How to Start Custard Production and the Recipes

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This article will be focusing on bringing you to the understanding of how you can start custard powder production from yellow to white custards respectively. Trust me this article will do a lot of help for you as touching production of custard, so do well to follow and read carefully to the end.

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Custard is known to be the mixture of edible corn starch and other concentrated nutrients or the combinations of corn flour, egg yolk, milk, vanilla flavors, vitamins, glucose and tartrazine to form paste.

Custard can also be referred to as a treated or refurnished from of a pap; it will be kind of surprising to know that the corn used in production of pap is the same corn used in the production of Custard powder. However, Custard happens to be more nutritious that pap as a result of nutrients being added to custard during production.

Custard is made of 100% of edible corn starch (which is also used for some pharmaceutical products) with some other nutrients such as banana, vanilla strawberry, evaporated milk, condensed milk, flavors, powdered milk, egg yolk, tetrazine/yellow color glucose, concentrated nutrients, vitamin C, sodium benzoate (The preservative ), sweetener, Aspatin. . Custard powder as a product is a majorly produce in countries like Holland, India and China.

Requirements on starting the production of custard powder

We will be focusing and precise on that which you will need in getting started with production of custard and after this part we will talk about simple production on how you can make both white and yellow custard powder.

It is important that you get acquainted with the Startup Capital for this particular production, we may not be able to precisely tell you the actual amount of the startup capital as a result of increase in price of production every now and then, however for anyone with a passion for business and really desire to start this business can still start with as low as #50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira only). With this amount you can conveniently cover up all necessary material needed as a startup, Most of the materials are sold in measurement, therefore the quantity intended can be produced simply by buying the required measurement.

Lists or required items are as follows;

  • Mixing Tank. This is basically needed for the mixing of  your edible corn starch, it is preferable to use an aluminum tank but in the bit of getting that a high cost you can just settle for the biggest or largest plastic drum-like in the  market that will also perform the work of an aluminum tank perfectly and bit down cost.
  • Smaller Plastics. These plastics are majorly for the premixing process, here is  when you mix your liquid ingredients such as vitamin, flavors and others with a little bit of starch before pouring them into the big mixing plastic drum for proper and all round mixture.
  • Big Spoons. The spoons are majorly for stirring, you will need a strong stainless spoon for long lasting purpose and proper stirring.
  • Custard Nylon. This is essential just for the packaging of your custard powder; it is similar to pure water sachet.
  • A sealer. This is also important for sealing your nylon package custard, in other to avoid exposure to the atmosphere.
  • A Production Apron. Just as you see on the bakers and cooks it is important to have a cloth designated for the production, basically an apron that is why it is tagged production apron.
  • Mixing Machines. This become very important when your production is now growing bigger unlike the start where you have few content to mix that can actually be done properly with a mixing spoon then, but when it is becoming bigger it is essential that you implore the idea of getting a mixing machine, for proper mixing of your edible corn starch, flavoring and concentrated vitamin such as Vitamin C. It is rather unfortunate that custard seen around the market not lack vitamin as part of their production content they are only equipped with corn starch and flavors.

Lists of required raw materials are as follows;

If you are very conversant with the reading which I know you are, you would noticed us mention these raw material over and over again, but for the purpose of clarity we will be mentioning them again.

  • Edible Corn Starch or Corn Flour.
  • Vanilla Flavor, Condensed Milk.
  • Glucose.
  • Vitamin C Powder.
  • Egg Yolk (The Yellowish Portion of the Egg).
  • Tatrazine.
  • Sodium Benzoate (Preservative).

After being conversant with the entire requirement that you will need as touching the production of Custard Powder, we will now be lunching forth into the simple production process of both White and Yellow Custard.


Production Process of a Bucket of Yellow Custard

Step 1 – Open your 25kg bag of edible corn starch, measure just 1kg of the corn starch from the bag, then pour little quality into small and very clean water basin or container for premixing. In this small white basin or clean plastic container is where you mix quantity of your corn flour, then break two eggs, put the yolk inside and mix well to blend with the corn flour, add tetrazine (use the spoon bottom to measure it) and it inside, also add vanilla and condensed milk flavors (one full spoon each), one spoon of glucose, one tea spoon of vitamin C powder, also add sodium benzoate (use the bottom of the spoon to measure)

Step 2 – So in this premixing, make sure everything blends together in the step 1 because this is where the production formula is based.

