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-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
First Pre-Shiloh Encounter Service
Very quickly this morning as we begin our first Pre-Shiloh encounter, the Holy Ghost spoke in very clear terms, all through scriptures, those who desire just one thing from God at a time usually return with their testimony: one thing.
The following examples attest to this fact. Hannah asked for just one thing: maybe all the previous times with God, it was 20 things, “all those who are against me, all those who are laughing me, those who are mocking me – O Lord, deal with them”.
One thing, “give me a man child” – 1 Samuel 1:11. And God answered her – 1 Samuel 1:18
The Lord presented an open cheque to Solomon, “ask what I shall do for thee.” He asked for only one thing, “give me wisdom” – 1 Kings 3:5,7-8. And God showered wisdom on him and he became wiser than all men – 1 Kings 3:10, 1 Kings 4:31
One thing. In fact, God had to put some bonus on it. You have not asked riches for yourself so I give you riches that will be beyond what anybody will need – 1 Kings 3:13
1 Kings 3:5-12
One thing!!
Therefore, today, target only one thing that must return with you as a testimony. Just one thing.
Every Sunday between now and Shiloh is ordained a Pre-Shiloh encounter Service, just target one thing today and it shall return with you as a testimony.
The woman with the issue of blood, “if I may but touch Him”, then I will get a job, I know I shall be made whole of this plague that has lasted 12 years – Luke 8:44. One thing and her faith made her whole.
-Therefore, get ready.
Bartimaeus asked for just one thing, “what do you want Me to do for you?” That I may receive my sight. One thing, he returned with his testimony – Mark 10:51-52
-Again, my prayer is that no Pre-Shiloh encounter will pass without your ‘one thing’ testimony from each one of them.
No assumption, so prepare yourself for one thing, even right now as I am talking to you, there are many, many things that are calling for attention, which is the one thing you must return with today? Target that.
Every Sunday, (as) you are coming in, take a piece of paper, a little piece of paper, write the one thing, define it yourself and come into His presence.
You know the reason why? No good thing, or I mean every good thing is your right in Christ – Psalm 84:11
Matthew 7:11 – Good things are our entitlement in Christ.
Psalm 34:10 – Every good thing is your right and my right.
-That good thing that is in your heart today will return with you as a testimony.
-That good thing must return today as a testimony.
“Lord, I desire peace in my home”: It will return like a dream of the night.
“I desire wholeness in my system”: It will return with you as a testimony.
“I desire your touch on my son”: It will return with you as a testimony.
One thing. No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly – Psalm 84:11
You have been involved in serving God at one level or another and He said, “whatsoever you ask Me, it shall be given to you in return for your stewardship.” So you make demand for it.
-Whatever demand you make of the Lord today shall be delivered for a testimony in the name of Jesus Christ.
Has somebody caught the light? We serve the God of one thing at a time.
So focus on it and expect in return His intervention, speedy intervention on your behalf.
Our teaching series is still: UNDERSTANDING THE WONDERS IN THE WORD
We have said over and again, God’s Word is pregnant with wonders, but it takes revelation to tap into the wonders of the Word – Psalm 119:18
God’s Word is pregnant with wonders: it takes revelation to access those wonders, it takes light from heaven to access those wonders – Mark 16:20
We shall be looking at 3 of the wonders in the Word this morning.

  1. God’s Word directs our path in the journey of life – Psalm 119: 105

God’s Word is the master guide of life. It is our divine GPS. It’s able to lead us to our desired destination. It’s the Creator’s manual for profitable living. He guides every step of the way of the believer. Remember, He has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, but through the knowledge of Him who has called us to glory and virtue – 2 Peter 1:3

