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Popcorn business is one of the very lucrative businesses you can start with a very little amount of money and make it big with proper planning and good marketing.

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Popcorn is a favorite snack in which if properly planned and packaged, it can be made a lasting business that will earn a very huge profit, it is not just a snack for some certain set of people, even when people think it is only consumed by children alone, I tell you it is eaten by both adult and children, old and young which has created a very good market for the snack. Almost everybody eat and buy it, especially if you have got a packaging that’s unusual and attractive.

You will also agree with me that this snack is also use in occasions as part of the snacks served, and the major material for this snack which is corn that is readily available in this part of the world.

We will actually be looking at requirement in starting a popcorn business.

  • You don’t come into what you don’t know anything about, it very necessary you seek and learn about the process of producing this particular product, if you don’t have money to learn this, you can find someone that can teach you at their own will and I am very sure that handling the machine and mixing the stuffs is what you will necessarily need to learn, and it is something you can easily get with proper teaching not hard to handle and learn trust me.
  • This is a very crucial and important part of any business that is intended to grow and you don’t just raise a business where there’s no good market for it, in choosing this you need to really know your market, set your target.
  • Locations like schools area [be it university, secondary/primary schools], garage, market area, where a lot of people come to always, are a very good point for this kind of market. And if at all you don’t get a particular location in school area, or anywhere else you see, you can just get your location very close to that area, where you can easily transport your goods down to such areas. It will give you access to quick growing if you plant your business in an area where your service is readily needed.
  • This is the machine that helps you in producing the popcorn. Buying one for start is advisable, you can buy more as you grow in the business. There are varieties of this particular machine, the price ranges from #20,000 upwards, depending on how much you can afford. It is advisable to buy the one that is usable in the absence of electricity, there’s this type that use both electricity and gas, so that you can easily switch if there’s no electricity. To also allow varieties in your business you can get the type that produces both sugar and salt popcorn because you will be having different customers with different taste.
    1.   NEEDED RAW MATERIALS AND INGREDIENT. Corn is the major raw material needed in producing popcorn, it will be advisable to get you corn in a bulk purchase so as to maximize your profit. SUGAR, HONEY, SALT, BUTTER, MILK, CONTAINER MIXER and others are ingredients that will be needed in producing the popcorn endeavor to always your ingredient in bulk so as to maximize your profit.
  • This will also enhance your sale, be kind of unique don’t go as everyone goes, if you desire to sell more than everyone, brand your stuff, have well designed label, choose a unique and easy to pronounce name on your label.
  •  If your branding is attractive enough you will be surprised at the increase in your sale. Request for feedbacks from customers so that you will do what suit them and not you, so as not to be the one to always be eating your stuffs.

When you’ve got all this done, seek for what and what is require from the government to start this in any area or location. And make sure you register your business to be on a safer side.


God bless.

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