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Marketing is an essential tool and a great success factor in any business. There are different marketing strategies adopted to ensure the sale of product and services improves; top brands spend more on marketing as it is very relevant and important to any profit-oriented venture.

This is why some top brands have a distinct department for marketing, where crafty individuals team up to design  a laudable marketing strategy to improve sales of product and services of the brand.

Before now, it used to be a very herculean task to market  products or service to the populace; most products are restricted to their locality due to the less explicit and unsophisticated marketing channel. However, with the invent of technology, products and services can now get a wide publicity to reach a humongous number of people within a short period. Technology has enhanced and provided several channels of marketing of goods and service, especially the social media.

One of the great tools provided by technology to aid marketing of goods and services is the email marketing, this is an outstanding initiative to aid marketing of any goods and services within a very short period but to larger population.

Email marketing is a form of interpersonal communication between an email user and the product or services offered sent through an electronic mail. It is one of the marketing strategies to improve sales considerably. For every brand to stay ahead its pack, it has to include email marketing as one of its marketing strategies; it is very simple but a tactical approach to make sales, if properly implemented. If your brand hasn’t started email marketing, you are really missing out; here is the opportunity for you to learn and start implementing email marketing as part of your marketing tools.

Starting email marketing requires some series of savvy procedures; these procedures are used to strategize the strategy itself, they are put in place to ensure the efficiency of the email marketing. These processes are;

  • Have a definite goal or purpose

Email marketing is a very sensitive marketing strategy because your recipient mood and perception have to be greatly considered before launching your campaign; so, your content has to be coherent and precise. For you to determine your contents, you have to develop a well established goal; what you intend to achieve with the email marketing.

Having a well defined goal keeps you focus and prevents you from going out of contents. Part of your goal is your audience; you need to have a target audience, those you want to reach out. Also, your contents should be tailored towards your goal. All these should be greatly considered when establishing a goal to ensure the success of the strategy.

  • Build your email list

What follows the establishment of a definite goal is the compilation of your email list. When building your list, ensure you collate only the list of your target audience to ensure efficiency. Sending campaigns to a wrong audience is more or less like a waste of resources; ensure you garner the list of only your target audience to make the best out of this marketing strategy opportunity. The email list can be gotten through different means. Either you start building from scratch or importing email list from contacts; however, the former takes time to actualize.

Importing emails from your contact means you already have a list of customers or clients patronizing your service or product. You just filter their email address to your email marketing tool; it is quite easy and simple to implement.

Build emails list from scratch means you will have to strategize to get your target audience email address. At times, people are always reserved in giving out their email address on any platform because it’s a personal entity; however, with proper strategy, email address can be garnered from prospective audience without much ado. 

To get your target audience email address, you can offer enticing offers such as sale discount in exchange of their email; you can as well lure your target audience to subscribe to your email list on your web platform, provided your contents are fascinating. This can be done through a slider or header bar on your website. With these strategies, your target audience will gleefully drop their email address to your list in expectation of updates or information, depending on the content that persuaded them to drop their email address.

  • Select the type of your campaign

There are different types of email marketing campaign; it depends on the goal of the email marketing. Each serves specific purpose. Newsletter is a type of campaign used to engage existing customers. It is normally adopted when a single product or service is being offered; it is a form of updating the customers.

Marketing offer is another type of email marketing campaign; it is more explicit and detailed it is used to give detailed information and description about a new product or services, it’s in form of discount or promotion of the service or product. Announcement is another type of email marketing campaign; it is used to create awareness for a new product, feature or services rendered by the brand. Lastly, event invitation; this is used to create awareness for a particular event and encouraging people to attend.

  • Creating your first campaign

Each campaign has its target audience; email marketing should be centered on the right audience, involving the wrong audience is tantamount to waste of resources as earlier said. Creating contents for your campaign is very important and should be done creatively. Research has shown that people spend 8 seconds, averagely, scanning through received mail. Your content should be constructed such that, it captivates the recipient within this short period.

Avoid lengthy email marketing campaign contents to draw and keep the recipient’s attention. Construct your email marketing campaign content in a succinct and precise manner, embodied with relevant and vital details. Your first campaign is very important; remember, first impression lasts longer. It has to be impressive to yield good result.

  • Measure your result

This is the last phase of your email marketing campaign. You have to know the result of your campaign, you need to determine if it’s yielding as presumed. You can measure your result through email marketing tools like: campaign monitor, constant contact, zoho campaign, etc.; or a website analytics tool such as Google analytics tool. These two will enable you determine how far you’ve gone in your campaign; they show vital information to help you evaluate your performance. Information like:

  • Open rate: percentage of all subscribers
  • Number of bounce: Number of those that did not get the message.
  • Click through rate: percentage of those that opened your campaign message and actually clicked on the message.
  • Unsubscribe rate: Number and percentage of people that unsubscribe when they saw your campaign.
  • Spam complaint: Number and percentage of people who marked your campaign as spam
  • Share rate: Number and percentage of those that shared your campaign via social media.

Email marketing is very effective in brand promotion, it is global and can reach a large number of people in a very short period.

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