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Pastor Ntia I. Ntia at Kingdom Power and Glory World Conference 2021
Day Three, Morning Session.

Church praise the Lord!
What a massive undeniable abundance of evidence. 25 years of exploits and we’ve been privileged to be part of the last 20 of those years. November this year will make it 20 years since we came for the first November program and of course, where we are today is not where we used to be and that is proof.

The Bible speaking in Jeremiah 3:15, “I will give unto you pastors after my own heart which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding”. Truth be told, one of the best things that happened to us was meeting God’s servant, our spiritual father through a tape. Someone gave me a tape, “Running with Vision” and after playing that tape it was my desire to meet with him.

So, we had the privilege of meeting when he came for a program in Calabar and we travelled down to Calabar and were obliged by the person that hosted him to meet with him. When we met with him, we told him our intention, that we’ve been feeding on that tape and so that led to our journey of submission.

We came here November and it was a night journey through a night bus. That is the kind of pursuit when there’s no other option and then along the way, the car broke down. We got down here. The hotel we stayed, it was so good that the toilet didn’t have a door but it doesn’t matter.

You see one of the things I learnt from my spiritual father, is that “It not where you sit that matters, it is what sits inside you that matters”. And so if what you are pursuing will change your life. It is worth the price.

I remember the first day we sat, somewhere in the crowd there in Area 1 and after the service, we met and from that day we had taken time to treasure the N10,000 we could save and nothing touched that money, no matter what. So finally, we met and dropped that first seed. Brothers and sisters, from that first day. It has been from level to level to level. Submission under pastoral covering is a plus never a minus.

The voice of your pastor, your prophet is to push you into your profit and by the grace of God, we are living proofs that when you submit under cover, it doesn’t reduce you. It raises you, it increases you.

By the grace of God, we’ve come to realize that divine presence is more important than public show of ministry. It’s not enough to look successful. There is something you will never have if you lack God’s presence. So, we saw in him hunger that cannot be conquered and that he recruited me into an unending press for hunger. There’s nothing you have seen so far that is compared to what you are yet to see.

By the grace of God, we were privileged for Daddy to visit our ministry in Uyo, where we’re pastoring. We were using a boom hall then and from the first day, he has spoken us into new levels. At that time, we didn’t have any property. We have no land and he said that he saw the Church having a land by a major road and from nowhere, the land came up and we were able to pick up the first property and by the grace of God, he said again that there’s something bigger along a major road and the kind of road he described did not exist yet in our state and God so doing, later on, an airport was built and the major road, the most strategic road in the City, by that prophetic word, things just opened up and we were able to acquire massive acres of land along there, which is our camp ground right now along the airport road.

I remember that that was exactly the prophecy he gave several, several years back. By the grace of God, we are from a part where people arrived very quickly. You see nothing and you are satisfied. But we’ve come to learn that your intimacy with God is more important than public show of ministry. We’ve got to realize that it’s not preaching that makes ministry. It is the presence of God. These are the things that have been driving us.

By the grace of God. God has reproduced what we see here in our lives. I remember some years ago in Area 1. That time, we didn’t see crowd and one day daddy was just ministering and he turned and called me. He said, “go round” and so, I went round inside. He said, “go round outside”. I went round outside, overflow 1, overflow 2, overflow 3, overflow 4, overflow 5, overflow across the road and I walked round all that. After we returned from that conference. We started having overflow. The place erupted and the attendance exploded and by the grace of God, pursuing the grace upon the life of our spiritual father, has kept pulling us from level to level to level.

I remember a time when I suffered a kidnapping incident and when the information was put across to him, he flew into the town and that was on a Tuesday. Also, he flew in and held a prayer meeting in the Church. By the next day, Wednesday, I was released by the power of prophetic declaration.

