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We notice there are many lingering questions about this particular question, selling online. Are you part of those who is falling victim of selling online, I tell you are not alone, this article will be providing answer to some question that is bothering us as we journey together.

Firstly the question of do I need to create a squeeze page to collect email and a sale page to offer the product for sale online separately?

It is advisable that for optimal conversion, the squeeze page and sales page should be separate pages. The function of the squeeze page is to help you collate the lead which you can send follow up emails.  Sale page help to talk about the product functions, benefit and reason why people should buy them. While the leads of interested people gathered through the squeeze page is redirect the sale page through the follow up and sales mail repeatedly.

Another question is which of this page will I need to drive traffic too?

Even if I direct traffic to my squeeze page what is it that I will offer to get people interest?

What can I offer to get peoples email?

It is recommended that you make sure you’re directing traffic to both page both the squeeze and sales page. Even traffic to squeeze page will also be useful for the sales page since they will be both connected.

On the issue of getting peoples interests, it is depending on the type and nature of what you want to offer for sale. It will be advisable to also use this hints on easy ways to get emails on your squeeze page.

  • For E-book, you can give the first few pages or first chapter for free download.
  • For video or audio, you can also over their short version for free download.
  • Software, you can as well give trial version for free download.
  • Membership site, offering this for a week free trial will also be okay to draw people’s attention.

The most important thing about all the issues is your product, to hold any customer down. You really to be offering thing that are valuable and worth their payment at the end of the day, and I tell you must have a captivating start for all the short audio, video and others.


Some other questions are how you will offer bonuses as incentives to improve the sale of your sale? What platform can I use for selling such products?

This are few examples based on some people personal experience on hoe they do it; I create a squeeze page using simple HTML and include a subscription box from Madmini which I use to collect leads that’s follow up emails. This can be used to continue sharing freebies or send sales email. For the sales page that’s selling the product, Word press is the best platform and squeeze page may be installed.

How do I link my Nigerian account to receive payment?

To receive payment here in Nigeria, usage of Voguepay is one of the best; their service is fast and reliable. They process any kind of credit card be it Verve, MasterCard, or Visa Card and then pay directly to your Nigeria bank account.

I hope with this I have been able to give answer to some questions you may be battling with as touching selling online.

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