if you hub is not unique, then forget about high Google ranking. Uniqueness should always be at the back of your mind when developing your hub. Aside from this, your hub has to be fashioned with quality content.

Another important tip you need to work on to enhance your credibility on Hubpages is the use of keywords. You need to do a thorough search of relevant keywords that make your hub. Keywords are element of an article; they are the building blocks of the article. They are very important as they are the basic tool for Google ranking. If the use of your keyword is very feeble, you need to improve greatly on it to make your hub greatly ranked.  Ensure you make thorough search on relevant keywords peculiar to your hub before building your hub. Keywords draw traffic to your hub.

Bearing all these in mind before creating your hub would assist you have a good impression; this drives traffic to your hub always, thus, increasing your earning. Now it’s time to create your hub.

How to get started on Hubpages

This is very simple and can be done within a twinkle of an eye. Follow the following steps duly to feather your nest on hubpages:

  • Log on to www.hubpages.com to sign up. Here, you enter your necessary details to get your account activated.
  • Build your hub by creating a unique, quality and search engine optimized article; prepare a problem-solving article to keep people’s eye on your hub.
  • Apply for Google AdSense program to increase your earning. Don’t be bemused, remember the hub is yours; you have to do everything possible to enrich it before it pays you in return. Getting Google AdSense approval is quite easy; it is a function of the nature of your hub. A hub that contains unique and quality articles gets approval faster. It takes a few days for the approval; once you’ve been approved, you are few miles away from making money.
  • Connect your Google AdSense account to Hubpages by clicking on the accounting settings on Hubpages. Then click the affiliate settings, follow the instruction duly to connect your AdSense account to Hubpages.
  • Once you’ve done the above, the Google advert displays on your hub. When readers click on the advert, you get a share of the revenue; do not attempt to click on the advert yourself or lure people to click for you. Google stringently loathe this kind of approach.

This is just how simple but cautious it is to earn from Hubpages, you can have as many hubs as you desire; what matters is making them relevant and resourceful to increase the ranking of your hub and as well increases your income. The income is not always huge at the beginning but as you strive to make your hub better, your income increases.   

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