Now, this land, the first structure we’re trying to build, we built it and it got to the gallery and it just stopped there. I mean, after the gallery everything finished. For months, all I would do was go there and dance and sing and dance and sing. Then one day he came into town and so I went and I told him, Sir, we have the building project (old Noah’s Ark).

This is the new Noah’s ark.

So he came and as he was entering the place and praying, he said one person is going to roof this project in Jesus’ name.

After he left, somebody that has been in the place looking at us since, just came up. He said, the Lord told him to bring the money for the long span (in millions) and then came back again after a few days that the money was not complete and gave the balance of the money for the whole roofing project and that was how God used the prophetic word of my spiritual father, to put us there.

By the grace of God, we stayed there and as we saw multiple services here, we also started having multiple services: first, second, third, fourth service and then by the grace of God, I felt led in my spirit that we should bring down that 4,000 seat auditorium and build something else and of course, I had learned from him that before he does anything. He goes to meet his spiritual father and gets an approval, a prophetic approval and blessing is received. So, I came with the plan and said, Sir.

This is what we want to do and he said okay and he put his hands on the plan and commanded “Building grow”. The building committee people didn’t believe that I knew what I was doing. That is, the Chairman of the Building Committee later confessed to me that he never thought that the building project will ever be a success. But by the grace of God that 4,000 seat auditorium was brought down and then the 10,000 seat auditorium, the new Noah’s Ark and we are running 3 services in that auditorium and by the grace of God, it has been one speaking after another; shifting us from level to level.

I want to say that it matters what you hear, it matters who speaks into your life. It matters the principles that drive you. Without principles, I don’t think we would have made it up till this time, because the things we have seen are the things that people never used to see one tenth of it around where we come from and pride will destroy many people. We’ve seen principles and power. We’ve seen prosperity with purity. We have seen that it is possible to have proofs and remain humble and we want to say Sir, for us 20 years has been worth all every step, every day.

Every time we come, the Word is a blast. Every time we come we see passages and we go back and wonder, is it not the same passages I’ve been studying and God has used you to stir us and lead us.

By the grace of God, I and my wife, we see the way God is helping Daddy and Mummy and marriage is getting sweeter and sweeter and sweeter. My wife has a standing instruction that if at any point in time, she thinks that there’s something she’s trying to say and I can’t hear, that she should just inform my spiritual father and I know my spiritual father; he loves you enough not to fear your face and so by the grace of God it has been a sweet journey from level to level and we can’t wait for what the next 25 years will be like. By the grace of God, we remain permanently under cover.

We are on Cable TV around the world. At the time we came, we didn’t have even one branch, but now we have branches in so many places and God is taking us from glory to glory. We’ve seen Miracles, we’ve seen all manners of things. We’ve seen things; objects removed from people’s bodies. We’ve seen the power of God delivered people. We’ve seen people rescued from ritualist and from all manner.

Something happened not long ago, a young man in church, the family arrived church and they were about going into the Church when the young man just stepped aside and right outside the Church there, they placed chloroform on his face and he was picked up.

After the third service, the father ran to me and said he can’t find the son. I said why, where, what happened? I remember, you know, the kind of things God does here and I told him to kneel down. In the name that is above all names, I told him where we come from things like this don’t happen. So we gave a decree that the boy will be recovered and restored.

By the grace of God, as at that evening according to his story. They already arrived one village inside, inside Lagos. He said that before his eyes, people were being killed. But they just kept jumping him and kept jumping him. After like the third day, one of the ritualists said, I don’t know why, but I must help you to escape and he said, “I’m going to open the door when people are sleeping, run for your life.” That’s how miraculously by a decree, the young man was recovered and he was brought back alive.

We thank God for the help that we have enjoyed sitting under our spiritual father. Daddy, we are grateful to God that he connected us with this oil. I look at it like the towing van principle. Even if the vehicle does not have engine and the tyres are scattered, ruptured and punctured, if you can connect yourself with a towing van, no matter where the van reaches, you can be sure you’ll get there.

Thank you Sir.


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