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Good day everyone, today I want to share with you, one of the secrets of God that I have by his mercies gained access into and it works like fire, the bible says, the secrets of God is with them that love him and he will show them his covenant, God has secrets and it is only for those that fear him and love him and walk intimately with him, he reveals those secrets to, for their profiting and for the edification of the body of Christ.

The Bible is a book of Power, it is not an ordinary book, it is a pity that many people carry the Bible but they don’t know what the Bible carries, the bible says, “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.  If you are a Christian in the Business world, you will surely need this mystery to command strange dimension of exploits, blessings, increase, favor, and financial fortune.

So how do you use it?

This Is What Will Happen When You Drink Honey Water Every Day

Get a Pure original Honey, undiluted Honey, you can get it from trusted sellers around you, and get your bible also.

Please note that, you can only use this mystery and get result from it, if you are born again, you cannot be living in sin, using charms and expect to get result with this,  you cannot get any result from it. You have to be a lover of God and someone who put his trust in God not the one that I doing charm and eating with the devil, it will not work for you because it is the word of God and it carries the power of God in it.

So open your Bible to Psalm 133, write it out on a plane paper, the entire book of Psalm 133, it has just 3 verses, write it on a plane sheet of paper, and put it inside a bowl, or a container, put small salt inside and get a cube sugar, put one cube sugar inside it also, and pour enough water inside it, let it stay like that for 3days, that is, the psalm you write on paper, put inside a bowl add salt and cube sugar inside, then pour water into it and let it stay there for 3days, by then, the sugar and salt would have dissolved. Take a little out of it and add to the water you want to use to bath in the morning, then use your finger to get a little honey and add it to the water you want to use to take your bath also, and say, as I use this water today, let the blessings and favour of God locate me in Jesus name, Amen.

psalms 133- God wants unity | Psalms, Trust god, Psalm 133

Use it and see what the Lord will do, also if you have a shop, or office where your clients and customers use to come and meet you, you can take a little out of the water you write psalm inside and use to sprinkle your shop, you can also use it to sprinkle your house.

 Please note: It is not a must you write the psalm into paper, you can also put the water you want to use in front of you and read psalm 133 into it, water has ears, it can hear, so you can read it inside 7 times, the same result will come forth. I believe God that if you do it; you will come and share testimonies with me.

 If you have Business or you are selling a product, the rate at which people will rush to come and buy from you will literally shock you, because the hand of the Lord will bring them, remember at the end of the psalm, the bible says, for there the Lord commanded the Blessing, even life forever more, that is how commanded blessings will locate you, so shall it be in Jesus name, kindly comment your testimony and if you will like to share it with me personally or show appreciation, you can reach me on litedhill@gmail.com. God bless you.

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