All things are made available but only deliverable through the working knowledge of how to take delivery.
Healing is already provided for in redemption and settled forever, but we need to know how to access it and take delivery of it.
He became poor that we through His poverty may be made rich – 2 Corinthians 8:9. So you don’t need a long-bearded prophet to prophesy prosperity to you, just find the way to it from God’s Word.
He guides our way into every provision of redemption. He guides our steps to it. It is not just, “your word is a lamp to my feet”, we must know what you are talking about.
He guides our way to a peaceful, serene married life. He guides our steps to successful raising of children.
Acts 5:20 – “all the words of this life.” It covers all areas of life. All Sir:
-How to go about your business?
-How to secure a quality walk with God?
I knew we were heading for hitch free marriage. How? From His Word that shows God’s purpose for marriage and how to realise it. So wake up.
-You are going somewhere.
-From today, you will not miss your step in the Word of God again.
-May God’s Word be strong enough to direct your steps
Financial favour stems out of a giving life – Luke 6:38. Fearful favour, triggered by a giving life.
It covers all areas of life.
-You will never miss your steps in His Word again.

  1. God’s Word illuminates
    John 1:4-5, 9
    It does not only enlighten us, the Word illuminates us and that is to guarantee unstoppable breakthroughs in spite of the powers of darkness.
    Isaiah 60:1-3. But it can’t lock down light. The illumination power of the Word guarantees breakthroughs in spite of the powers of darkness. It confers dominion over the individual believer, like we all know the dominion of light over darkness is instant and unquestionable. You turn on the light in your room, no matter how gross the darkness is, it flees without resistance. Whether you are 10 years old, it doesn’t matter, as long as your hand can touch the switch. You turn the switch on.
    Have you ever heard any noise when you turn on the light in your room? Darkness bows automatically. The only authority that darkness respects is light. If you are not lighted, you can remain in captivity.
    We need to move from the realm of revelation to illumination.

When that happens, it shows.
I shared a testimony with you back in 1979, that witch, when I asked, “what do you do with the devil?” She said, “we get on the highway, look for any vehicle coming, cause it to summersault, we suck the blood thereof.”

I said, “what of when people like us are coming?” She said, “when we sense!” There is no way darkness won’t sense light. “When we sense a higher power on the way, we clear off the highway.” It doesn’t matter your age. I was 25 that time, age is irrelevant. Just light.
Whosoever has the torchlight has the way through.
“How can this small boy be going fast like that?” He has torchlight and the old man doesn’t have. So he keeps stumbling on the way.
“When we sense a higher power”: The realm of illumination is the realm of dominion!!!
-I see this season bring an end to your struggles in life, in the name of Jesus.
John chapter 1 verses 4 and 5 is revelation; verse 9 – so we have moved from the realm of enlightenment to being lighted and so darkness bows at your instance.
John 1:4-5, 9
You step into a place, darkness steps out. You step into a plane on a journey and the forces of air crash step out.
You step into a home and demons start fleeing.
That was the experience of Jesus, “have you come to destroy us before the time?” He hadn’t talked to anybody – Luke 4:34
That is illumination.
“I am the light of the world”, not I have light – John 8:12
So when one is lighted, he becomes light personified and at his instance, powers of darkness just crash.
-Something new is breaking forth. Your Pre-Shiloh encounter has started.
Prayers: Move me from the realm of revelation to illumination. Lord, advance me from the revelation to the realm of illumination.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we have prayed.
Light broke out one day and it was the aftermath of a 3-day time with God: “My son, David, my prosperity plan is not a promise, so it does not answer to prayers. It’s not a promise, it has no respect for fasting. My prosperity plan is a covenant, until your part is played, I am not committed.”
Outbreak of light that lighted me.
How reliable is this covenant? “Except my covenant be not with the day and the night, then can anybody, any devil break my covenant” – Jeremiah 33:20
I shouted, “Yeah, I can never be poor.” I had no bank account at that time, but light came. I saw me dominate the realm of poverty for life – March 22nd 1982. No guesswork.
-May each one here break forth into that realm of illumination where your dominion is unquestionably established over that situation.
-You are there.
1984, light came because our Church was crawling. I said, “why is this Church not growing?” It was a drama, we were 4 of us in prayers, then He tapped me, “Follow Me.” Afternoon, not night, not dreaming, not trying to perceive. I followed Him.
Then He said, “turn back here” and I turned back. Then he showed me a layer of thick darkness spread over the roof of the Church. He said, “that is the blindfolding weapon the devil uses to misinterpret what I, Jesus, is doing in this Church.”

