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How to Start Quail Bird Farming

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Quail farming is not very common business in this part of the world, and yet to gain much attention in the class of poultry bird like layers and boilers. Quail birds are aves, the absence of popularity of this particular poultry bird a very good business deal to invest your money, if you the type that desire to venture money into this particular business.

Trust me, it will be a great benefit in terms of yielding profit and it cannot be underestimate in a home meal for better health development and natural cure of diseases.

Quail is also a bush bird that has been successfully domesticated by the influence of scientific researches.

Most farmers are recently discovering the wealth means that lies in this particular business and the customers as well has been for long being in the ignorance of the health benefit of this particular poultry bird “Quail”.

Quail birds and even their eggs are of very important benefits, they are being used for various health purposes and have been found useful in curing many illness. It contains a substantial amount of protein and other nutrients.

It has been recorded that the demand for quail as a result of its enormous health benefit has exceeded the amount available quail farmers. This is a pointer that quail farming is still a very young department in the faculty of Agricultural businesses; this is a department you can as well consider and give a trial as I promise you won’t regret venturing your money in this department.

As a matter of fact quail farming is one of the most lucrative growing agricultural businesses in Nigeria and every other part of Africa; trust me this is a business that has a high return on investment within a short period of time.

Quail is basically raised and kept for their meat and health but with the scientific discovery; there is more concentration on their egg now for its enormous health benefits under a normal and standard condition one Quail is capable of producing one egg per day meaning they tend to lay even better than some poultry birds.

The average price of a quail egg currently in Nigeria is sold at the rate of N30 per one. Practically a fertile quail egg is considered to be more nutritious than a chicken egg, and medically it is recommended for the treatment of many ailments such as high blood pressure, Gastric ulcer, liver problem, Asthma, Cancer, Anaemia, and even more. I guess this is the reason why many prefer to refer to Quail as a Super Food.

Feasibility studies has shown that quail farming may soon take the place of the common chicken poultry farming business in Nigeria as a result of the high rate returns on investment with low capital requirement and less stress involved.

A mature chicken consumes an average of 150grams of food daily, while a mature quail only consumes between 20 to 25grams of food per day plus little or no drugs. 
Quail egg has an average market price of N30 which is very close to that of chicken egg. Quails take about five to six weeks to mature to point of lay compared to chicken that takes twenty to twenty four weeks.

With a start-up capital of about 200,000 naira, a very good marketing strategy, and a proper handling, you can earn as much as an average of about N100,000 or more monthly.

Below are the lay down analysis that can help do well if you want to invest your money in this business;

1. 250 matured female quails at N500 each = N125,000. 
2. 50 matured male quails at N300 each = N15,000. 
3. Housing » 2step 3feet width and four feet length = N25,000. 
4. Feeders/drinkers = N4000 
5. Feeds = 9 (25kg) bags per month = N22,500. 
6. Miscellaneous = N8,500. 
Total = N200,000.

1. 1 to 5 are fixed capitals. 
2. Cost of quails, cage, and feeders/drinkers might vary slightly in your area.  
Average selling price per egg = N20. 250 female quails can lay 225 or more eggs daily, which implies 6750 eggs monthly. 6750eggs x N20 = N135,000 monthly. 
It should be noted that quails lay eggs for a minimum of eighteen months (one and a half year). According to my own plan, I should be able to expand my farm to 1000 quails in less than two years.


  • Make sure their cages or rooms are constructed in a way that it will be secured from intruders such as cats, snakes, rats, and thieves.
  • Make their cage or room well ventilated.
  • Make sure you are cleaning their cage or room regularly, because a dirty environment leads to reduced egg production or even disease outbreak.
  • Give them very clean water, and make sure you make water available for them regularly because they take a lot of water.
  • Do well to feed them with doo quality food for them to deliver the quality product you require from them.

Quail products are the one that really commanding attention lately, all you need is a very good market strategy to make a quality sale, you can employ different advertising medium to make your market more wide and reach more people. Trust me, when people see that you are delivery a quality product, they will be the one to advertise for you and make you reach a lot of customers.

Quail also feed on same feeds as other poultry birds, a grower mash will do well for them as they don’t really need a finisher because they are not really the fat type.

In terms of their housing facilities, they require that you get a very spacious and conducive place so that they may fly and exercise themselves well, to keep them in a proper health condition. And do well to check their health state regularly. Give them necessary vaccines and drugs for them; you can consult your vet doctor for guide on their vaccines.

Quail farming is really a practical farming business that anyone can venture into and make decent amount of money from it with time and consistency.

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