Step 3 – Then pour the remaining corn flour into the bigger basin or clean plastic container. Once your premixing is okay, go ahead and pour the premixing contents into the big plastic container and mix all together. Make sure there are no pallets in the content, you are done in 25minutes. After you have finish mixing, then you begin the process of packaging and brand it in your own way.

Take a very good note that this formula is for on bucket production only; you can follow these formula to produce as many quantities you want to produce.

Production Process of White Custard Powder

Step 1 – Open your 25kg bag of edible cornstarch, measure 1kg of corn starch from the bag, then pour little quality into small clean basin or clean plastic container for premixing. In this clean container is where you mix quantity of your corn flour , measure vanilla and condense milk flavors one full spoon each and pour inside the clean container, one spoonful of Glucose, one tea spoon of vitamin C powder, add 300g of whole powder milk, add three spoonful of grinding sugar, add sodium Benzoate (the preservative) use the leg of spoon to measure small and pour inside, before mixing, remember to wear your white hand gloves and start to mix, make sure corn flour and other raw materials blend together very well to avoid some particles inside.

Please note that if you mix it well your production will look very smooth, but if not it will not look smooth. So in this premixing, make sure everything blends together in this step 1 because this is where the production formula based. Also raw materials you can get them in the market by measurement according to the quantity you want to produce, just cultivate a relation with the dealer to avoid fake materials.

Step 2 – Then pour the remaining corn flour into the bigger basin or clean plastic container. Once your premixing is okay, go are head and pour the premixing contents into the big plastic container and mix all together. Make sure there are no pallets in the content, you are done in 25minutes. After you have finish mixing, then you begin the process of packaging and brand it in your own way.

Where to Start from;

This maybe another quest, that even after having all the requirements where can I start from, I tell you there’s nothing stopping you from starting at your backyard if you don’t have money to rent a very comfortable apartment, The most important caution which the regulatory authorities are concerned about is the hygienic of your environment. Remember that you are dealing with what people are going to consume, it is very important that you do well to ensure that where you will be using will be very neat, and carry on with your business.

Another challenge you might face is getting NAFDAC Reg. No it took some people up to 1 year to get theirs, and you maybe opportune to get it before the space of a year.

Also the Market acceptance of New Products sometimes takes time. The consumers want to see you over time, test your quality and see if you are here to stay before they will get comfortable with your product and brand, but if you have the patient and quality to match, you will conquer the market.

Custard Powder Production Marketing Strategy

No matter the number of custard brands in the market, the market still accommodates as many that are willing to invest in the business. The most important thing is that you must get custard formulation rights. And remember that if there’s anything that you really need to focus on is the ability to be consistent with producing a quality product, because a good product as a way of selling themselves even without any marketing strategy.

Take free samples of your product to the local markets where you have top custard dealers. Establish a relationship with them and you see your custard brand flying. If possible, you could have some promotional items such as branded biros, exercise books etc. packaged alongside each of your custard brand.

Profit Potential in Custard Powder Production

There is no doubt that is a profitable business. It has no respect for seasons. If you manage your business well, you are sure of raking in fortunes with custard production business. This is one business that, if well managed, guarantees to pay your bills and even put a roof over your head in no time. Always produce quality custard to your consumers

How to Succeed In Custard Production

Get your formulation right. If you must succeed in custard production business, you must make sure you get your formulation right; consumers will go more for the brands that have the right taste. Make sure you are also consistent with what you produce don’t lose out on quality in the bid of making quantity.

Get Knowledge Of Printing.

Most custard product in sachets usually has their brand label faded out. This is due to poor printing. The implication is that if your product name cannot be easily identified in the market place, then you will lose your share of the market to your competitors

Your business cannot succeed. If you ‘eat’ all your profit .Always ploughs back if you want the business to grow. This is the winning secret that you can ever know as far as custard production is concerned.

Be creative 

You can actually be creative with your brand of custard by churning out different flavors, banana flavor and condensed milk plus strawberry flavor in one production or vanilla, evaporated milk and apple flavors. It depends on how you want to be, creativity can help rebrand you and make you stand out among others.

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