It’s like He stood there and said, “deal with it.”
I said: you foul spirit of darkness, there is a light that shines in darkness and darkness cannot handle. Clear off that roof.” And I saw it rolled away like a carpet. The destiny of the Church opened up.

Then He gave me 3 clean instructions:

a. When I came to the world, someone had to tell someone, ‘come and see’: Hit the streets, tell them to, “Come and see what I am doing here.”
So we did, ‘Come and See’. You know I love to believe God raw. We did ‘come and see’ flier, did a diagram on how to locate us in our outskirt area where we were and hit the town. With how many? Maybe 1000 pieces. You spend it like money, you don’t throw it around”: “Would you come?”
b. Keep sowing the seed and He said, “life applicable teachings.” As the grass grows, the sheep will come for it.
c. Keep the grass green and the sheep will lie down there, for He maketh me to lie down in green pastures – Psalm 24
Those things just settled it. That’s why the prayers and fasting continues because he (devil) left Jesus for a season, he (devil) keeps coming and coming. So we keep breaking his hold through prayers and fasting, as a Church day in, day out. That is why no devil can stop this Church from growing.
That is the meaning of illumination: When heavens come down to just change your understanding of the truth and establish you in the same realm.

  1. God’s Word is medicinal.
    Proverbs 4:20-22, Jeremiah 8:22
    God’s Word is the balm in Gilead. It carries healing power that heals and make whole. Jesus was teaching and the healing power of God was present to heal the sick – Luke 5:17
    The healing power of God was being emitted through His teaching and went forth to heal the sick – Psalm 107:20
    God’s healing power resides in His Word. God’s Word is medicinal. Jesus went through the synagogues teaching and preaching the gospel of the Kingdom and healing of manner of sickness and disease among the people – Matthew 4:23

God’s Word has capacity to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.
Now, we saw this truth in Job chapter 33 verse 21

Job 33:21-24. Here was a case of terminal disease. Christ is our ransom, so when a revelation of that ransom is unveiled, then his flesh shall be fresher than a child’s – Job 33:25. He shall return to the days of his youth. That is how much healing virtue is loaded in the Word!!!

Matthew 6:33 – so that my daughter went ahead, mouth cancer. Returned from US, case is over, got hold of the Word, went out with that cancerous mouth and Jesus stepped in the night.
“Open your mouth” – ripped it off and now cancer free.
God’s Word carries enormous healing virtue. I had my own encounter from Matthew chapter 8 verse 17
Matthew 8:17 – It came like a thunderbolt. “Took” and He never returned it. There is nowhere they wrote that He returned it. ‘Took’ – past tense, it is past. It is no longer there.
“And carried my sickness on His body so I can be free” – God’s Word carries enormous healing power.
-Settle with the Word, do what the Word says to do and walk free in the name of Jesus.
God’s Word is medicinal.

  1. To tap into the wonder working power in the Word, be committed to walking in the Spirit, because you can’t hear God clearly without being in the Spirit – Revelation 1:10
    I was in the Spirit: I was appropriately tuned; I was in the right frequency.
    Galatians 5:25 – Light can break out at anywhere when your heart is in tune. Light can break out at any time.
    1 Corinthians 2:14 – one must be spiritually positioned to access revelation, which is what triggers His manifestation.
    We can’t access revelation without being genuinely spiritual, being truthfully spiritual, very important.
  2. Stay committed to serving God and the interest of His Kingdom
    We saw a man by name Job, serving God as a lifestyle and he testified, “as I was in the days of my youth when the secret of God was upon my tabernacle” – Job 29:4
    Serving God provides access to light.
    Job 1:1-3, 8 – “Have you considered my servant, Job” – that was his only profile
    Job 29:4
    We were out on a Crusade many years ago, 1976 and a man was delivered from insanity. Those demons came back on him the following day and he became violent in the camp where we were. They called me, “Brother David, there is a problem here” and I said, “Okay, I will be coming.”
    I saw the man like a wounded lion. All the men of muscle and you know I had a lot of muscle, they were holding him down, he was throwing them up and down. Light came: leave him and I shot at him one scripture that came on the spot – Jude 1:6. “What are you doing here?”

