How to Rank on Google Without Backlinks (4 Simple Ways)


Today I felt a little generous and decided to share my blueprint (you can call it tricks) on how to rank your blog posts on search engines.

I use these tips to write all my posts, and usually 3/4 of them end up ranking on page 1 within a month or two. (And hopefully I believe, yours too will do the same if you implement these techniques correctly) :

1. First generate the keyword you want to write about from any seo tool of your choice. Forget about the KD and Search Volume (these tools provide wrong estimates — simply because they are not Google 🙂).

The keyword you choose should be within your niche boundary. Don’t be greedy and try to rank for just any keyword you see.

2. Check the competition level of the keyword. This can be done by typing the exact phrase on Google. Read all of the top ten blogs currently ranking for the keyword. At this point try to answer the following questions:

a) Did they cover everything the user needed to know about the topic?

b) Why will users need to read my post and not the others? (Rewriting other blog posts won’t get you far. You would need to add extra pieces of information that the reader would not find it anywhere)

c) How long are their word counts? If I see like they are writing just 300 or 400 words I usually smile because I know by writing a longer post (like 1500 words I can easily outrank them – not caring whether their Domain Authority is 50+.


d) What is the User Intent? Why did the searcher first type the Keyword on Google? This would help you understand the reader’s mindset and what kind of information they are looking for.
e) Scroll downwards to the “PEOPLE ALSO ASK” and “RELATED SEARCHES” box and write down the additional keywords you find there, if they are relevant to your blog post. You will later use this as H2 or H3 subheadings in your post.

3. Now write your blog post. I recommend you watch this guide on how to write the perfect blog post.

(It seems I cannot insert link but search on YouTube “How to Write a Blog Post Step by Step – Caffeinated Blogger”

Carry out on-page seo. This is by ensuring that you use the keywords in the following places:
a) Title
b) at least one Sub heading
c) Use your Keyword in the url once. For example, mydomain(dot)com/this-is-my-longtail-keyword.html
d) In the Meta Description. For WP users you can use Math Rank or Yoast to do it but for Blogspot users, you can add it through the Search Description.
e) Insert the Keyword in the first 100 words and the last 100 words. Insert the keywords naturally but do not stuff them in a way that doesn’t sound natural to users.
f) Insert it in image Alt texts

Employ your own unique voice in your posts. I usually get dismayed by the way some bloggers write posts. At least be coherent, use’punctuations!properly, and avoid spielling misteks!

4. Lastly, request indexing through the Search Console. Make sure the Technical SEO is done correctly, for example, website loads fast, your post is not set to no-index, robots .txt file is not blocking crawling etc.

I hope you have noticed that I did not mention Backlinks anywhere. Backlinks are good, but they are not as important as they used to be. Concentrate on Relevance of the post and trying to satisfy users’ intent.

This is the method I use. I know some people may charge money for the much-hyped “masterclass” just to tell you this simple but important things. If you do this you are guaranteed to rank. But you must also understand that ranking may also be affected by different factors such as Competition level, niche, user’s search history etc.


So this was how to rank a single post. To ensure your success in blogging, I only advice one thing: Consistency and Never Giving Up. A blog post usually takes a maximum of 8 months to reach its top position in the serps.

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