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Fatty belly seems disgusting; humans try as much as possible to get rid of it. It looks irritating as ones tummy protrudes, especially when one tries to look cooperate. Fatty belly is not natural; it is as a result of excessive consumption of some foods.

It is very detrimental to human’s health as a person with fatty belly is more vulnerable to chronic diseases like: heart disease, type-2 diabetes etc.; also, such person is more susceptible to various infections as excessive fat in human’s body deteriorates immune system.

However, fatty belly can be controlled or prevented by taking serious precautions. Below are effective ways of controlling and preventing fatty belly;

  • Engage in regular exercise:

Regular aerobic exercise is the most prominent way to stay healthy and fight all forms of infection. It is one of the effective ways to prevent and control fatty belly; it is highly recommended by health practitioners for healthy living and staying fit. Morning jogging, push-ups, weight lifting and other forms of aerobic exercise should be practiced.

  • Avoid heavy consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol is always a tool for merriment and relaxation to some people. However, its bad side outweighs its good sides. Excessive consumption of alcohol results to fatty belly; reduction in its intake seems better but total avoidance is the best way to control fatty belly.

  • Replace sugar with honey

Sugar is a popular sweetener in foods; sugar contains fructose which is bad for the body when consumed in excessive rate. Excessive consumption of sugar causes chronic heart diseases like: diabetes, obesity, fatty liver diseases etc.

  • Reduce stressful activities

Stress is not in anyways good for the body; it impairs the body’s function and structure greatly. Part of its harm to the body is the development of fatty belly. This happens when the adrenal gland is triggered to produce cortisol, also called stress hormone. High level of cortisol increases appetite and stimulates abdominal fat accumulation.

  • Consume more of soluble fiber foods

Fibers naturally promote weight loss by making one fully saturated, thus, such person eats less. It also decreases the amount of calories the body absorbs from food. Soluble fiber foods like legumes, blackberries, pears, strawberries, avocado, apple, banana, carrot; all help to absorb water and form a gel that slows down food as it passes through the digestive tract.

  • Avoid consumption of hydrogenated or Trans fat

Fat is one of the essential components of balanced diet. It is good for the body; however, not all fats are good for the body. Hydrogenated fat is one of such. Trans fat or hydrogenated fats are those fats created by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fat like soybean oil.

Trans fats are usually found in margarines and spreads; they are also added to some packages foods. This fat is detrimental to the body; it causes inflammation, heart diseases, fatty belly and others. Avoid the consumption of trans fats to ensure the smooth running of the body’s metabolic activities. To stop this, always read the ingredient labels on any food item you buy, trans fat is always labeled as partially hydrogenated fats.

  • Always sleep at the right time

It is an established fact that nature cannot be cheated. Sleep is an inherent property of humans; it is good for the body. Often times, humans try to avoiding sleeping to attend to some activities; this is not too good as it affects the body system greatly. Part of its effects is the development of fatty belly; if you do not sleep or do not get enough time to sleep, you tend to gain weight. This results in fatty belly.

  • Consume more of fatty fish

Fatty fish are good example of nutritious food. They are highly rich in quality protein and omega-3 fats. The fats protect and control heart diseases and greatly reduce fats in the belly. Medically, it is advised to eat more fish than meat; consume fatty fish like: herrings, sardines, mackerel etc. if you already have or have the tendency of having a fatty belly.

  • Include Apple cider vinegar in your diet

One of the natural and less expensive but effective ways to improve your immune system is to consume apple cider vinegar. Parts of its benefits are: lowering blood pressure and blood sugar level, control of parasitic intestinal worms and reduction and elimination of the belly fat. It contains acetic acid which greatly acts against fatty belly.

  • Drink green tea.

Green tea is a known healthy beverage. It contains caffeine and an antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These two constituents improve the immune system greatly; the antibiotic, EGCG, is very effective in controlling belly fat.

Belly fats should be eliminated if you want to stay fit and healthy at all times.

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