All the demons left. You are always in touch with light when you are in service.
Serving God provides access to light. Don’t fake it, face it. In the bathroom, light. In the rest room, light. On your journey, light. Driving on the road, light.

I was on my way to one Full Gospel meeting many years ago, the Lord said to me, tell them, “far be with that I the Almighty God depend upon their wretched purses but their wretched purses depend on Me for replenishment.” Say light.

“Lord, what do I have for this people? What is new?” I heard it for the first time. Some got angry perhaps, but I am okay. God will never need me for anything, God will never need you for anything but you and I will always need Him for everything.
If God were in need, none of us is qualified to help Him. If a trailer is falling, do you have capacity to stop it, because it is your friend’s trailer or your father’s trailer?
“No trailer, no way”: trailer will sit on you and then the chariots of heaven will carry you.
If God has problem, let Him deal with His problem. I can’t help God. It will relax your life Sir. You won’t have to give one day under duress, because God has no need. You can’t believe what that light has done in my life.

Because of where God is taking you, if you ever think you are sponsoring God, you have crashed. You can’t, I can’t. You don’t even know what He wants to do, so how can you sponsor Him? And He will tell you on the spot.

You know in this Church, everyone is a timber and caliber. You may not be able to see the timber and the caliber, but it is inside – Christ in you, the hope of glory. Just to know how to allow Him to manifest Himself.

-People here are going up, you are going to be scaling very strange heights.
But may it be that the higher you go, the meeker you become.
-May that be your experience, that the higher you go, the meeker you become!!
Let’s keep serving God with delight, He will keep shedding more light and more light on our paths in the name of Jesus Christ.

  1. Remain committed to be guided by the Word.
    You want to access the way forward, remain committed to be guided by the Word. Stop tempting God, stop doing what God says No to and expect Him to still back you up – Matthew 4:7, Matthew 24:35
    Very simple rule Sir
    For a healthy, fulfilling, empowering, joyful, peaceful family life: husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the Church. Don’t give reasons why you can’t. Ephesians 5:25
    Now the women will be clapping.
    Then He said to the woman, “submit yourself to your own husband in everything” – Hmmnnn, this one look ‘worser’ than the other one – Ephesians 5:22
    Somebody asked Jesus, “what must I do to inherit the Kingdom of God?” He told him what to do. He said, “I have been doing all those ones, I mean, I think you should know that. I have been doing all those ones from my youth.” He said, “One thing, thou lackest.” He said, “Jesus, carry your eternal life away. Don’t touch that area. No, No. “
    Mark 10:17-22
    He walked away from eternal life, because He can’t let go this temporal life. He walked away sorrowfully. He was the one who came to ask question.
    Somebody asked me, a Minister of the gospel, He said, “please, tell me the secret of the prosperity of this Church.”
    I said, “you won’t like it ohh.” He said, “I am a man, if I won’t like it, will I ask the question?”
    I said, “you won’t like it.” I said, “Okay, does your Church pay tithes?”
    He couldn’t handle it Sir. You need to know where we were before we started tithing and where we are by grace today, as a Church, by a definite instruction.
    Somebody said, “anytime I mention corporate tithing, he gets offended.” You remember the testimony, then one day he told himself, “is it not me that will benefit from this.” Got back on key and then heavens opened.
    It is very interesting, particularly when you remain consistent in obeying God. Off and on won’t sell. Off and on never wins a battle.
    -You are going places.
    Now, let me say this. If you remove all the tithes of all our Pastors in this Church from the income, it won’t show. All of us. If all the Deacons join the Pastors, to say, “we are not going to pay tithes again.” It won’t show. Because the source is not here. The source is in the covenant.
    -My prayer is that you won’t miss out of every channel of blessing that God is revealing.
    Give God thanks everyone. Give Him praise. If you caught any light out there, thank Him for it, celebrate Him for it, give Him glory for it.
    In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    Altar call.

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