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Gtbank is one of the most used banks in Nigeria, majority of Nigerians uses Gtbank, and I personally love the bank too for the smartness and swift operation of their banking transaction, online payment and many other benefits that comes with their services.

If you are using Gtbank, and you will like to know how to transfer money from your Gtbank account to another bank, this post is for you, remember Gtbank has a USSD Code for transaction, which is *737#.

Without any doubt, Gtbank is a first class Nigerian commercial bank known for delivering excellent and smart banking financial services to their customers, it is due to their smartness and effective banking services that they launch the USSD short code to ease and enhance the speed of financial transactions for their customers.

The good thing about using the USSD code for transaction is that, it does not require internet connection, with your line connected to Gtbank and your phone, you can initiate a transaction from the comfort of your home, and with this code you can easily transfer funds from your Gtbank to any other bank even within few seconds.

How to Transfer Money from your Gtbank account;

To transfer money from your GTB account to another Gtbank account, Follow this simple step to get it down, dial *737*1*amount*Gtbank account number#, you will be asked to input your four digit pin and afterwards, the transaction is considered successful.

Another way to go about it is, you can simply dial *737# and follow the procedure, you will receive a dropdown and you will be asked to select, you can select option 4 and enter the amount you want to send, after which you will be asked to enter the recipient’s account number, then it will display the name of the recipient and you will enter your 4-digit number to complete the transaction and it is done.

How to Transfer from Gtbank to another Bank account;

This is how to transfer from your Gtbank account to another Nigerian bank account, like first bank, access bank, sterling banks and co, you will also be using *737# code for this.

To Transfer money to another bank account, follow this simple procedure to get it done; Dial *737*2*amount*account number# you will be required to select the bank name of the recipient, after which, it will display the name of the recipient, so that you can confirm you are sending the funds to the right person, enter your 4-digit Pin to validate the transfer and that’s it!

You have successfully transfer money from your Gtbank to another Bank account in Nigeria.

To activate your 737 USSD Code on Gtbank for all these transactions and more, click here to get started.

There are many benefits to using this simple USSD Code for your bank transaction on Gtbank, this includes;

  1. It can be done from anywhere, even from your room; you can easily send money to your customers, and anyone.
  2. It is very fast, in less than 10 seconds or so, you are done, and the recipient will receive the money instantly.
  3. It does not require an internet access, even with a phone that does not connect the internet; you can still get it done.
  4. The good part of it is, it is available 24/7, you can do transaction in the midnight and it will be successful.
  5. You don’t have to get to the banking hall to carry out your financial transactions again; it saves you time and stress.

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